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Question: are USA leaders really bumbing idiots?

I’ve linked below to a ‘roundtable disucssion’ hosted by Gonzalo Lira, with three experts, Larry Johnson, Ted Postal, and Ray McGovern, all highly connected with the USA establishment in the present or the past.

The discussion about nuclear war is quite frightening. An apparent consensus is that the USA leadership are ‘bumbling idiots’. That’s one of the messages I got.

I’m interested in how many on this board agree with that characterization?

As you know, USA high politician Nancy Pelosi is currently planning a trip to Taiwan, China is not mincing words that this will cross a ‘red line’.

In Ukraine the USA is basically fighting Russia with USA weapons, USA logistics, USA satellite targeting, CIA involvement, Pentagon involvement, and Ukrainian soldiers. As Russian steadily gains the advantage the USA loses, backing towards western Europe.

Is all this an indication of Imperial ‘bumbling’ or Imperial intelligence?

The ‘bumbling leader’ characterization is in my opinion false, but is useful to the USA elite, because it hides the reality of what they are doing.

Was Iraq a ‘bumble’? A mistake? Iraq immediately went back to pricing its oil in dollars, USA oil companies are heavily invested there, and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) made billions if not trillions. They also made billions or trillions in Afghanistan.

If they made so much money, are they ‘bumbling’?

The MIC is making billions in Ukraine. Is that bumbling? USA oil companies are making windfall profits. Is that ‘bumbling’?

Maybe, rather than ‘bumbling’ we should consider the Empire acting intelligently to slow the inevitable rise of China-Russia-Iran. By ‘intelligent’ I mean number one the elite directors make more money and gain more power over their own citizens. They get a bigger share of the tax pie. We know that with Covid there was a huge trillion dolllar transfer of wealth to the elite class, so Covid was NOT ‘bumbling’ either.

A new Cold War should INCREASE the flow of tax dollars to the MIC and financial elite. Is that ‘bumbling’?

Surely it’s possible the imperial managers recognize that the Empire is weakening, but during that time the Imperial elite can use crisis after crisis to increase their wealth and power IN THEIR OWN HOME BASE. So how is that ‘bumbling’???

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An excellent question Everyman!

An article by Iain Davis last year featured a great delve into the layers of power. According to this, governments were more like middle managers.

It make great sense for the governments and leaders to be seen as bumblers - the cause of things appearing to ‘go wrong’, when in fact they have actually gone right for the top level, the real leaders, who people barely even know exist. Another function of government is to obscure the view of those who wield the real power.

Taking this to nuclear war risk…I don’t suppose many actually want nuclear war, but for some power players who will personally benefit most from the policy it’s a risk worth taking.

When they rolled out the mobile phone network, in the certain knowledge of attendant health risks, it was often said that the mobile companies and their shareholders and other power brokers had families themelves so they must have thought it was safe; but in reality they just had most to gain. The extra risk inflicted on billions of others didn’t come into it.

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With apologies for lowering the tone, but the typo in the headline is probably is just a appropriate for the US (and UK, France, and …) leadership.

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Clearly, the figurehead puppets of the ruling mafias in the US - Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and all the Congress-person purchasables - are mostly bumbling fools (though with some only dissembling that role); and Joe is so geriatric that his continuation in the charade amounts to elder abuse, which will probably, one way or another, hasten his death.

But all that is just a charade, run to distract public attention, particularly of those both in the US and elsewhere, who still believe that it’s a credible democratic structure.

As Dmitry Orlov repeats persistently, it doesn’t matter who is US President [or indeed any of the other charadiers] because their only function is to take their bribes, vote as they’re told, and read the scripts that are written for them; play-acting in other words: an attention-misdirecting show for that fraction of the mass of commoners who still allow themselves to be entranced by it.

