Covid 19 Fraud & War on Humanity

Just seen this. Not read it yet but thought it would be of interest. (edit; actually, turns out I have read it!)

What do people make of the whole ‘foreign bodies in the jabs’ section in this report? Terrifying stuff if true.

Hi @Jamie , I linked to this here:

The horrific stuff fits with Carrie Madej’s early videos and as the second link is to pathologists who have actually conducted autopsies and have no ostensible axe to grind (afaik) I see no reason to doubt the observations. There are no safety controls on anything in this nightmare shotshow so nothing is picked up officially and there could be all sorts of accidental as well as deliberate pollutants/inserts.

The thread discusses related stuff including “adjustments” to the cocktail and questions around batch lethality - also posted about today in this thread by @PatB :

This whole event is a moving atomised target almost as if it was created by a roomful of AI bots! :sweat: