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Revealed: the truth about midazolam and remdesivir

"There has been a great deal of controversy over the use of these drugs, and it is proving difficult to get to the bottom of what has been going on in hospitals and in care homes across the UK. It is no surprise that a lot of nurses are not keen to speak about Midazolam as there have been many allegations made against this drug, and because of this, they don’t want to talk about it.

Some nurses seem to be unaware of what this drug is and what it is doing to sick patients. We spoke to one nurse from a hospital in Scotland who wishes to remain anonymous, and she told us they were merely administering it, whilst knowing very little about it. This senior nurse told us there was ‘something sinister’ going on and said, “Something doesn’t feel quite right.” She told us that all the controversy around the talk of the misuse of Midazolam has stopped so many nurses from coming forward to talk about this. She went on to say they worried about losing their jobs and having their reputations ruined.

However, a small percentage of nurses have come forward because their conscience wouldn’t allow them to live with what was going on right in front of their eyes. These nurses have since left the profession they loved, and many have been vilified by the media and their reputations are in tatters. It would appear there is a hefty price to pay for having a conscience.

Midazolam is used to sedate patients with Covid before intubation. It is generally not used on its own. We know the UK received its initial supply back in March 2020 and it contained a variety of four different strengths of the drug. Matt Hancock, Health Secretary (at the time) ordered two years’ worth of the sedative from a French supplier. It was claimed at the time that the drug was for the treatment of Covid patients. Midazolam suppresses the respiratory system and Covid is a respiratory disease.

Then there is Remdesivir. We don’t hear much about this one. This was used after a positive PCR test. PCR tests were never foolproof so many of these patients could well have had nothing wrong with them and so this treatment was completely unnecessary.

It was administered to patients, who then deteriorated very quickly and who subsequently went on to require ventilation. This explains why we saw a huge number of people on ventilators when news of Covid first hit the media. Do you remember this? This is what caused mass hysteria and started the wrecking ball of fear amongst the populace.

It would appear Remdesivir didn’t seem to be ‘fixing’ people – if anything it was making them worse. It is worth noting that this drug was stopped in the Ebola trials and The WHO claimed it should not be used.


At Vox HQ we looked up Remdesivir and this is what we found: ‘Remdesivir is an experimental medicine being studied for use in treating conditions caused by coronaviruses. It is not yet known if Remdesivir is a safe and effective treatment for any condition. Remdesivir has not been approved to treat coronavirus or COVID-19.’

Our nurse contact went on to tell us that she felt that Remdesivir was causing more harm than good and told us of an article written by a doctor who claimed that this drug alone could have been responsible for many Covid patient deaths. In this article, this doctor states that Dr. Anthony Fauci pushed the use of Remdesivir as a treatment for Covid knowing that it would be unsafe and ineffective for patients. His name is Dr. Bryan Ardis and you can read more on this below.


The use of Midazolam seemed to be making a few appearances in the press as time went on, but Remdesivir still remained hidden, it was never talked about, but from what we can gather from our research, including speaking to our nurse friend, it now appears to be deadly. We can only conclude that this is why nurses are not speaking out about what is happening.

Our nurse contact said that Remdesivir “does awful things to the body” and what’s more “the families of the deceased don’t know what’s happened to their loved one because they believe the medics did everything possible to make their family member more comfortable, oblivious to the fact that they may have been euthanized.” These days doctors write the prescriptions, nurses administer the medication because they have complete trust and faith in the system. Now, there are families out there who don’t yet know their mother or father were in fact murdered.

Some people are comfortable for the sick and elderly to be given a pharmaceutical “helping hand” when they’re in – what’s deemed to be – the final stages of their lives. Few seem to realize that euthanasia (in any form – voluntary or involuntary) is illegal in the UK. If a person is found to be involved in euthanasia, they risk a life sentence. Those found guilty and charged with “assisted suicide” can get 14 years in prison.

