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John O'Looney: Black Watch troops have told me this is the plan

Uncensored version below apparently but I don’t have access to TG.


Rich, it’s difficult to know what to make of this.

I will just say that over the last 2 or 3 years of covid madness there have been well-documented incidents of ‘police’, with no visible badge number or identification, and wearing balaclava masks, beating the crap out of protestors. I speak principally of France and the trucker’s protest in Canada. There have also been similar reports from countries such as Belgium and Holland.

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There will be two immediate responses to this post by John:

The troobleevers - those who still cling to the daydream that current governments are our ‘democratic’ choices there to serve and help we plebs - will jerk out the standard crimestop [‘1984’] response to John’s warning: “Cospithirry! Tinfoiler! Ridiculous!!!” and think no more about it.

Meanwhile, the historically-literate political sceptics will recognise precisely the sort of coup d’etat preparatory shenanigans which precede unconstitutional seizures of power. The people at UKColumn News are already onto this tendency in British ‘elite’ political evolutions.

We need to remind ourselves constantly that the English raj-class has a long, long tradition of doing precisely this sort of thing in other peoples’ countries: ruthless, violent realpolitik in the service of the English empire.

As did the Romans before them: Roman legionary and auxiliary troops occupying the Roman province of Britannia being invariably raised in distant parts of the empire, so as to have no cultural links to the Celtic civilian population who were held in - profitable, to the Roman ‘aristocracy’ - subjection to the empire by these foreign mercenaries. Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose.

There is - still - a whole class of people amongst the ‘great and the good’ of English ‘upper class’ society (plus arriviste comprador collaborators from the other nations of The Isles; the climbers with - anglicised - Celtic names and English received-pronunciation accents) who think like this, such deeply-rooted attitudes being the multi-generational, settled world-view of their in-group; a class who are prepared to mount unconstitutional criminal putsches - if they think such moves have become ‘necessary’; ‘for the preservation of all that’s best in the kingdom, you know’.

Not-so-crypto fascism, in a nutshell. And all done with such a lot of gentlemanly public pooh-poohing of such a ‘foreign’ idea…

I keep an open mind; but John’s bit of insider scuttlebutt sounds distinctly possible to me. I wonder how many of the military formations - especially the Scottish ones such as the Black Watch - will go along with this proto-treason…?

Remember the story of Erich Honecker the boss of East Germany near the end of the Warsaw Pact: He tried to order the German paratroop regiments under his supposed control to fire on their fellow Germans at the time of rioting to bring about the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the re-unification of the two Germanys. The paras refused the orders to fire; and - as Chris Hedges likes to put it: “Honecker was gone in a week”. I wonder how many Blackwatch Scottish patriots amongst the regiment’s officers would follow orders to sic foreign mercenaries onto their fellow Scots…? And how about the native-Scottish enlisted troopers in the regiment? Would they tolerate such action? Would they mutiny? Would they even attack the overseas recruits?

Sounds like a recipe for the - greatly to be hoped-for - breakup of the ukstate; but also for a (not hoped-for at all) second English civil war.


Especially worrying given your other post!


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What you say here Rhis reminds me exactly of today’s “report” from Kherson, heard on ABC radio and seen on SBS TV, with Yogita LImaye. She has such a smooth and seductively persuasive cultured Pommie accent, and rather resigned and fin-de-siecle delivery - while talking about mothers of newborns in a maternity hospital allegedly hit by Russian missiles; most would believe this without question. But I question everything - the hit on the hospital was most likely by Ukraine, but also did minimal damage and certainly didn’t put people’s lives in danger, unlike the many strikes on hospitals in Donetsk, which were absolutely deliberate and killed and injured people.
Limaye, of the BBC may not be MI6, but serves its interests. At the same time today we had news that an Australian soldier was killed “fighting for Ukraine” - ie killing Russians, but that the government advised against people going to “help” in Ukraine, because it was “dangerous”. Not fucking illegal and criminal, like going to do humanitarian work in Syria. The propaganda is absolutely unrelenting.


Yes, exactly.

Are the people being delivered to Dungeness in the video below a mixture of illegal immigrants and foreign fighters as JoL has said? All young men - no women or kids.

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The JoL video in my OP above has been edited. The section between 1.20 and 1.56 has a long beep. I’m fairly sure that the video was complete when I first posted it but perhaps I’m mistaken. Below are the words that have been removed:

When I went to the meeting with Sir Graham last September they said anyone that’s had an active ingredient will have between 2 and 5 years to live. There is no cure. Mike Yeadon from Pfizer said that, he said there’s no cure for them, they can have pine needle tea whatever they want it wouldn’t work, they’re doomed, that’s why it has to be intravenously introduced. Now as these people begin dying in incredible numbers there’s your new variant there’s your need for a lockdown and then these guys can start manning road blocks everywhere…,

I’ll give a little example of this stuff in France:

Lots of ex-pats here. If you’re on UK plates, for example, they’re now saying that you must have French plates. If you have UK plates and take a contrôle technique, French equivalent of an MOT, you are legally able to drive in France, particularly if you have a French insurance.

