The Mainstream Media are lying to you – India’s Government confirms the “Indian Variant” does NOT exist

The variant stuff is being used to keep the pot boiling. But this is a bit misleading - the Indian government are just saying the new variant is nothing to do with India.

Hmm. The focus on India as been strange, with stats about 10% as bad as Eastern Europe and South America.
But Mumbai was hit last year, not sure it’s among the places most reported now - is it?

If Covid does not exist does that not mean all the other substance against the main narrative goes down the tubes? Other treatments that science shows work, their suppression etc - become part of the background blur.
The origin of Covid - highly suspicious, great evidence of malfeasance - replaced by It’s All a Fairy Story.
It worries me that these voices prevent coherence from forming. The pro-covid and pro-vaccine voices are united - and get a very easy run as a result!

It’s a fair bet that covid exists as a novel and rather nastier than average flu, which, like flus every season, kills an unlucky minority. It’s the alleged pandemic that doesn’t seem to exist.

The suspicion of a gof-scam, involving lying sods like Fauci and Daszak funnelling US tax-money to cronies in the Wuhan lab, to evade the ban on gof-tampering in the US, continues to gain ground. That might explain a slightly worse-than-average pathogenicity for the covid-flu. But even that story, if true, doesn’t imply a global health emergency. As more and more properly-qualified people are asking: ‘WHAT global health emergency? There isn’t one!’

I muse whether the next goffed-nasty, which as Gates famously smirked will really make us sit up and take notice, is already in storage somewhere, ready to be released when the current covid-hysteria has softened us all up enough to accept really serious draconian ‘control measures’ without so much as a whimper. A second plague, I mean, which really does kill people in large numbers (since that seems to be one of the day-dreams of the Gatesoids). Think of our current shit-storm as a trial balloon, released so that they can estimate how much they can get away with. (Less than they hoped, it’s starting to seem, before people start to refuse to obey, though at least the crooks are making a nice little earner with the poison-stabs Pharma racket.)

I’ve been musing uncomfortably for some years about the possibility of deliberately-engineered new plagues, probably targetted at particular ethnic groups, if that proves possible; this being one of the absolutely obvious purposes of the secretive ‘bio-research’ labs scattered about the world. Until recently, this has always been dismissed as silly cospithirry. Yet now, suddenly, it’s acknowledged as a credible idea!

It always was, of course.

As one of “these voices” here are my thoughts for what they are worth.

On India: This is one of the most financially divide countries in the world. Millionaires live in apartments in clear view of slums with no proper drainage. Farmers who represent a huge majority of the population have been clearly abused by big pharma to the point of multiple suicide rates and poisoned by Union Carbide whose effects continue today. Modi is clearly a pro-western premier, so the stats coming from there have to be a little sus, but even if we accept them, watch the Thomas Cowan interview with Indira Singh posted by @RhisiartGwilym . All I can say is where is the Covid amongst the farmers?

On the malfeasance issue: It’s obvious to any informed observer that the Chinese lab were doing “gain of function” research, funded by Fauci (after it was made illigal in the US). However, this is no different to (althought just as disgusting) the multiple US labs in various parts of Africa which have been doing bio-weapons research contrary to global agreements. If the “Wuhan virus” was indeed a bio-weapon, one has to say from the total mortality stats, they did a lousy job as it is not killing enough people. So I have an open mind on a) Is the origin of Covid-19 the Wuhan lab, b) Was the release deliberate or accidental, c) Is there really a “virus”, transmissable, contagious, similar to or identical to the research that was being done in China.

On the “second wave”: As Rhis mentioned above, the Kill Gates “next one” in my opinion (no evidence except gut feel) will be people who have been jabbed. The stats produced when people get sick, do not show separately how many of the sick have been jabbed. However, BC (before Covid), there are several indisputable studies that show people completely vaccine free have significant lower levels of every major illness.