The real power-wielding mafious gics who actually run the show - as far as anyone at all is in control of it; always a big question in its own right - are less visible. Amongst them too there are some who are brighter than others. But they all operate, at some level of their doublethink, on the cynically-realistic assumption that the US, and thus the whole Anglozionist empire, is a bunch of competing oligarchies operating behind the ‘democracy’ shitshow, where the deciding factor in the power games is who has the greater amount of WPS (WealthPowerStatus: the trinity), and who can field the greater amount of lethal violence when necessary: ‘lone-nutter’ assassinations, ‘robberies-gone-wrong’ ‘accidents’, ‘fatal illnesses’, etc. Plus of course wholesale mass killings by military attacks: A classic mafia landscape in fact, with rival famiglie - the factions - in a state of armed armistice with each other.

The big problem for the gics running the Az empire is that it’s near the end of it’s lifespan, these things being, it seems, as inevitable as the death of the individual body. This leads now to frantic games amongst the famiglie about who can snatch the biggest flows of their increasingly illusory paper/pixel ‘wealth’, and convert it into some real form of wealth, such as land, precious metals, whatever, that will actually hold on to some globally-agreed value, as the imperial fiat currency (and its tagalong currencies) circle the drain.

Strictly within the context of these hideous criminal games, the mafious gics aren’t bumbling at all; steel-trap realists, rather.

However, the bulk of them are also fatally given to delusionality, and can be expected to make the kind of glaringly idiotic moves which delusionals do; as witness the piss-funny ‘sanctions’ clown-show right now. That’s not strictly bumbling. But it is overall ineffectual due to unrealism, and won’t stop the sinking of the empire. The real question is: how do the rat-factions hold on to any substantive quantities of genuine-value loot, as they scramble away from the sinking ship (that slippery metaphor again! :slight_smile: ).

Gates’ idea seems to be that he can become a feudal land-owner in NAmerica, apparently. Good luck with that ploy, Billy! :smile: Your final land-holding is likely to be no bigger than the environs of a lamp-post…

And let’s not forget that Britain, behind its very own ridiculous charade of a ‘democracy’ (currently selecting its next PM, Draghi-style, without even the pretence of popular elective choice, beyond just the rank-and-file Daily Heil/Torygraph-readers of the party membership), is a satrapy of the same failing empire, with it’s own coterie of comprador mafiaettes who make up the English-raj class. The people who are currently in competition in their factions to mandate which of their puppets gets into Downing Street.

They run things here, in what’s left of their dead empire, in very much the same way that their overlords in the US do, but with a self-deprecating English style to it. In their power games, the City is the major world-looting organisation, and the executers of strategic violence are the thugs of MI5/6, and the military special forces. But all of the raj are still at least nominally dedicated - for the time being - to keeping their tongues firmly superglued to the Swampies’ collective anus; their collective comfort-blanket, threadbare though it’s now getting.

So, probably the closest real characterisation of this supposed bumbling is a ghastly blend of delusion-soaked idiocy and ruthless cynicism, but with precious little of any properly-talented state-craftery, such as the current dominant factions in Russia and China display.

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I wouldn’t predict the fall of the empire any time soon. If we say the ‘high water mark’ was the destruction of Libya and Gaddafi and his plans for an African currency, then the ‘weakening’ could be seen with the successful Syria/Russian/Iranian/Hezbollah resistance to the regime change operation in Syria and now the clear inexorable advance of Russia in eastern Ukraine.

However, the dollar is strong, the USA is still occupying Syria and stealing their oil, still occupying Iraq, still supporting the Israeli occupation, the Saudi war, the empire still has a thousand or so military bases worldwide and in the ‘home core’ the military industrial complex, the CIA, the pentagon, has ZERO resistance. The USA population shows zero sign of changing the one party imperial system.

So in my view, given the reality that resource rich large countries like Russia and China and Iran were very ‘hard pickings’ to start with, and it’s not surprising the empire failed in taking control of those countries, one could say the empire is doing pretty good. A slow retreat, the imperial elite with more power and more money, no resistance to speak of from the wage slaves and small businesses who are necessary for the empire to maintain its dominance, a steady inflow of cheap labor for agriculture and for the military, if needed.

