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2022 09 27 The Americans Declared War On Europe

Gonzalo Lira: Nordstream 1 & 2 sabotaged:

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The Russians did it obviously! Now why the fuck would they do that?

Daily Telegraph on MSN:

Russian sabotage feared after ‘unprecedented’ damage to Nord Stream gas pipelines to Europe

James Crisp - 18m ago

Russian sabotage to gas supplies to Europe is feared after three offshore lines of the Nord Stream pipeline system suffered “unprecedented” damage in a single day.

he damage has caused gas leaks on the bed of the Baltic sea which pose a “danger to ships” it was warned and investigations in Denmark, Sweden and Germany are underway.

Both Nord Stream pipelines have been flashpoints in the escalating energy war between Europe and Moscow, which has sent gas prices soaring, and led to accusations from European leaders that Vladimir Putin is weaponising energy supplies.

Russia has withheld gas supplies to Europe as it seeks to hit back for Western sanctions imposed for the illegal invasion of Ukraine. German newspapers reported sources saying the leaks were as a result of a “targeted attack”.

“The destruction that occurred on the same day simultaneously on three strings of the offshore gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system is unprecedented," Nord Stream AG, the operator of the network, said on Tuesday.

“It is not yet possible to estimate the timing of the restoration of the gas transport infrastructure,” the company added in a sign that Europe now faces a winter without Russian gas.

Germany’s respected Die Welt newspaper said the timing of the leaks suggested sabotage. Die Welt said the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was meant to double Russian gas supplies to Germany, had been “partially destroyed”.

The Tagesspiegel newspaper quoted an insider involved in German federal investigations into the leak, who said such an act of sabotage could only be carried out by special forces and with the help of a submarine.

“Everything speaks against a coincidence […] our imagination no longer produces a scenario that is not a targeted attack,” the source said.

Denmark restricted shipping in a five nautical mile radius to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline after Sweden’s Maritime Authority issued a warning about two leaks on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and also banned boats near the leaks, citing the risk of explosive gas.

Air traffic below 1,000 metres has also been banned near the restricted zone, and methane bubbles have been detected in the sea near the Danish island of Bornholm.

In June, the Danish military warned a Russian warship twice violated its territorial waters north of Bornholm, which is near both pipelines.

“Leaks of gas pipelines happen extremely rarely” Kristoffer Bottzauw, head of the Danish Energy Agency, said.

Russia’s state owned energy giant Gazprom has so far refused to comment.

Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine brutally exposed the extent of EU countries’ dependence on Russian supplies of natural gas.

European gas prices rose by as much as 12 per cent on Tuesday after dropping for the last four days.

Nord Stream 1, which consists of two parallel lines with nameplate capacity of 27.5 billion cubic metres per year each, started supplying gas directly from Russia to Germany in 2011.

Flows from the pipeline were halted in August for maintenance and have not restarted, which Moscow blames on faulty equipment and Western sanctions. The pipeline was only working at 20 per cent of its capacity from July as relations worsened with the West.

The highly controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany was built in September 2021 but has never been operational so no current supplies to Europe are affected by the leaks.

Germany refused to approve the project, which was long criticised for worsening Berlin’s dependence on Russian gas, just before Putin ordered his troops into Ukraine.

Neither pipeline was pumping gas to Europe at the time leaks were found but both still contain gas under pressure. In Nord Stream 2’s case this was so it would be ready to begin supplying Europe before the refusal to certify the project.

EU countries including Germany have been scrambling to secure alternative gas supplies and have been building up reserves in anticipation of the winter.

The Baltic Pipe, a new subsea pipeline delivering Norwegian gas to Poland with an annual capacity of 10 billion cubic metres per day, is due to be inaugurated later on Tuesday.

