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NATO can't Survive as an Organization | Dmitry Orlov (NO Paywall)

Top notch interview and analysis from Dmitry as the continuing collapse of Ukraine and the West accelerates:


Very informative bigger picture. The whole podcast is time well spent IMO. Orlov’s occasionally hilarious wit (no wonder @RhisiartGwilym was such a big fan) also makes him an easy listen.

A couple of unrelated snippets I thought worth mentioning.

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had hoped to snaffle a unused $60bn pandemic emergency fund. Apparently this would contravene Gemany’s constitutional ‘debt brake’.

German court deals 60 billion euro budget blow to Scholz government


Scholtz had claimed that energy prices had risen due to Russian imperialism.
Orlov says even this meme was probably drafted by minions and adds that the German Chancellor is not worth listening to, as he is unable to tell his people that their great strategic ally is the one responsible for depriving them of the natural gas they needed.

My. Well we know about the US and UK, but if Germany - Prudence itself - is being run by charlatans running on empty resources, it lends support to the prediction that the great western reshape-the-world project will run out of steam before it can achieve its aims.

He also said Houthis have been basically shutting down the Suez canal by attacking all ships heading for Israel; this puts the region in a war zone category and makes insurance costs rocket for all western ships, not just Israel.

Explainer: Who are Yemen’s Houthis and why are they attacking Red Sea ships?

The Houthis waded into the latest conflict as it spread around the Middle East, announcing on Oct. 31 they had fired drones and missiles at Israel and vowing they would continue to mount attacks “until the Israeli aggression stops”.

That’s what comes of the US and Israel losing the PR; like the end of a well crafted film, forgotten people pop up to bite their tail in unexpected places.

Orlov thinks Israel itself may not survive the fallout from this war project, as the Israeli people have no stomach for having lots of their own people killed by Arabs and will leave.

Scott Ritter mentioned this possibility (post by @admin)


Have marked the video to watch this evening.

I simply cannot fathom why people in leadership positions will not (cannot?) blow the NATO scam wide open. It is a blatant protection racket, especially the 2/20 rule.

Recommended GDP x 0.02 as minimum “defence” spend, 0.2 on actual armaments as a minimum, see

Provoke a war → boost “defence” spending → destroy cities → replenish the arsenals → rebuild the destroyed stuff = sacks and sacks of loot clicked into existence for the MIC and cronies in construction. Keep on kicking the can down the road until, finally, the resource limits force a stop.

As for Scholz, a most obviously compromised evildoer, he has seriously been suggesting that developing arms factories in Ukraine (meaning the bits that aren’t taken from them) is a way forward. Well, yeah, in terms of localising the whole cycle of creative destruction into one handy piece of real estate I suppose there is a logic there.

Could these demons be any more obvious?