In the USA the USA elite are doing quite well, via Covid and the current wars they have more money than ever and more political power. The state/corporate media is all theirs.

I think that’s one reason the screams from the alt journalists about imperial bumbling are not accurate. By most measures the USA elite is stronger than ever…

No. (I can’t see anything in the posts so far that I would seriously dispute. It is performative bullshit, a grift.)

In the UK context Johnson has been the archetype of the well-meaning sensualist who ends up out of his depth but as is so very clear he was groomed for this all his life. Now we have reached a crossroads, as fake as all the other mise en scene.

The successor will be Mr Slick Competent minority guy or the robotic Liz. Since Keef’s role will depend on showing how very different he will be, come the next electoral panto, an adult in the room type like Rishi ain’t gonna work.

If/when EU fragments, and NATO too, when the currencies evaporate (but not the tangible assets, as Gates smirkily knows) it will be the fault of this current generation of fall guys. Who knows: one or two might even face some jail time. But the token sacrifice will probably be Zelenskiy, Vogue fashion spreads notwithstanding. “How did we let him fool us like this, oh pity.”

I think we’re viewing on slightly different timescales, E. On the short-term scale - used mainly, I think, by the people who run things in the Az empire - the US rackets seem to be holding up pretty well, just as you describe.

On the slightly longer timescale, I think I can see one of those ‘slowly at first. then all at once’ syndromes engulfing the US, and thus the empire.

The crucial issue, I suspect, is the degree of cowed obedience that the small states of the world feel forced to show to USAmerica. It’s pretty clear, isn’t it, that the scuttle-our-of-Afghanistan fiasco, followed by this burgeoning fiasco in the Ukraine, plus the rapidly-rising integration of the rival great powers and their satellites, is causing a steady haemorrhage of obedience amongst the Non-Aligned states. Once their flow of imperial tribute - which the US can no longer re-conquer militarily - gets cut off, then USAmerica’s free ride, using worthless wall-paper fiat currency to ‘pay’ for its tribute, starts its nose-dive.

I foresee widespread disorder in the metropolitan state of the empire. It could, and may well, lead to such a breakdown in order that the federal state is in no position to follow any policy at all beyond simply seeking to save itself at home.

And of course, by that time, the whole illusory debt/derivatives erection will have collapsed: that being the time when all that paper/pixel ‘wealth’ the gics thought they’d piled up suddenly turns out to have evaporated! Currency as nothing more than a claim on real goods and services; which it now isn’t going to get. Gone to loo-paper, as all fiat paper currencies always do eventually.

I come back to Dmitry Orlov’s insight when he first published his ‘Five Stages Of Collapse’, that both the USSR and the USA were heading towards the same fate of inevitable collapse, with the USSR ahead in the charge, the US following a little later; and - crucially - with the US pretty well guaranteed, because of its different domestic conditions, to crash much more disastrously.

That seems to me still to be pretty likely.

Note too, that Russia has risen from its ashes, and, as a rather different thing from what it was in the soviet time, it’s thriving admirably. It’s entirely possible that some eventual new political settlement in NAmerica - not necessarily a single federal state - will produce a similar sobered recovery, once the people there can be rid of the load that imperialism lays on them. Dump the cost/benefit-inverted empire and rise again.

And when they do, then it will be possible for the Az empire’s little dangly-fob - the ukstate - to do the same, finally, with the haunting ghost of its own long-dead empire.

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One thing that’s been very apparent over the last two years or so of total madness, is that it’s all been done in lockstep, on a global scale. That’s what’s so terrifying about it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Russia, or Iran, or the West, or China, or wherever. Do you really think all these disparate groupings would act in exactly the same way at almost exactly the same time? particularly since these countries all have their own health professionals, and their own intelligence services, and know exactly what the WHO is, and who Tedros is.

A handful of country leaders have resisted it (mostly in Africa). Just about all of these leaders have either been overthrown, assassinated or died in mysterious circumstances.

What I’m saying here is not conspiracy theory. It’s fact.