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I’m gonna speculate that there’s a valve somewhere in Gazprom’s estate that could be used to achieve the same effect. But those Russians like to do things the hard way. Sneak in a sub and blow the pipes up. Smear a bunch of weird gunk on some guy’s door handle instead of a little pop with a Glock. Scatter a bunch of deaded folks and their bicycles symmetrically along a neat urban roadway. Bury the people you’ve brutally tortured to death in neat, respectful, if basic, graves marked with identification where possible.

And so on.

How effing stupid are we supposed to be…?


Sadly, many of the Sky News and BBC watching brigade are. With the constant help of tel-lie-vision no one needs to think for themselves. I think Gonzalo Lira has it spot on. This is a US declaration of war on Europe.


I assume most of you know the Ian Davis/Offguardian theory that behind all the state actors there is a directing hand taking us towards the Great Reset.

I don’t buy it myself, right now.

However I suppose the economic destruction of Europe would be a key step to the imposition of the Great Reset, at the behest of a suffering public.

Who thinks 1 the Great Reset is coming via sabatoge, food markets burning, escalating energy costs, climate change fear porn…or…

2 as Lira says…the Empire is going down and flailing around like a maddened trapped bull in a bullring…or,

3 something else.

I frankly don’t know what to think at this point.

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You forgot the perfume bottle, taken out of a rubbish bin in Amesbury and given to Dawn Sturgess, which sadly killed her, because the perfume bottle contained the deadly Novichok nerve agent.

Da, da, dah!

Those evil Russian agents had snow on their boots! Putin likes bombing hospitals and eating babies!

The Presstitutes still report all this obvious nonsense as though it were fact.

I found the funniest part of it all was when Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned and collapsed on a park bench in Salisbury. By coincidence the first person on the scene just happened to be the Chief Nurse of the British Army, who worked often at Porton Down, which was just down the road. It goes on and on.

I suppose it leaves one wondering whatever happened to Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia?


Skripals are dead. Loose ends. Nothing personal, just bizness.


I’ll take what’s behind door #2. Whilst Klaus was and is a threat, once VVP revealed he wasn’t part of the master plan, it’s kinda gone to shit. But the WEF aren’t out yet. See NZ PM’s announcement of censorship.

Going back to #2, it’s the American way. They did it to us in the 70s. Until it’s snaps, it continues. America first.

Gonna be interesting to see what happens when this new currency goes online.

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Oh I think it is true E…

Why be so cryptic? What do you think is true, and why do you think it?

Gonzo was close I think, but a joint declaration of war on EU by US.UK and the other Five Eyes. The various commentators that seem to be aghast at the “self-immolation” of Germany are seemingly oblivious of the fact that it is a US possession.

I’m sad to say it as he’s a lovely bloke, and Pseudopandemic is a fine book, but Iain Davis has become just about unreadable lately so his latest takes on the Great Reset have passed me by.

Sadly I’m not even sure that Who or How really even matter all that much anymore.

When breaking the news that I’ll be retiring in December to my manager at work (a kind and very supportive woman) I commented: “If there’s going to be a sudden white flash one day I’d rather be at home than sat at some desk.”


Quite a good set of speculations here:

The timing is certainly interesting: Poland opens its own pipeline, and has in recent weeks been hussling for WWII reparations from Germany. Maybe a nice juicy slice of Western Ukraine might compensate?

But then again, who could argue with proof of this kind…

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Iain Davis has become just about unreadable lately

I agree completely, I tried to get through the two latest and gave up, they are turgidly spongy, with fake ‘proof’ and the implicit assumption is that somebody is pulling Putin and Xi’s strings, as if Milosovich and Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein, who proved what can happen to leaders who don’t join the Imperial team, never existed.

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Tucker Carlson’s take on the pipeline sabotage:

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Yes he rocked that one.

Apparently Ukraine have banned Tucker’s show from their domain, but I can’t find anything authoritative saying so. I’m guessing it must be the YouTube channel.

I disagree with Gonzalo Lira (and I like the guy). Politicians are very stupid, but they are just puppets and behind them lays the real power.

What’s that old (Chicago) saying that Fleming wrote in one of the Bond books…?