The normalization of euthanasia has been occurring for years. However, in July 2021, Matt Hancock started to push for the legalization of assisted suicide. This gave much cause for concern. Why did he do that? That is the million-dollar question!

We stumbled across an interesting article – it’s a personal experience by a Jacqui Deevoy who believes her own mother was euthanized back in 2009. At the time, she stated that she trusted the doctors and believed them when they said they wanted to make her mum “more comfortable.” 11 years later a gentleman called her up with news that would blow her mind. He claimed that one of his relatives had been a victim of Midazolam and murder had been committed and that he could prove it.

The truth needs to come out. Why is this information being suppressed? Why are patients’ MAR (Medication Administration Records) charts not being talked about? A MAR chart is the record that shows drugs have been administered to a patient. The carer signs each time a drug or medicine is administered to a patient. Carers administering medication in a care home or in domiciliary care should be suitably trained and competent. This should be documented and recorded by a senior carer or registered provider.

Where are all these charts? Are families even aware they exist? Have families seen their deceased loved one’s charts? They could tell a very different story to the one they were told by care staff who could be covering up potential wrongdoings. And then there is the Quality Care Commission. How easy would it be to get this information from them? We, at Vox Post, feel it would be nigh on impossible as it would expose what has been going on. Are they complicit in this cover-up too?

There are families out there who still don’t know the truth about what happened to their parents or grandparents in nursing homes and hospitals. They assumed they died from Covid because they trusted their nurses, carers, and their government. But all is not as it seems. Were these people given a helping hand to die? Respiratory illness is very common in elderly people so perhaps they thought they could get away with murder?

As sinister as all of this sounds, I’ll leave you with this fact: Midazolam is used as an execution drug in the US." https://thevoxpost.com/revealed-the-truth-about-midazolam-and-remdesivir


Thanks for sharing.

I believe midazolam is used to suppress epileptic seizures and, in particular,to make the last days of hospice patients less unpalatable to the carers, and visitors, of patients. That is the comfort part. Expectations of an increased death toll would make ordering adequate amounts of the meds a prudent course of action. Whether the amounts ordered were excessive, ah, there lies the question.

If intubation can support a patient whose respiration is compromised then you don’t want them thrashing around and the tube becoming detached. Hence a sedative, or midazolam, could plausibly be used.

Erin Marie Olszewski documented this very process, and the use of physical restraints, in Undercover Epicenter Nurse.

All of these sorts of procedures are medically justifiable (and the Care Pathways are well established). But that’s a rather different thing from pretending that their stated purpose doesn’t have other consequences, intended or otherwise.

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@GKH . If you (or anyone else) has any doubts about Midazolam being used as a eugenics drug, read the Bernician, who has filed a private prosecution on exactly this subject.

The Lifeboat crew are up to standard https://members5.boardhost.com/xxxxx/thread/1632662325.html… poor huh?

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Liked your crack about the gaslighting! :smiley: :smiley:

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The reality of Remdesevir came out when Didier Raoult tried to get HCQ authorised and came up against GILEAD sponsorship of French institutions. Remdesevir was their drug, as well as Faucis, but was soon shown to be quite useless, even in shortening the time in hospital as claimed. But we still bought it, at several thousand dollars for what only cost $9, and still use it even though it’s useless. This is despite the WHO declaring it was no longer recommended early this year. What’smore, according to Raoult, Remdesevir it mutagenic, and may have caused the Alpha variant to appear in Kent. I think it’s also possible it played a role in the dev of the Delta variant in India, as they used a lot of Remdesevir there in some areas. Crooked bastards.

Well done, G! The slagging crew seems to have gone a bit thin, hasn’t it? And, as others have noticed, a bit weedy in its slagging. Could reality be bleeding through to them, do you think, as the disastrous mess unfolds beyond any possibility of keeping it quiet, even amongst the troobleevers?

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Possibly Rhis…that’s a bit charitable for my taste right now though…