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Hang on to that last thought, Pat! I’m one of the wholly unvaccinated - which is why, I think, that I’m still cycling and hiking about at going on 81, and why I saw off covid-flu in three days, with no real illness, and with only vit C to assist - that, and my robust constitution inherited from my unvaccinated, un-Pharma-buggered ancestors.

Thanks for this reply and for clarifying your own position - so somewhere from a) to c).
I see, so you have a credible range, same as most of us! :slightly_smiling_face:

I listened to the Tom Cowan / Indra Ghandi podcast - very eye-opening! Indian people trying to fend off foreign-imposed slavery once again, imposed via own corrupt government.

I don’t know what to make of the covid angle regarding India - maybe the virus there is mainly in the cities? Lots of places - like Eastern Europe - had very light virus levels 1st time round, but by April almost all of them (Hungary, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Montenegro, Chechia, Estonia) were top of the deaths stats.
Also in there near the top were Uruguay, Brazil, Peru. Now, it’s slackening off in Eeastern Europe, and the South Amrican countries are all top.
It would be good to rationalize these contradictions. Certainly India has never been highest in official figures (10% of Europe, S America) but may have had severe poblems in particular areas. Still it’s hard to imagine that in the millions on these marches and in the camps, that nobody had the virus to begin with.

My two cents fwiw on India - but first I absolutely agree that the “there is no virus” meme is destroying our credibility. There was the perfect example tonight on an SBS program Dateline, looking at “vaccine hesitancy”, in which there was not one inch given to ideas that went against vaccines as being safe and effective because the health authorities had done all the tests. Anyone thinking otherwise could only have been subject to misinformation. They highlighted a dozen sites spreading this poison, with Dr Mercola naturally on the list, and portrayed as someone motivated by wanting to make money out of it! The first thing they did was visit a place in the country full of aging hippies, where the reporter was - shock horror - greeted with a hug. We heard people putting half of an opinion out but it was all cut, with the only person given time to say his whole lot saying the plan was to put a chip in every living human being…

Lastly on India - I believe that the population reached near herd immunity in most of the country, and was starting to relax when Modi realised that he wasn’t going to be able to sell 1.3 billion doses of vaccine, so he created a scare - which was what it was. People - perhaps those who had protected themselves from the virus last year, had come out, and so picked up a spreading new wave of a slightly different strain, which was less lethal at a consistent 1%, but thanks to active social media and Indian panic liability, many people thought they might die just from getting it, and so went to hospital to get oxygen. As for the cremations in their thousands - the population of India suggests that at least 20 million people a year die, or 400,000 a week. And this virus was taking 4000 a day, so that’s about 8% of the total deaths.
It may be that the current mRNA vaccine won’t work as well against this variant, but natural immunity gained from infection will certainly cover it. No-one will ever admit this. The Indian Plague has served a fantastic effect here in OZ, with the banning of Australian citizens who want to come home, as well as cases of the “Indian variant” cropping up to create a scare. But unlike in the past, noone has ever said that it is more infectious or more deadly, because it isn’t! In fact I think it is less deadly, and possibly less infectious too. The few cases here have failed to spread outside family contacts. Without the scare of these new variants, the case for vaccination would be collapsing, as Europe and the US come into summer and their plagues die out.

Top of the list I believe: it sounds like the Dirty Dozen Disinfo Superspreaders . . .

The Disinfo Dozen, from leading Disinfo mob . .

@Dimac and @Evvy_dense

My problem with the “killer virus”, is that the whole edifice is built on the PCR “test”. This has been so discredited by so many different experts, many of them already posted elsewhere here, and of course by Kary Mullis himself, that I find it impossible to believe any figures of “cases”. And as any person with a small amount of critical thinking knows, the “Covid deaths” numbers are meaningless.

So, I accept there may be a few more people than normal dying of something that looks like flu. However, in England, looking at 2020 total morbidity, the lockdown killed clearly killed more people than it saved, and deaths were lower in per capita numbers than 11 of the previous 20 years. So where is the killer virus?