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action

I don’t have the energy right now to go into everything that’s happened over the last 3 years or so. I’ll just say that if you look at it closely it all seems very choreographed.

I include in that the Ukraine war, the Queen’s death and the large numbers of people who were coerced into having God knows what injected into themselves.

This latest stuff with Nordstream 1 and 2 is just another tick on the list.

God help people in Germany this coming winter, and indeed people throughout Europe.

I don’t see anything about all this that is accidental, or ‘blundering fools’. I would venture that there’s obviously a hidden hand behind it all. The crash of the Pound being another obvious example

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When all the media was hyping WMD’s and Bush and Blair were shrieking their lies were imperial critics saying ‘Saddam is part of the plot?’ What would have occurred had most people thought Saddam was secretly in cahoots with Bush and Blair? Would we have had the biggest worldwide antiwar demos in history worldwide?

Saddam’s demise proved that Saddam was not in on the deal.

So now to say ‘Putin is just part of the plot, he’s in on the deal, he’s secretly in cahoots with the globalists’ is in my opinion a perfect way to prevent any anti war movement from getting started. Off Guardian said today ‘what does it matter who did the pipeline sabotage’? That’s a pernicious way to conceptualize what is happening.

Putin and Russia have been and are being demonized in the state/corporate media precisely to prevent any activist anti war movement, to promote public acceptance of war, war funding, and ‘sacrifice for Ukraine’. The OffGuardian and Ian Davis game of suggesting ‘it doesn’t matter’ and ‘they are all in cahoots’ only plays into the hands of the imperialists, it’s exactly what they want to hear from ‘alt’ media…

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Everyman, your good points are taken on board (and I agree with most of them).

However (here we go!), I would venture that’s what’s happened over the last 3 years or so has been co-ordinated on a global scale. That’s what I find so breath-taking/mind-boggling about it.

In the Second World War there were places you could go to escape from it (Switzerland, South America, et al). Not now, in what is effectively the Third World War. It’s everywhere across the globe. Practically no escape at all.

All these different regions/cultures doing exactly the same thing at almost exactly the same time, with exactly the same end game (which didn’t happen with Saddam, etc). What are the odds on that if it were not co-ordinated by some higher hand?!

That’s the question I pose.

And with regard to the anti-war movement, what can you do with a (global) population that was propagandised into being injected with an experimental gene therapy, which is now killing many of them?

I would hazard that 20 or 30 years ago political/societal consciousness was much higher up on the fuel gauge than it is now.

I always like to chuck in a bit of music. This is Jacques Brel singing ‘Jeff’. It’s a brief song in which Brel is trying to dissuade a friend of his from jumping off a bridge and committing suicide, after the friend had been rejected by a woman…

I kind of take your point here, E - but (: )) this essentially goes to the heart of the balance of power on Earth. WE, the multitude, collectively have enough power (notionally) to unseat the inhumans that have for centuries (at least) lorded it over humanity - but we’re not a collective - we are an atomised rag-bag - - there’s lots of excellently on-the-ball individuals/groups within the rag-bag, doing a great job of calling attention to the egregious activities, and plans of the inhumans - though identifying the inhumans’ crimes, and warning about their sinister plans is the easy bit, because (certainly post-WEF coming out of the closet) they are quite candid about their plans - - there’s that thing about them having to tell us (‘you will own nothing and be happy’) in order to gain our consent (witting or not) to go ahead and beast us in whichever way they choose. The really tricky part is convincing people that their governments are not actually their governments in any benign measure whatsoever - the governments, and their enforcers, are there to bully and coerce populations into lapping-up whichever hell (fresh [jabs[ or vintage [war]) is being dished-out - - the sleeve-rolling for the jabs has been the most alarming thing to behold - that so many billions of people accepted those jabs seriously jeopardised the notion that WE are sufficient in number to unseat the inhumans. That jab-factor has further atomised us - it’s just another in a barrage of divisive tactics that have been played-out these last few years (add ER, BLM, TRA which put one-time allies at loggerheads), thus driving manifold wedges between us. Nowadays it seems that most everybody has a hole into which they’d like to drop some other body. That suits the inhumans just fine, thankyou!

