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Robert F Kennedy jr announces his run for the Presidency

He’s running as a Democrat, yet it seems likely that the Democrat Party will never allow this to happen. He will have to stand as an independent, and will be running against Trump, which will make it an interesting election!


He’s down in the betting as vying for Dem candidacy.
If something happened to Biden it looks open, Harris a modest favourite - technically in pole position, but widely disliked.
Yeah, I think they would fight tooth and nail (and the fur too) to stop him.
With his stance on medical rights he’d have as much support among the Republicans, but little else in common with them.
Interesting thought to run independently, might get some support from each camp - would need to take about 1/3 each. A tall order, might not be impossible - but what about all the people who don’t usually vote because they are disgusted by both parties…? I think he might have more respect there.

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Evvy, with Kennedy’s outspoken views I can’t see any way the (totally corrupt) Democrat Party will let him stand as a candidate.

If he stands as an independent you have to bear in mind that he does so under the Kennedy name. His uncle, President JFK, was assassinated, and his father Robert Kennedy was also assassinated whilst running for the 1968 Presidential election. This gives RFK JR a lot of credence in America. The Kennedy name is soaked in the history of America.

The Kennedys, just like the Bush and Clinton and Obama, are all crime families. JFK and RFK seemed to buck the trend and were murdered for it.

Now that RFK JR has announced his run for the Presidency, we should all be taking bets on whether he too will get a bullet in the head.

On the UK Column, Patrick Henningson of 21st Century Wire, who is generally very well informed, says the following. If Trump offers him a place on the Trump ticket i.e vice-president, he would accept it and Henningson is sure he would.

You’re right. Only a couple of things have changed since all the good guys have been murdered by ‘lone gunmen’, or ‘car crash’, or ‘plane crash’. That is the speed at which information traverses the world and the alternative (really we should say real) media has grown enormously. Let’s just hope that is enough to deter the GIC’s.

(Sorry, meant as reply to RobG )

RFK criticizes Trump in his speech for the lockdowns:

At 32m20 he says Trump gets blamed for a lot of things he didn’t do, and for things that he did do - but the worst thing he did was the lockdowns. He adds that as 600 Drs wrote to Trump begging them not to do this, he should have known. “The buck stops here” (presidential candidates do like their historical presidential quotes :slightly_smiling_face:).

The Indy doesn’t like it! Took the opportunity to run a smear piece. Plenty of this around…

Describes his speech as rambling (that would be a first, for him) - which is ironic, as their illiterati misquoted the above Trump quote to make him appear stupid.

I note they didn’t even link to his speech. This is (I mean, was) the paper that appeals to their readers independence and intelligence!
(Edit: Actually they do give a link underneath)

From memory, in 2016 RFK was asked by Trump to lead some medical committee, and accepted, but after Trump was elected he was pushed into withdrawing the offer.
(Edit: Link here, Trump Eyes Anti-Vaxxer Robert Kennedy, Jr., for Vaccine Safety Committee
The medical community isn’t thrilled about the news. [lol]
Trump Eyes Anti-Vaxxer Robert Kennedy, Jr., for Vaccine Safety Committee | SELF)

RFK is likely playing to both audiences; as the honest liberal that’s so badly needed in the current climate, and with shades of ‘new-improved Trump’ to many Trump voters, despite not being like Trump at all.
The little inconsistencies might pose a dilemma to his detractors - whose best tactic for now is to ignore him, and hope he won’t get the exposure to build up the momentum he needs.

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Again, Patrick Henningson said (maybe not exactly verbatim), “One of the best political speeches I have ever heard”.


Meryl Nass, who doesn’t miss much, agrees with 5 filters :slightly_smiling_face: that RFK is he is risking his life to run.

The RFK Presidential campaign launch

All the MSM covered it, which in itself is a magic trick. Maybe his voice will get through…

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Maybe RFK’s cancer has come back again (he certainly doesn’t look well, in my opinion), and figures that if he gets assassinated while running for the Presidency he has nothing to lose, since he’s under starter’s orders anyway.

ps. if he does get assassinated it will probably be blamed on the Russians or Chinese - the Muslim twerrorist stuff now being a bit outworn.