But in my book, if it was really a novel Corona virus, there would be no need to hijack the worlds media, censor every dissenting voice, and offer burgers, fries, ice creams and lottery tickets for people to take the jab.

And finally, here is a short video (2.5 minutes) compilation with Kary Mullis for anyone who still believes the PCR is a test and the “cases” are really sick people. Watch from 12:15


Bloody hell, Pat, this this is awful stuff! A libertarian stiff with far too much money walks through a disgustingly over-prosperous neighbourhood where he has a house - with NO pedestrian pavements, note - neglecting both the traffic-safety of his dog, and also where she shits on his neighbours’ property - whilst he masturbates his crack-brained prejudices (making just occasional sense), and includes a brief clip of Mullis talking about PCR. We should listen to this stuff because he makes occasional sense about covid, Fauci and PCR?

I hope he ends up homeless and destitute. Then we’ll see how laid-back cool he is about losing so much (hallucinatory, anyway) money! Once he displayed the usual USAmerican ignorance about the actual meaning of the word ‘communism’ - and of course about Cuba and Venezuela - I’d had about enough.

There are plenty of people who are calling out the scamdemic for what it is, and nailing people like Fauci and ilk for the Nurnberg criminals that they are, without feeling the need to pile on their prejudices about other irrelevant stuff.

Weird glitch: I notice that I’m added as a poster who likes this post. Don’t know how it got there, and it certainly isn’t true, but I can’t see how to delete it.

Sorry, Pat! No offence intended to you. I just had some serious confusion creeping in, listening to this man’s weird collection of half-baked ideas, right alongside his scattering of accurate ones. Should follow his own advice and - as he asserts Gates needs to do - do something about his own skinny muscles and fat flab-belly.

Once again: Sorry Pat! No offence intended. Peace! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that @PatB

Didn’t stick around for long after the relevant couple of minutes but a good summery.

The speed at which the narrator babbles took some following, rather like one of those sales people desperate to list all the great reasons why you need this thing you’d never heard of a minute ago.

Hi Pat, thanks for your response. Can I just say where I agree and where I disagree?

Yes, far too much was made of the PCR test. It’s not a bad test it’s just only half the picture. Most of the criticisms have some validity, I think the problem is the leap to ‘nothingness’. This leap is easily shot down by existing information, leaving the public to be misled by a (scientifically) bland and superficial (misleading) narrative while a strong case against the policy isn’t being heard. Not least, the need to treat people who do get covid early hardly gets a mention except for the purpose of suppressing it.

I agree with the criticism of ‘cases’, but that doesn’t mean the PCR test has no meaning (I’ll indicate something definitely useful further down).

As you’ll know the way it’s supposed to work (a la Mullins?) is that if you have covid symptoms, and a PCR test is positive, there is a ‘likelihood’ that you have covid-19.

I say ‘likelihood’ because there is an overlap in the list of symptoms with those of flu. So if you happen to have some sars-cov2 fragments lying around when you catch the flu, it’s likely you will become a diagnosed covid-19 ‘case’ instead due to the testing policy, and of course the lack of flu tests.

I agree there is no usefulness when there is no corroboration - ie there are no symptoms, or other strong suspicion that somebody has covid-19 like someone found to have had symptoms in an event where exposure was likely.

You can see the PCR-useful and PCR-nonuseful periods in the data (graph at the bottom) but let me explain what to look out for, as despite appearances, the two ‘waves’ are different and actually show the differing effect of PCR.

In the first wave, nobody had prior exposure to sars-cov2, and also they only tested people with symptoms - so anybody testing positive at least had viable virus. So, in April-May last year the excess deaths and the ‘covid deaths’ coincided (though there would be some deaths where covid played no role but let’s set that aside for now). Knowing that most of the excess deaths related to covid-19 was useful in theory - or should have been.

But in the second wave many people would have already had the virus or exposure to it, and would have these fragments. And by then there was testing like mad so these would be picked up and called covid cases. That’s where the PCR was now very misleading in finding and counting those fragments and then calling them cases and even ‘infections’.

