Specific batches of the jab are more dangerous than other batches

Just 5% of the batches produced 100% of the Covid jab deaths.

From the Daily Exposé, the specific batch of the jab (sorry but I can’t call it a vaccine), you may be lucky and get the saline (as suggested by John O’Looney a while back), or at least the non-toxic version.

"The highest number of adverse event reports made to VAERS against a single lot number [batch number] of the influenza vaccine was 26. … the highest number of adverse event reports made to VAERS against a single lot number of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine up to October 15th 2021 was 3,563, and this isn’t an anomaly.

“Thousands of adverse event reports have been made against a single lot number of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine numerous times, and unfortunately the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine hasn’t fared any better.”

“This data alone [VAERS data] shows that there have been 118 times as many adverse reactions, 174 times as many deaths, and 140 times as many hospitalisations due to the Moderna Covid-19 jab than there have been due to all other influenza vaccines combined.”

And the dangerous batches were widely distributed around the US. Full story here.


Deeply troubling. I wondered a number of things, two key ones:

Whether lots/batches are of a standard quantity, and whether that makes a difference?

Whether there was a geopolitical element: ie did duff batches come from some sources more than from others, and did they end up in particular locales more than others?

A later article from the same source suggests perhaps there is a correlation between destinations and extent of adverse reactions:

My inner fact checker pipes up that active campaigns to raise awareness of VAERS, and to encourage its use, might be unevenly distributed and have a part to play.

But some proper number crunching and analysis are definitely a good idea. Not to suggest the research presented by the Expose is lacking.

Hi folks, this is really astounding material - we’ve theorised about different levels of lethality in different batches but totally in a vacuum of facts. Here we are seeing far more of the boxes being coloured in.
This is beginning to look like preparation for a new form of electorate - germy-mandered by lot. Throw in the vaxx or digi-currency passport and all you have to do is perfect a delivery system for boosters that can be linked to passport or non-passport holders - and who’s got the best delivery system for matching QR coded products/lots with zip/QR-coded account/passport holders …j’bezus! it looks like another win win for 'Ammerzone.



Chilling. The different payloads of mRNA in jabs for kids is already a thing. It has a certain logic, of course, but could also be a way to gradually normalise rolling out more and more different mixes for different folks as they learn how better to tweak the operating system.

How long would it take, I wonder, to actually legitimise an overt one-in-twenty kill shot to ease pressure on resources/avert climate catastrophe?

Sorry. That’s dark.


Oh not long, K. Humans, like lions, have the ‘eat-your-own-young-in-hard-times’ instinct built in, I think; though perhaps more infanticde rather than eat in the case of hom sap. Only just below the surface, ready to come out when times get hairy; and kill-the-elders, too. It has evolutionary survival value. Natural emotional horror aside, it makes a certain grim Strangelovian sense, so it’s been selected for, I imagine. Set up a sufficiently dystopian society and we can countenance just about anything.


Hi folks, just came across this info from a btl comment on a recent TCW article by Dr. Kendrick , it’s a youtube video so may not be there for long?

it shows a pivot table of all the US lots across all US States with corresponding Vaers vaxx analysis, quite amazing. Imagine if the VAERS reports had compiled 100% of the injuries and deaths as opposed to as little as 1% or less!


PS hat tip to Mr Cheerfull here:

Hi CJ. Incredible info, always with the caveat of if proven correct. I accept that the jab is dangerous as there are too many sources of info, some official like VAERS and the UK’s Yellow Card data and some anecdotal like the list of over 70 top level athletes dropping dead during competition or the various funeral services like John O’Looney.

However, I subscribe to the Catherine Austin Fitts view that the real “weapon” is the vaccine pass and its simple merging into total social control. That is where the real battle lies.


"Two, the fact that the world of medical research is . . . is . . . not quite the Olympian ideal that we may wish it to be."

John Ioannidis was writing about this sixteen years ago in ’ Why Most Published Research Findings Are False’; the key reason being, perhaps, “…when there is greater financial and other interest and prejudice…” It’s probably the understatement of the year to say that I don’t suppose things have improved!


Did you notice how John Ioannidis was trashed by the whores instantly, when he began speaking up about the gross anomalies, right at the start of the scam? He had prior form as an awkward truth teller, so his name would have been on a watchlist, I presume: the actually-principled scientists and doctors who can’t be bought, and so must be slandered, censored and suppressed.