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The Rule of Claw rips up our rights as foreshadowed by Anna de Buisseret

Hi folks, I just noticed this

As noted in her interview here:

"However a question from the host Richie Allen revealed a caveat - that courts were producing different outcomes in different jurisdictions. And that may be because the judge has (her words) ‘bought the narrative’. Further, she added this:

“So I’m not necessarily confident actually, because the feedback from lawyers around the world is that the judiciary has been compromised.”

In this case they seem to have followed the majority view in the ECHR case I commented on here:

on the recent High court cases :
" ‘In the care home case, they went further and said they had looked at a European Court of Human Rights case, heard in April, where [Czech parents]

or if you don’t want touch the BBC - here is the actual court record:
…" challenged the state’s mandatory vaccine schedule for nursery school children. It was a case where children were excluded from premises of education unless they had their vaccines. The judge who heard the care workers case said that what the government is doing now is nothing very different.

‘What the court doesn’t recognise in that analogy is that in the Czech case you are talking about very well-established vaccines with long safety records. By comparison we’re still looking at experimental technology with Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines, which remain under trial until 2023. We still don’t know the long-term effects.’

Even the lawyer acting for the petitioner fails to get the real point - none of these vaccines have been shown to be effective by comparing them with children without vaccines - no-one has bothered to challenge Pharma from day 1- as the dissenting judgement in the EHRC case points out!
It is certainly true that the EHRC case deals with “approved” vaccines but where does that leave future cases when suddenly the regulators stamp Approved all over these jabs which will certainly happen if cases go against the narrative due to the jabs being only provisionally approved“

This is the too big to fail Lie, Claw courts will just not look at it.



Thanks CJ TCW on the mark again.
There is a lot going on in Victoria at this moment on Mandvax, as the Fuhrer tries to push through his Permanent Pandemic laws, giving HIM the overall power to declare pandemic emergencies for three month periods, as well as introducing some sort of Stasi care for anyone who even posts a message questioning the narrative after Dec 15th. Us Untermenschen will be sent to purgatory till 2023 if this isn’t stopped, and finally legal forces are waking up to what is about to happen, at the 11th hour. This argument however suggests their efforts will fail regardless.
There were at least 10,000 at the protest last week, and hoping for many more tomorrow. There are hundreds of thousands of workers forced to get the jab, as well as tens of thousands in Victoria refusing to, but who have had to sacrifice livelihoods and relationships in the process.
All this for a frigging virus! Meanwhile we are on the verge of mandating the Vax for 5-11 year olds, despite warnings -even from formerly complicit scientists. Blind Freddie could see this, as the JCVI did, and the European Parliament judged back in January.

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Hi @Dimac , is someone seeking to re-establish a penal colony down under?


I think we had that already CJ - being unable to leave the country and subject to $1500 fines for being out without a permit, or a mask… in BANDIT country! (Ned Kelly was from around here, and famously made himself a tin pot helmet/mask out of iron sheet.)
Many people believe that Andrews’ legislation currently on the brink of passing will allow people who won’t do the right thing - which is defined as anything thought to pose a “Public Health Risk” to any person - may end up being detained in the quarantine camp being built in Melbourne suburbs, where there seems no mechanism by which they can escape. All the signs are that our judiciary is as compromised as in the UK, except that there are many legal people who have gone full COVID, and looking for the opportunity to push a test case vindicating their vindictiveness…
I’ll let you know what happens next week!

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I should add that the COVID colonials are also set on recruiting the Indigenes into their experiment, with constant reports about their “vulnerability” and poor Vax take up. Apparently because they don’t have much access to the ABC or Telly, they are fed a diet of dangerous disinformation on social media through their devices and through the native rumour mill. and they believe it! It’s only us white fellas and ABC listeners who think it’s disinformation, and perhaps support the corralling of “hesitants” into mass stabbing events. With an average age of 23, mRNA jabs are the last thing the Aborigines need!
They also probably get the irony, even if we don’t, as many of their forefathers died of smallpox following the invasion in 1788.

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