These findings in particlar have immense legal repercussions - Reiner Fuellmich

This is a poor quality video of Reiner Fuellmich, Vivianne Fischer, Wolfgand Wodard, and a guy from the UK whom I do not recognise.They are going over the analysis of the VAERS data showing that some batches of the jab are more dangerous than others (posted here). Except now, a more detailed analysis, shows that not only are specific batches of the jab more dangerous, but this highlights two additional aspects to this.

First, almost all adverse events can be attributed to a limited number of batches. Second, the damaging batches are from all the big phara companies involved, but it appears they are colluding. There are clear time gaps between the damaging batches so Pfizer damaging batches are not used at the same time as any of the other brands, and vice versa.

Reiner Fullmich’s words "These findings in particular have immense legal repercussions. Immense. Because once you arrive at the conclusion that they are doing this deliberately or intentionally … the floodgates in the US are open for punitive damages"

My interpretation, the legal indemnity is gone!

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I’ve only watched a little but I believe the 4th individual is Dr Sam White

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Indeed it is. Fresh from winning his own court case against the GMC

Dr. Sam White Has Won His High Court Appeal Against the General Medical Council

It wasn’t a fundamental ‘Truth’ or ‘Freedom’ kind of win because the court said GMC didn’t follow the correct procedures in muzzling/restricting Dr Sam White from expressing his clinical views. Had they done that then there would have been the issue of the evidence of whether Dr White was right or not. He was of course massively prepared for these medical and scientific arguments, but they weren’t tested because the GMC apparently can’t even put a muzzle on properly, let alone a medical mask :neutral_face:

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