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Continuing the discussion from Threading and replying on Discourse:

I dread trying to get to grips with this again, but here goes.

All I’m doing at the moment is replying to @admin’s post “Threading and Replying on Discourse” (which was posted yesterday, i.e., Wed 2 Sep 2020) by clicking on the blue Reply button near the bottom of the topic screen, and selecting “Reply as linked topic” from the menu that pops up.

(On this occasion, for some reason, there were only two options, not including an option to send a a personal message. Another puzzle.)

My fear is that, as on the first occasion when I tried to use this option, when my post appears - presumably initiating a new topic, with the title that I have chosen - it will not display a link to @admin’s parent post.

Let’s see.

I see that the system has in fact created a link, in the form of the first paragraph, which I did not write myself.

The question now is: in general, does this system-created link point to the OP of the parent topic, or does it (as I would wish) point to to the specific post in that topic to which I was replying? It might be possible to determine this, without further experimentation, by looking again at my first attempt at using this facility.

Yes, the system in fact does do exactly what I would wish it to do. (See, for example: Shrinking population - Covid.) The confusion was all mine. I’m sorry! It is probably my typical miserable pessimism showing.

Score: Discourse 1, Twirlip 0.


Well I thoroughly enjoyed this little peregrination! Thanks for taking one for the team Twirl!

Aargh! I thought that this was sorted out, and that I had just made a silly mistake.

But if you look at the link to the parent topic at the head of the OP for Excess deaths - Covid, it goes to the OP of the parent topic, not the particular post I was replying to.

I’m so confused! I think I’ll go and lie down.

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Hmm. That seems a little strange. Let’s keep playing this little game and see if we can work it out

I’ll poke around a bit too…