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Is Israel losing the war against Hamas?

Israel is losing the war against Hamas – but Netanyahu and his government will never admit it

Paul Rogers

" There are other, wider indications of the IDF’s problems. Official casualty figures have shown more than 460 military personnel killed in Gaza, Israel and the occupied West Bank and about 1,900 wounded. But other sources suggest far greater numbers of wounded. Ten days ago, Israel’s leading daily, Yedioth Ahronoth, published information obtained from the ministry of defence’s rehabilitation department. This put casualty numbers at more than 5,000, with 58% of them classed as serious and more than 2,000 officially recognised as disabled. There have also been a number of friendly fire casualties, with the Times of Israel reporting 20 out of 105 deaths due to such fire or accidents during fighting."

The Palestinian casualty numbers are truly horrific, but as we know from history, in terms of regime robustness the ‘exchange rate’ is in their favour.
Thousands of Israeli soldiers with serious injuries (and 2000 dead) that will need looking after and be permanent reminders will jar heavily in Israel, and if Rogers is right it’s a lot more than that.
Israelis will also be aware that Netanyahu knows his own personal goose is cooked as soon as the fighting stops - by all logic, the desperado leader should therefore have been removed from power immediately it started; how can he maintain a stable sense of proportion? Evidently, he can’t.

The source for these Israeli casualties (9 December, nearly 2 weeks ago) says

"More than 5,000 Israeli soldiers have been injured in Gaza since the conflict began on Oct. 7, with more than 2,000 officially recognized by the Ministry of Defence as disabled, an Israeli newspaper revealed on Saturday, adding that more than 58% of those injured suffered serious harm to their hands and feet, necessitating amputations.

“More than 5,000 wounded soldiers arrived in hospitals in Israel,” the daily Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported.

“More than 2,000 were officially recognized by the Ministry of Defense as disabled,” the daily added.

“We have never experienced anything similar to this. More than 58% of the wounded we receive have serious injuries to their hands and feet, including amputations,” Limor Luria, deputy director general and head of Israel’s Ministry of Defense’s Rehabilitation Department, told the newspaper.

“About 12% of injuries are internal consisting of damage to the spleen, kidneys, and rupture of internal organs,” Luria said.

“About 7% suffer from psychological distress, a number we know will rise sharply,” the official said.

The Israeli army said at least 420 soldiers have been killed since the outbreak of the Gaza conflict on Oct. 7."

It’s also interesting that this kind of piece should appear in the Guardian. All of Israel’s supporters now seem to be giving out mixed messages or making noises to halt this conflict.


Just to follow the headline, the Israhell elite Golani brigade are pulling out of Gaza


Interesting stuff Pat.

Just listening to Scott Ritter and Larry Johnson’s take on this. Scott thinks there will be no more Israel in 10 years time… Seems incredible to me but hey

(Ukraine for about the first 50 mins or so then Israel after that)

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Are these numbers credible? If they are then IOF are in deep doo doo. I can’t pretend it upsets me. You would never suspect this from the bellicose propaganda and vicious Israel statements.

Maybe when the Seychelles joins in that will swing things…


I’ve since learned that Seychelles is merely acting as a host for warehousing bombs etc. Bahrain too iirc. The Prosperity Guardians are barely off the launch pad though.

Depends on your viewpoint.

From a military, on the ground perspective they’re getting nowhere fast. It’s similar to Vietnam wherein the enemy isn’t fighting for any ground. Defensive or offensive. Shoot and scoot are the tactics and thanks to Israel bombing the place, it’s a nightmare.

This is compounded by seriously poor soldiers. They’re great at bullying, but that’s as far as it goes. They bunch up, they don’t cover their fire areas in anywhere near a sufficient manner and even stand in windows smoking bongs…Was sent an RPG for his stupidity.

Further afield, how many Israeli flags have you seen in the last few months? I’ve seen far more Palestinian flags. Even the old piss and wind rag flutters more than Israels.

Back to military affairs, we have the Yemenis, who are currently the world’s honey badger and they truly don’t give a fuck. Even shown the yanks to be paper tigers. The magnificent bastards! Finally, Lebanon. Last time Israel went in, they had their arses handed to them. From raping tanks (concealed trenches, wide open field, plenty of hubris), to sinking an Israeli naval ship. And they’re not even an official army…

I suspect Israel is going to fail. What happens at the point of failure? I don’t know. Ukraine? Western countries?

Nuttyahoo reminds me of the Kurgan from Highlander, where he says “It’s better to burn out than fade away”.


An interesting take. From Orlov’s interview NATO can't Survive as an Organization | Dmitry Orlov (NO Paywall) posted by @Rich (I mistakenly put Evvy originally), seems the Ukies and Zionists may well be on the way out.

What I find amazing about the Yemeni’s is as some third world country which I suspect many won’t even find on a map, is putting the rest of the Arab world to shame with their “ honey badger” couldn’t give a toss approach. Good for them.


Thought I’d share this wonderful insight concerning Yemen and the US

Only when a mosquito lands on your balls do you realize there is another solution other than brute force.



But do tell…what is the other solution? :flushed:


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I’m afraid you’ve got me there :clap::clap::clap:

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