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These findings in particlar have immense legal repercussions - Reiner Fuellmich

This is a poor quality video of Reiner Fuellmich, Vivianne Fischer, Wolfgand Wodard, and a guy from the UK whom I do not recognise.They are going over the analysis of the VAERS data showing that some batches of the jab are more dangerous than others (posted here). Except now, a more detailed analysis, shows that not only are specific batches of the jab more dangerous, but this highlights two additional aspects to this.

First, almost all adverse events can be attributed to a limited number of batches. Second, the damaging batches are from all the big phara companies involved, but it appears they are colluding. There are clear time gaps between the damaging batches so Pfizer damaging batches are not used at the same time as any of the other brands, and vice versa.

Reiner Fullmich’s words "These findings in particular have immense legal repercussions. Immense. Because once you arrive at the conclusion that they are doing this deliberately or intentionally … the floodgates in the US are open for punitive damages"

My interpretation, the legal indemnity is gone!

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I’ve only watched a little but I believe the 4th individual is Dr Sam White

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Indeed it is. Fresh from winning his own court case against the GMC

Dr. Sam White Has Won His High Court Appeal Against the General Medical Council


It wasn’t a fundamental ‘Truth’ or ‘Freedom’ kind of win because the court said GMC didn’t follow the correct procedures in muzzling/restricting Dr Sam White from expressing his clinical views. Had they done that then there would have been the issue of the evidence of whether Dr White was right or not. He was of course massively prepared for these medical and scientific arguments, but they weren’t tested because the GMC apparently can’t even put a muzzle on properly, let alone a medical mask :neutral_face:


I’ve seen a bit of this now. Sam White with Richard Fuelmich and the other lawyer whose name I can’t remember atm.

Post Meryl Nass - he revealed that though he won in court as noted above, the GMC and NHS continue to plot against him - and they want him to see a doctor!
Fuelmich asks why. (So they can declare him mentally ill, of course!)

I wrote down some stuff from the first 9 mins or so. I think the rest is likely interesting too.

(missed out the initial chat)

Sam White. Purely for being on here, I got into trouble again. I got referred back to another tribunal these people will stop at nothing, and despite the win in the high court, which we can talk about, as far as I know they haven’t discontinued their investigation, and they still haven’t paid the legal costs either, which they are duty bound to do. The same day that I was in the high court with the General Medical Council, the other governing body - the NHS - had a meeting which they didn’t care to invite me to (sent a notification to an old email address, didn’t write to me or my lawyers, didn’t call me, didn’t visit my website) so essentially in secret. And they were plotting how to suspend me all over again - and how to get me to a doctor (!). They are still insistent that I must see a doctor.

Reiner Fuelmich (smiling wryly): Why?

Other lawyer: Maybe we should get a brief summary for people who are not familiar with the story.

RF: Yes start at the beginning - I wanted to delve right in Sam, because I could see you’ve made great progress! But start at the beginning.

At the very beginning? Well I got suspended … I’ve been a doctor about 17 years, now working entirely independently.

I resigned at the beginning of the year, the last nail in the coffin as it were, was that I was not prep to take part in administering the vaccines - they are not vaccines, they’re gene therapies. Was sick of all the lies, and the participation by medics in what is going on.

In June this year I released a video calling out these things, it was only 8m long, led to suspension from NHS then GMC. The opposing voice is about destroy the messenger, not investigating the countless deaths. They were playing out the rules for radical playbook throughout. A dirty tricks smear campaign. Likewise when we had a tribunal we submitted hundreds + hundreds of pages of evidence, peer-reviewed literature, expert witness testimony from around the world. Some of the top people, as we have now. They didn’t consider any of it. So we took the GMC to the High Court and it was decided there had been a breach of their responsibility to consider my right to be a part of free society and my right to free speech.

