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Robert F Kennedy jr announces his run for the Presidency

Lots of cheeks of the same arse! Only another nine months of pantomime distractions before we wake up to WW3.

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On Radio Gaga. Defence person ‘warns’ that the UK is ill-equipped to ward off an attack such as Russia’s against Ukraine. We need to recruit masses of people urgently! Now that we know Russia is attacking other countries…
Previous item was 36 bomb attacks on Yemen, and that was only yesterday.
This was because of the importance of the shipping (to Israel, presumably), the voice explained.

It seems now that even reading the news is immoral and probably a war crime. The above would qualify as 'support for Terorrism ’ if the 2000 Terrorism act hadn’t been so deviously worded as to redefine ‘support for terrorist group’ as what the government nominates, rather than the definition of terrorism that is made within the same act (and the same item).

[Edit: above paragraph, bold words added. In the (then) new crime “Support for a terrorist group”, the terrorism implied is designated by the government, even though Terrorism itself is defined, in the same item, in traditional terms like bombing and for political aims. This means when talking about support for a terrorist group it not only allows the government to finger groups as terrorists (while bypassing its own definition) but also means the UK government can not be legally accused of supporting terrorist groups; a win-win, but a crime against logic]

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Posted on another thread at almost the same time:

“ Recently lots of stuff decrying the decline in Britains “defence” forces without any speculation as to why this matters or from whom we might need defending.”


Because they know Michelle cannot run. Sure, they’d vote for her in droves and that’s where the problems begin lol. It’s never going to happen.

Yes that had me wondering. Where are all those supposed Russian troops going to come from - are they getting the ferry from Calais? If (in their dreams) France and presumably Germany has fallen, maybe we should be talking to Russia. Or talking to them now, rather than biting their tail, like they are trying to provoke the war.

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I think Kamala might get a month or two at the end of Joe’s fourth year, just for the record books. BUt that seems like a LONG time away at the current rate. .

“Because they know Michelle cannot run.”

How so, LY

I’m sure a lof of US people would appreciate a president that at least didn’t sound nasty. That’s about all they’d get though. Show must go on…

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It keeps on coming

British army would exhaust capabilities after two months of war, MPs told

We’ve probably got a couple of months worth of warmongers - we could use them first, as for them it’s such a good thing, then have a vote.

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How so?

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Haha. I thought that was RobG’s gag - the ‘tranny’ Ahern, who recently got married…
Can you do a fake sincere Barack, now that would be something

It’s not shopped. Michael LaVaughn Robinson. Evidence is out there.

Interest in her has been increasing. I read she had always railed against the intrusions of being the First Couple and said she wouldn’t run.
Running mate - probably the worst of both worlds!
There are obviously unique benefits to the Presidency though, she is probably open to persuasion…likely to give Trump more of a run for his money than old Joe.

On reflection I think the trouble maybe is the grandee$ don’t want her. Maybe she doesn’t think war with Russia is a good thing.
Whereas the alternative seems not to think much at all :grimacing:

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For all his faults, RFK Jr is speaking out about Russia-Ukraine, albeit that he’s mainly concerned that “Israel” will no longer get all the best bombs.

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I was very pro RFK Jnr. in the light of his organisations work on covid and jabs - BUT to be in charge of something called Children’s Health Defence and deny or seek to excuse the deliberate murder by Israel of tens of thousands of children in Gaza brings a new meaning to the word Hypocrisy, and I could never write words in support of him or his ilk.



It’s a tough one to explain. My best guess is that perhaps Israel supporters are funding his campaign, which would mean it would be dead without them, and also that nothing he says can help stop the slaughter. Maybe he reckons he’s no worse than the other two. Though he’s probably least worst it’s difficult to endorse him on that basis.

Seeking the benefit of higher wisdon there is Jeremy R Hammond, prolific vaccine (not for) campaigner and activist for Palestinians. He wrote at first that Kennedy was wrong about Israel+Palestine and explained why, but said this didn’t rule him out as the others were the same on I+P but terrible on medical tyranny type stuff.
That was before Oct 7 and he’s since said he couldn’t vote for him now.

Not simple - seeking even more wisdom might take us back to Chomsky of old. Put your cross in a box he said, but it’s not worth spending more than 5 minutes on it because there are more important things to do like build support.

If you don’t live in the US he’d probably say make that 5 seconds, or 0.5 seconds!

Or these days he might say if you’re unvaccinated you should make yourself useful and volunteer as a human shield, but don’t forget to social distance :confused:

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