I doubt Kennedy would run as an Independent, but who knows, in general I oppose the ‘prophetic mode’ in political discourse, in all its forms, ie using the word ‘will’ or the future construction is going to/are going to + verb.

Thanks for posting. I offer this from Edward Curtain from OffGuardian, mainly so people here can note the highest rated comment is an anti Kennedy screed.

I’ve also noticed a lot of supposedly ‘independent’ analysts have thrown out quite quickly ‘Kennedy’s family is full of CIA members’ and ‘Kennedy’s son fought in Ukraine as a mercenary’. For example Gonzolo Lira, Slow News Day…some others.

Some of this is true. And doesn’t matter. Kennedy’s daughter in law worked for the CIA for a while and wrote a book about it. Apparently she’s working on his campaign. And apparently his son fought in Ukraine for about three months as a volunteer and then moved on.

The above doesn’t matter to me because of the solid proof we have that RFK jr has a solid record of environmental and pro health activism as a lawyer and writer.

The Off Guardian comment section has become quite the club of chattering nihilists, in my opinion.

Here is Curtain’s article, I hope it hasn’t been posted here before…

cheers all

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Everyman, what’s happening in Montpellier at the moment with regard to protests? Maybe start a new thread about it.

In my little neck of the woods - Charente-Limousine - there’s a lot going on.

We love Ed Curtin for his sincerity but does anyone seriously believe that any US president in modern times is

a. not selected to most plausibly front whatever is already planned;
b. actually going to alter what’s already working nicely;
c. even intending to try to alter etc.;
d. even expecting to contribute more than marginally to any change at all in what’s already planned;
e. worth the time or attention of any sane person?

RFK jnr. can speak well without notes - and he ticks a disability box. He’ll do nicely!

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Alan we don’t really know. The media is powerful, and as we saw with Corbyn can politically destroy any sincere politician who has a alternative vision. But that destruction came with a price, a few more people were disabused of illusions. I try not to say ‘going to’ and ‘will’, so simply based on Kennedy’s record as an environmental activist and a fighter for sane public health I support him in my lazy way in the sense of sharing links about his campaign and his platform. My true philosophy of social change is not keen on political solutions but I suppose once one gets interested it becomes a kind of addiction like following sports.

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Macron was just up in the little mountain town of Ganges which I know quite well. That’s where we first heard they had banned saucepans! We did the saucepan thing here last Monday starting up at the same time Macron was giving another one of his TV addresses to the ‘people’ and frankly it was the most fun I’ve had at a demo in ages because the sound was pure metallic cacophony, a very interesting kind of enveloping participatory noise, very child like fun in fact. I think it’s by far the best mass demo sound technique ever. Yes there are weekly marches here, nightly demos in front of the préfecture, some high schools and universities are blockaded. Now everything will be building for May 1. I’m quite surprised at the tenacity of the unions this time. It’s as if the spirit of the Gilet Jaunes has exploded into all the street opposition.


Everyman, you seem more positive than you were last year.

Maybe PatB can also give us a report on what’s going on. PatB is in the lower end of the Charente, which is a very nice part of France.

People in other parts of the world might think that what’s happening in France is irrelevant to them. It’s not. In my humble opinion the kickback against the American Empire will start in Germany, with France a close second.

Wow! that’s the EU…

Hi @RobG . I’m not well connected into the political scene here, but this is what I am aware of. Solaris, (for those who don’t know what Solaris is, go here in English or French) have a very active group in Angouleme, the Charente capital and there are Solaris cells all around Angouleme. I’m in the process of trying to set up one locally as there are currently none in the south of Charente.

What is clear here is that although the French seem to hate every President, Macron is the most hated. I’m unsure if this is by accident or design.

Here’s an item from 2018 suggesting RFK’s credibility with those of the US public that are interested.