For me that was an important case. I could have accepted the conditions that were imposed on me - and shut up and gone quietly into the night. But what’s happened to me has happened in the UK to other Drs, but making the way safe for other Drs to be able to come forward without fear of these dirty tricks, smear campaigns that they instigate, without fear of losing their livelihoods, because many of them have got families to support.

And that’s started to happen, we’ve started to have more doctors come forward to talk about what they’ve seen, and nurses and midwives unfortunately as well.

So that’s where I’m at, and as I say there was a lot of scheming in the interim period, between the first decision to suspend me and the high court hearing, where …(indistinct - appearing here before?) presumably this committee is an international committee, it’s beyond the jurisdiction of the UK as far as I’m aware, and hearing expert testimony from around the world, from doctors, scientists, lawyers, economists, about crimes against humanity essentially. But the GMC doesn’t care about that. The NHS doesn’t care about that.

So we got this win in the HC and we capitalized on that. In that time there’s been 3 letters that have been done publicly calling out what’s going on, and we also have a criminal investigation instigated in the UK as of the 20th of December. And I’ll just read out the Crime reference number for other people in the UK to make a note of - it’s 6029679/21. We’re actually asking people who’ve lost a love one, or been injured, to come forward - they may be able to get their own crime reference number, but if not, they can put it on our tab if you like. Because we need everyone to stand together now, firmly put a stop to this.

We’ve alos got pending civil action for gross negligence, manslaughter, against the medicines regulator in the UK, which is the MHRA; alongside the GMC as well. The GMS is charged with guiding doctors and protecting patients. On both of those things they’ve failed abysmally.

So that’s where I’m/we’re at. You’ll be aware the UK has an additional referral to the Hague, the ICC, aleging crimes against humanity.

RF: Question, who…!?

SB: A lawyer called Hannah Rose. She did write to (us) and I offered to help but she already had enough. Mike Yeadon is on as an expert witness and John O’Looney as well.

RF: very good.

(9 minutes in)


More on the cynical and dishonest tactics used by the NHS and the GMC to silence Dr Sam White. God only knows where their hippocratic oath fits in here.

Silenced and smeared – the hounding of Dr Sam

So - he’s not the only UK doctor threatend with mental health review after speaking up about covid policy. How very Soviet… :grimacing:

(TCW has been good on covid, informative and challenging the narrative with investigative journalism. I guess left wing women and right wing men are being left behind on Covid matters :slightly_smiling_face:.
And left wing men who would never read TCW even if their covid understanding depended on it - that’s what TLN is for :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Maybe all those on the GMC took the hypocritic oath instead!

Although it’s an old article, I did find this interesting and could have profound implications when the day of reckoning comes for the GIC’s and their enablers.

" The RCGP guide for whistleblowers states: ‘When a professional working in the NHS is aware that care is threatened, sub-standard or dangerous for whatever reason, they have a duty to make these concerns known and for those in charge to assess and, if necessary, act.’ "



No wonder they didn’t fancy testing the covid care ‘standards’ Dr Sam complained of in court. The energy in their pursuit of him contrasts with the weakness of the case against him.

The ghastly thought just occurred to me that what we’ve seen is utter paradigm dementia: Left/Right? Nope. No clue what these even mean. Conservative/Progressive? Nice Canadian Fascists/Nice Ukrainian anti-Putin Fascists?

Wait… so who are the Bad Fascists now?

Man/Woman…? Well we all know that ship sailed some time ago, merrily sporting the pinky-white-blue ensign.

The only purpose of any TV series these days, with maybe a small number of exceptions, is to get another series commissioned. When the show runners realise that a Painful Conversation with the big guys is looming they chuck in about eleventy seven plot threads to try and spin things out. If they don’t roll a seven then the last two episodes utterly, desperately, futilely try to tie everything up. Hence Bobby Ewing steps out of the shower, oh, it was all a dream, and all those vivid deaths of half the cast were just a merry prank.

