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One of the best books I've come across : A New Science of Heaven by Professor Robert Temple

It’s difficult to describe the importance of this book as it covers so many different fields - history, science from the sub-nano to the infinited macro, religion, consciousness not only of humans. It was published around 18 months ago.

I picked up the Audible version so that I could walk and listen at the same time - this was the most impressive 12 hours of amazing revelations imo.

Who would have thought that 99.99% of the Universe is made up of plasma?

Who would have thought that the Sun emits plasma streams at just under the speed of light which constantly and continuously connect to each and everyone of us?

Who would have thought bio-plasma can take the form of photons retained or emitted (but invisible to the unaided eye ) from all living things?

Who would have thought that bio plasma streams have been detected in exactly the same location as acupuncture points and Chinese Chi streams in the body?

Who would have thought that plasma can combine with many forms of particles in massive structured clouds many times the size of the earth with the capacity to think and act as sentient beings?

Who would have thought that the Sun’s plasma streams have been constantly supporting our ionosphere and literally repairing it after our mad generals and their equally mad scientists inflicted massive global damage on it by hundreds of atomic bomb tests in the atmosphere in the last century? Has anyone ever asked how this has affected our climate since then?

The book is jam-packed full of golden nuggets imo.

( Disclosure: I have no financial or other interest in recommending this book :smile: )

Apologies if this book has already been mentioned by others.



Cheers @CJ1 - I’ll check it out. I thought his Sirius Mystery was fascinating. As well as how riled up the CIA got after he published it, and how they tried all manner of dirty tricks to cancel him (it wasn’t called that in those days)


Thanks @CJ1. Another great read in store…

Some good plasma pics here.



Thanks @Evvy_dense - I love the red lightening picture:

The striking winning images of the 2023 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition revealed

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Sounds like my embargo on buying books until I’ve moved house might need an exception, as this sounds fascinating. Sirius Mystery completely blew me away years ago.

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