Look right here on 5F; we can’t even agree amongst us whether or not they are all in it together - we don’t yet know for sure, so that’s understandable - yet still we squabble. Some (such as I) err on the side that believes they are all working together - that all the world is a stage, and at this point every big player - the A listers, your Bidens, Putins, Trusses, and planks in general, have their directions, and scripts. That we have such low-grade actors of Trusses ilk, and clearly senile menaces of the Biden variety just goes to show the extent of the disdain that the inhumans have for us - - - worse, older people who should by now know better continue to lap it all up. During the recent leadership contest between Sunak and Truss I was talking with a group of quite smart (on paper) Tory type people - all of them were hoping for a Truss win, and whilst they conceded that ‘she’s not the best public speaker’, they rather believed that if she could ‘put together a good team’, then WE might be quids-in!!! I was met with blank stares when I pointed out that Truss just happens to be a profoundly ignorant and stupid warmonger - - that is, her warmongering didn’t trouble these people at all. I find that nowadays people have precisely zero qualms about the martial mentality that afflicts vast swathes of ‘humanity’. War just ‘doesn’t look like anything’ to most people, I would say. As is often pointed out, the inhumans did indeed ‘learn lessons’ from the demos against the 2nd Iraq invasion - that is, henceforth they’d conduct their wars is a much more conniving manner - - the Libya crime being an exemplar: tell lies about Quadaffi (the new Hitler dishing out viagra to his rapey army), secure a UN res on a Friday (no time for Parliamentary discussions), begin bombing on the Saturday - - mission creep as per…screen the Quadaffi snuff movie…‘we came we saw, he died’…job done!

But most pointedly, why do we need to believe that in the midst of this worldwide horrowshow that there is a genuine ‘White Hat’ who remains uncorrupted? What difference does that make? Even if Putin is such a thing as an honest player, that’s not going to stop the inhumans’ warring. If Putin is a beacon of hope, how does he scupper the inhumans? Polite requests to cease and desist won’t cut it. If Putin isn’t a part of the cabal, then with the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ he has at his disposal he must have the dirt on the inhumans’ activity down the decades (at least) - he must have the ‘smoking gun’, which if revealed would see more scales dropping. And again, how would the inhumans’ respond if their machinations were laid bare - it’s unlikely they’d throw their arms in the air and declare; ‘it’s a fair cop…we’ll play nice from now on’. Not a chance imo - they’d triple/quadruple-down and make crazy with the big guns…the weather modification…the earthquake-makers. So we’ll still have war, and misery - there should be no doubt about that.

As far as I’m concerned, before anything can be done to change this world into the paradise it can be, WE need a damn sight more cooperation between Earth’s inhabitants. But so effective are the divisive tactics in play, I’m losing hope. And it really pains to say as much. I remember seeing EP Thompson speaking at a CND rally in London way back in the early 80s - he said, ‘looking at you all here now, I know one thing - we can win, WE CAN WIN’. Those words sustained me for many, many years. Nowadays, I’m really doubtful that we can win anything beyond the most tragic of pyrrhic victories.

I’m sorry - I know this sounds utterly defeatist - but when people have been so dumbed down in recent decades to the point that they accept such things as those jabs, and then castigate those that refused, then the struggle continues, 'cept now it just got that bit more uphill.


Sounds like the Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul, Si - as Douglas Adams put it slyly…

I recommend a pull-back of viewpoint to the longer term, and the more cosmic scale. Even the eventual consumption of the Earth by a red giant Sun - if that really happens! - can be born when you know that mind, creativity and life per se goes on, endlessly inventing new stuff as it evolves.

And if you think as I do, you can assume that you - as a quintessential immortal soul - will continue to play an active part, along with multitudes of other souls. Nil desperandum, frater! :slight_smile:

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