And this blatant error shows clearly in the excess deaths in the second wave - because the ‘covid deaths’ in that period significantly exceed the excess deaths, meaning there was some over-counting. This over-counting represents nonviable viral fragments in people with no symptoms.

There’s a graph here with the excess deaths and covid deaths

If you can bear with me…you have to make some sort of choice.

The graphs show excess deaths and the ‘covid-19 deaths’ for every week since the beginning.

These are shown in separate graphs but we want to see them on the same graph with the usual dotted line indicating five-year average deaths. As it happens this is only shown when the graph is subdivided by ‘cause of death’ but it’s the same for almost every cause.

So if you select ‘cause of death’ (only to see graphs with the dotted line) and choose almost any of the illnesses…say acute respiratory.

First let’s look after December - the second wave

The key is the dotted line - the five-year average deaths for that week. The yellow shows the part that is ‘covid deaths’.

What stands out in the SECOND wave for almost all of the causes of death shown is that if you removed the covid (say you disappeared the yellow) the deaths would fall way below the five year average. This indicates that they are not REALLY covid deaths - because if there was no covid, a significant number of expected deaths would not appear.

This is not so in the FIRST wave - all the yellow is above the dotted line - i.e. the covid deaths were, at least, all ‘excess’ to normal deaths.

And the fact this feature isn’t present in the first wave indicates it’s due to the PCR test on which covid deaths were based having a different effect.

I agree PCR is misused. A positive PCR test means you’re ‘more likely’ to have viable sars-cov2 virus than if you have a negative test. That has been exploited - on its own it doesn’t mean much but of course the ‘health’ system then makes its own leap - you have THE VIRUS! Forget the second part, symptoms or corroborating factors.

" But in my book, if it was really a novel Corona virus, there would be no need to hijack the worlds media, censor every dissenting voice, and offer burgers, fries, ice creams and lottery tickets for people to take the jab."

Well yes - there is a political drive to exaggerate everything and mislead people so that they follow the narrative. But that doesn’t mean it’s based on nothing, or that there is no virus in the first place. Some of us want to tell the government (and the public) that the govt should be curing the virus early on - that others are saying doesn’t really exist!

I couldn’t find the Mullins video but I agree with what you say there - cases aren’t necessarily sick people - and what is a good test is being misused by making it the whole picture.


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Excellent analysis and logic ED - and my position pretty accurately - as well as my agreement that the total COVID denial makes things worse for the true science. A similar case is of last night’s SBS prog on vaccine hesitancy, where the guy visited a known COVID resistance hotspot in N NSW and spoke to a group of people. They all had comments to make that were sensible with a range of points, but every one was cut off except the guy who said “they want to implant a chip in every living human being”. This little clip was also used to advertise the programme. We are really getting the big VAX push here at the moment, with a new outbreak threatening that has suddenly made people drop their hesitancy. VAX clinics were sitting idle till yesterday, and now they are packed out. Meanwhile a testing lab made 12% on it daily share price today…

What I wanted to say in reply to Pat B was about a specific piece of research which I came upon through Didier Raoult - on a specific patient who survived for 152 days with CV infection, four courses of Remdesevir, and the evolution of several new strains of virus in his body. Raoult said this man was the original source of the UK Strain outbreak in Kent, coming across from Belgium I think. And who am I to question him!

The first page of this paper describes what happened with this extraordinarily sick man, but with a special emphasis here on the number of cycles to get a positive test. His CT varied from over 36 - when he was said to be free of the virus, down to 20 and then 15 before he finally succumbed. Raoult considers the defining point to be 32 cycles, above which “cases” are unlikely to be infective or have symptoms, so are irrelevant.