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I’m open to your point of view RobG, but I think the ‘apparent enemies’ are in fact, at this point, real enemies, who both recognize the new medical and surveillance technology will help their elites increase their power over their respective populations.

However…I agree that we must ask to what degree it’s all a spectacle in fact.

For example the ‘Pelosi Visit to Taiwan’. Moon of Alabama just wrote a post that takes for granted that the USA and China are really in the middle of a big dispute. But Pelosi can barely speak, I watched a video of her speaking yesterday. What’s the point of such a low caliber person going to Taiwan? We can imagine it, or conceptualize it, or frame it, in a different way.

China and the USA have agreed on a ‘piece of media theater’. It will be talked about for days or weeks in the media, the corporate/state as well as certain segments of the alt media. But in fact it’s all scripted in advance. And in the end it will benefit elites of both countries. And everybody will ‘play their role’ to make it SEEM that the ‘spectacle’ is NOT a spectacle, and is in fact a huge disagreement between two groups of powerful elites.

How would we know the difference? If one group of elites who control policy actually LOSES something then we’ll be able to say it was probably NOT a spectacle.

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Pelosi is not low calibre. Ditch Joe and she’s become #2 in the US presidential food chain.

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Sorry, I was not very precise in my terminology. Yes, she’s speaker of the house, a very important political position with political power.

What I meant by ‘low caliber’ is that, based on recent public speeches, she seems to lack speaking and reasoning abilities. Why would a great power send such a person on such a mission?

She is par for the course politically in America. Take Blinken. The man’s an oaf, yet he’s the man for foreign relations. Biden’s no statesman anymore either.

It occurred to me a few years ago (slow learner) that the politicians are simply marionettes. Actors such as Pelosi with her share shenanigans, meaningless gestures and hawkish attitude just reinforce this.

Can’t trust the Paul or Gabbard types either. They talk a good game, but the background stinks.

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Tulsi Gabbard is an interesting one, her representations of patriotism give her some appeal to anti-Trump Republicans I think. (See how impossible it is to even discuss US politics without mentioning the T word :smile:) The rest of the gerontocracy resemble Brezhnev era politburo.

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Tulsi was in Africa a few months ago as a USA imperialist soldier. She is the ‘official alt’ politician, she will be useful in the next election, she’s a WEF young leader, she’s a safe pair of hands…

Literally one of the WEFoids, E?

Yes, that’s very likely the case. At least she doesn’t walk about pretending her hands have been handcuffed behind her back.

Link follows for anyone who missed this little pantomime.

The description of AOC as far-left had me snorting. She’s basically Angela Rayner.

Something interesting is happening lately with Tulsi Gubbard.

Why was Tulsi Gabbard scrubbed from the World Economic Forum website this month?

Tulsi Gabbard Labeled a ‘Russian Asset’ for Pushing U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine Claim

Dr. Malone Demands Details On WEF From Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard On WEF ‘Great Reset’ Agenda: ‘Must Be Condemned By Us All’

Mired in confusion. At least, I am…


Fecking hilarious! Thanks E! The WEF really are like the Ouzle Bird, in The Wild West Show: flying in ever-decreasing circles until finally disappearing up their own - er - contradictions. :slight_smile:

Very interesting, thanks for those updates Evvy. I had seen the news about the Ukraine government </scare quotes> declaring Tulsi a Russian asset and wondered where that was coming from.

Everyman, I don’t pretend to know what’s really going on.

But if we want to pursue this line the recent Ukraine war is a good example. Let’s leave aside the recent Vogue photo shoot, and who Zelensky really is, etc (he can’t even speak Ukranian fluently. His native language is Russian).

We are told there is a war, a brutal war in which the evil Putin is running out of hospitals and nurseries to drop bombs on.

I don’t doubt that many people are being (sadly) slaughtered in this war, but at the same time a long list of global leaders and celebrities have gone to Kiev to meet Zelensky, in what we are told is a war zone (the Presstitutes regularly report missile strikes on Kiev).

I dunno, does any of this make sense to you?