It’s also revealing of how vaccine safety has always been treated in reality.
The HHS refused to disclose the reports, without admitting until forced that the real problem was that they did not exist - despite the reports being required every two years by law.

ICAN vs. HHS: Key Legal Win Recasts Vaccine Debate

News provided by

Informed Consent Action Network

Sep 14, 2018, 09:45 ET

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has admitted that, in direct violation of Federal law, it failed to provide a single vaccine safety report to Congress for thirty years, according to Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN).

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (left), represented ICAN and founder Del Bigtree in its successful lawsuit against HHS.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (left), represented ICAN and founder Del Bigtree in its successful lawsuit against HHS.

This acknowledgement comes after eight months of stonewalling from HHS following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the nonprofit ICAN, and its founder Del Bigtree. ICAN sought copies of the reports HHS was required to submit to Congress every two years, starting in 1988, detailing improvements it made to vaccine safety. ICAN was represented by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

ICAN sued HHS in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, demanding that the reports be shared with the public. HHS eventually conceded that those reports do not exist and the Court entered an order confirming this concession.

“The 1986 National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act granted economic immunity to pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injuries and hence eviscerated their economic incentive for them to take responsibility for vaccine safety,” says Bigtree. “Market forces driving vaccine safety were simply eliminated.”

Congress therefore charged the Secretary of HHS with the explicit responsibility to assure vaccine safety. Biannual reports of HHS’s progress in improving vaccine safety were to be submitted to Congress. Yet, as ICAN has now proven, these reports were never created.

“It is apparent that HHS doesn’t have a clue as to the actual safety profile of the now 39 doses, and growing, of vaccines given by one year of age, including in utero,” said Bigtree. "In 1986, a one-year old child received eleven doses.

“HHS spends billions annually promoting vaccines and generates a steady stream of reports promoting vaccines,” Bigtree says. “Yet, when, despite Federal law, HHS cannot bother to complete the simple task of preparing a biennial report on vaccine safety, there is little hope HHS is tackling the much harder job of improving vaccine safety.”

The 1986 Act shifted financial liability for vaccine injuries to the U.S. Government which has since 1986 paid over $3.9 billion for serious vaccine injuries.

Bigtree hosts the weekly live online news program “The HighWire,” and is an Emmy-award winning producer of the CBS medical talk show “The Doctors.” He is producer of the groundbreaking documentary “Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe.”

For more information, contact tom@icandecide.com.

SOURCE Informed Consent Action Network

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What a running mate Nancy Pelosi would make alongside Joe Biden.
A few days ago, she seemed to call for the FBI to investigate most of her own party.

29/1/24 Nancy Pelosi Blasted for Bizarre Smear About Pro-Palestinian Activists
Representative Nancy Pelosi accused pro-Palestine protesters of having links to Russia and called for the FBI to investigate them.
…Pelosi’s comments sparked immediate backlash. The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad, called Pelosi’s claim “delusional” and her call for an FBI investigation “downright authoritarian.”

…Many people on social media were quick to point out the hypocrisy of Pelosi’s comments. The majority of people who support a cease-fire are politically neutral or left-leaning, including thousands of Black American pastors, Doctors Without Borders, and according to some polls, 80 percent of Democratic voters.

More on the link

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… she is quite demented. I see that the US media are attempting to mitigate this a little by referring to her as the Speaker-Emerita. Apparently, this accords due respect for her past service, though nobody bothered to use this epithet before, that I can recall, e.g. Newt Gingrich. As a VP pick? I cannot imagine this in my wildest dreams, any more than Trump plumping for Nimarata. Tulsi Gabbard might be worth a both-ways punt though. Measured, scrubs up well, cool hair, robotic speaking voice and VERY keen on wars. Ticks a lotta boxes.


I don’t know why they don’t dump Kamala Harris. Michelle Obama would be popular. Actually she may have a shout for the presidential race should Biden falter. Would be pretty malleable I imagine, an ideal front for Blackrock and Vanguard.