There is an appendix to this paper of some 40 pages, with illustrations and graphs, which are very interesting if you have a head for detail. And it’s frankly impossible to say that the virus “doesn’t exist” in the face of this. And as noted above, if the virus doesn’t exist then all talk about the way young people are immune and herd immunity is now prevalent in the UK is irrelevant.
While it is possible that many people without sufficient science background have come on these extreme covid-denial ideas, sometimes I think perhaps they are planted there by the Hasbara collective, or seeded into appropriate communities the way that fear has been seeded into them. Being able to dismiss every alternative as mad conspiracy theory is VERY convenient for the malignant powers that be.

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Thanks Karen, interesting, and need to keep an eye on this lot, as well as Globsec and First Draft, who seem to be coordinating the disinformation ecosphere.

William Tucker links to this report from the UN about deaths of children and mothers resulting from deprivation of ordinary services - sucked dry by COVIDAID. The article also details other tragedies - 400, million children missing school, 3.2 million more unplanned pregnancies.

In my defense, I did say watch from 12 minutes something and only 2 and a half minutes!!

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Frame the real situation like this:

Yes, there’s a nasty new flu about, a bit worse than the average, though not much. It kills some people, as flus always do, every year. But no, there’s no global pandemic health emergency. That’s just gangsters-on-the-make and their tabaquis pushing a vast scam.

There is in fact a choice of effective treatments for covid-flu already freely available in plenty, proven by frontline doctors over the past fifteen months, which stop the illness in days, with next to no lives lost, apart from the odd patient who’s already very ill with other problems. These treatments are all cheap, safe, well proven and tested, officially approved for use, and mostly out of patent.

In any case, the recovery rate from covid for all categories is over 95 percent. For anyone in passably good health below 70 it’s over 99.9 percent. The all-causes death toll during the covid scam is comparable with recent averages, with NO enormous uptick: the basic definition of a real pandemic. There is NO global health emergency.

None of the destructive rules put in place to ‘fight covid’ are effective. All of them are deleterious in their own right. This flu is now largely endemic, with most exposed populations already well into herd immunity. Their immune systems now mostly have a fully-balanced, long-term defence against this flu, as also against previous strains.

Speaking of strains and ‘variants’: pathogens do this variation all the time. In the case of covid, none of them matter a damn, and none are worth worrying about, since ALL of them are so closely similar to the original as to be easily identified and neutralised by the immune response. BTW, someone somewhere MAY have a fully-purified sample of the alleged SARS-COV2 pathogen, but if so, they’re keeping a low profile. No search for authentic, fully-proven samples has turned up anything convincing, so far, in the public domain. The alleged profiles are mostly from computer modelling - where GIGO rules - together with simple guesswork by the computer-virologist sect.

The poison-stabs are a huge con, and a huge crime against humanity, for which the perpetrators have to be hauled before a Nurnberg 2 tribunal. The stabs, in three words, are: Unnecessary, Ineffectual, and Dangerous - but enormously profitable for the criminal gangsters pushing them.

Kary Mullis’s PCR process is a wonderful creation - for its proper purpose. But as Mullis pointed out repeatedly, it’s not a test, for covid-flu or anything else. All conclusions drawn from its use as a ‘test’ are fake, and are to be discounted root and branch. We have no fully clear picture of the true status of this pathogen at present, because the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are refusing to do - or to allow through the censorship system - any actually sound science to get one. Instead, they continue to push the con, some out of mistaken good faith, many of the more invertebrate simply out of cravenly going along to get along, and some out of sheer criminal purpose.

This seems to me to be the true picture of the scam, as it’s now coming clear. And although many will be so horrified and shocked by the idea of a huge bad-faith con being perpetrated by people we’re supposed to trust, that they have deep emotional difficulty in taking it on board, nevertheless, none of the above is loony cospithirry, and all of it can be backed by masses of persuasive real evidence; which continues to pile up.

This account is accurate enough to convince anyone who’s actually willing and able to survey the information on which it rests. It doesn’t lend itself to propagandists ridiculing it as loony nonsense. Savvy people of any kind can see this and take it soberly, if they choose.