And that’s the plot twist I’m waiting for… but then I remember that the first bloke to get a Coronavirus jab in the UK was William Shakespeare. The prominent sportsperson who refused his place in the jabber queue was Novax Jokecovid, and the tournament winner with the number one seed gone was… Der Nadal. The president of Ukraine is a geezer who played the role of the president of Ukraine on some telly programme… Joe Biden is an actual real human… It has all got too too silly :rofl:


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimmed;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st,
Nor shall death brag thou wand’rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to Time thou grow’st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,

  • So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.*

Actually, Shakespeare was a crap poet; but he was a very good playwright. Cut out the first five lines from sonnet 18 (which are quite brilliant) and there’s not much left, considering that there are 14 lines in a sonnet and the punch should come in the final lines. None of the latter lines rhyme properly in sonnet 18.

Anyhows, just my take on it.


Poetry-wise Wm. Blake was my man, and Gerard Manley Hopkins, a bit of Rod McKuen, Philip Larkin, Ted Hughes. Will S. not so much, in fact I’d say Eminem is better, so too a number of other rappers and their forebears e.g. Gil Scott Heron.

That kind of hushed “great art” bourgeois thing has long been a part of the repertoire for connoting distinction IMHO (cf Pierre Bourdieu). Simulating a liking for sonnets is all too frequently a part of the middle class virtue beacon schtick along with etiquette, the right fork, a smattering of Greek or Latin, Yadda Yadda.

Rod McKuen… Nah not really :nauseated_face:


Blake was my man too - here’s a take on his Schoolboy recorded by my band back in '82 when I was still indeed a schoolboy ; ) Schoolboy (Demo '82) - YouTube


He was probably reached out to by Big Sonnet

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Bangin’, kind of DC/Bay Area poonk: Svenonius/Dead Kennedysesque.

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…disguised as angels at the top of the stairs, reputedly. Blake saw beyond the veil I think.

Cheers, K! Now known as D(Discharge) Beat/Anarcho - back in the day just plain old hardcore - - I’ll take that DK straight to the digital currency bank ; )

Speaking of the DKs - I’ve been listening to Trust Your Mechanic - truly a song for these times:

TV invents a disease, you think you have
So you buy our drugs and soon you depend on them
Pain is in your mind gotcha commin’ back for more
Again and again and again and again

Gonna rip you off
Rip you off

Doctor says you need surgery now
Feelin’ good 'til the side effects fuck up something else
You’re ensnared by the medicine man
Paying up the ass again and again

Gonna rip you off

Trust your mechanic to mend your car
Bring it in to his garage
He tightens and loosens a few spare parts
One thing’s fixed, another falls apart
And the rich eat you

A magazine says your face don’t look quite right
Unless you wear our brand new wonder creme tonight
Never look right again unless you grease your skin
Again and again and again and again

Gonna rip you off

Told you’re depressed, so of course you see the psychiatrist
Right when you hit your neuroses’ roots, he confuses you
He fucks your head up worse, gotcha feeling helpless
You’re coming back for more again and again

Gonna rip you off
Rip you off

Trust your mechanic to make you well
You’re seeing an awful lot of him now
The quicker he makes your life fall apart
The more money you put in his pockets

Trust your mechanic to plug your holes
Trust him to make more somewhere else
Trust your mechanic, he’ll always come through
And rip you off


Ah, Plastic Surgery Disasters. Unfortunately jello b was full-on with the covidian cult last I heard. But I don’t expect more than about three people dared to differ in SF so, shrug.

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I love Shaksper’s sonnets. Spontaneously, since teen time. Don’t put them down. They’re the McKay! ‘No arguing about taste’ and all that. And the plays, when they’re done properly, are simply transcendental in their effect, like few other plays that I can name. But then, I guess I would say that, being a one time member of the RSC (two time, to be accurate)… :innocent:

Oh bugger! Isn’t this supposed to be a thread about Reiner F’s work…? How we do wander! :slight_smile:

…like a lonely cloud, natch.

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Really! Jello swallowed the poison - that shocked me - very sad indeed.