So you are all legal; but they are now charging you anywhere between 1000 and 1500 euros to get a French plate. This is not legal, and would not stand up in any proper court of law.

For the record, to show that I don’t have any kind of bitch about this, I’ve been on French plates for the last 20 years.

It’s just all another scam.

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You can now register for Telegram without having to submit a phone number, so I often browse channels using a Chromebook. In other words you don’t need to use a smartphone.

In this case, unfortunately, there’s a message saying ‘media is too big’. This is possibly because I set the app to not permit baggy downloads as otherwise media can bloat and fill the storage rather quickly. I can’t be bothered to reset it and then reset it back again

I think that’s wholly credible. Thugs hardened by battle in Ukraine will form a future echelon, as have Syrians and a variety of others. Allegedly.

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Notice how - once again - the passengers off the lifeboat at Dungeness are - exclusively - young, able-bodied men, with adequate clothing, absolute zero baggage, and no sign of any long-endured problems of refugeedom.

More recruits for proto-war-bands, if ever I saw such. And getting imported on mass, on the barely-adequate excuse of ‘rescuing refugee migrants at sea’. The process isn’t even hidden from us, if we’re awake and paying attention.

Maritime tracking view of the UK Border Force’s Valiant entering French waters, meeting with a French war ship in French waters, picking up immigrants in French waters and bringing them into the UK:

This all sounds sooo bent - see below:

The Mail used maritime tracking websites to monitor the scores of migrant journeys this week.

Through these sites, we found the exact spot in English waters off Kent where Speedwell picked up the mega-boat and its occupants on Tuesday.

An expose by the Mail last month showed that Border Force’s cutter Valiant colluded with the French patrol ship Athos to scoop up migrants from the French side of the Channel to bring them to the UK.

The operation by Valiant in French waters was organised through a maritime radio conversation between the two vessels — a conversation heard by the Mail.

Our report sparked an investigation by the Home Secretary, the result of which has not been announced publicly.

But a Home Office source told us emphatically at the time: ‘The job of Border Force is to secure UK Borders, not to facilitate illegal entry into the UK.’

We have discovered that Border Force has since drawn a veil over its migrant rescue operations after being reprimanded over the Valiant affair by the Home Office.

Border Force vessels are using phones to liaise with the French Navy instead of maritime radios and turning off their Automatic Identification System, known as AIS, which is used to pinpoint vessels’ positions and stop collisions.

Last year we revealed instances where the French navy vessels have also switched off their tracking systems as they come into English waters, often within sight of Dover, to pass migrants they have escorted from France over to Border Force vessels.

This despite the British Government paying £28 million to France to bolster their beach and sea controls and stop boat armadas from setting out.

This week we monitored public maritime radio messages, in English and French, transmitted between Border Force crews, the French navy and the land station of the French coastguard.

They clearly show that migrants are still being passed like parcels by the French navy to Border Force. But the modus operandi has changed.

In one message, the French coastguard asks a French navy ship why a migrant boat is to be collected by Border Force in the Channel’s busy central shipping lane instead of the English side of the waters.

The coastguard says, referring to Border Force: ‘I gather we (the French navy) shouldn’t come too close to their (English) waters anymore, apparently.’

The French naval ship replies: ‘Yes, that’s precisely why.’

In another radio exchange, the French coastguard asks a French navy vessel why the ‘English’ are transmitting messages to the French on channel 16, which is ‘secure’, instead of the normally used open channel, number six.

The French coastguard, co-ordinating a migrant handover, says: ‘Can you contact the Valiant (Border Force vessel) on channel 16 or not?’

The French naval ship responds: ‘Yes will do. We had switched to six, but now we are back on channel 16. That is how they (the English) want to operate.’

In an even more telling maritime radio exchange, at 7.43am British time on Monday, British Border Force vessel Valiant received a message from French navy ship Fourmentin as they arranged a handover of a migrant boat, heading for the UK from France, in the over-burdened shipping lane.

From the Fourmentin, an officer asks if it is ‘prudent’ to do the migrant transfer in such a dangerous zone of the Channel.

The Valiant crewman responds: ‘Sir, I think we are probably recorded on this. I would rather communicate by telephone with you. I will give you a call.’

In other words, Valiant wanted to cover up its actions.

But the Mail’s investigations this week confirmed the other twist to this disturbing tale — that Britain’s lifeboats are also now racing into French waters to bring migrants to Britain.

On Monday afternoon, the RNLI crew from Dungeness, Kent, crossed the sea border into France to search for a boat in distress with 20 migrants on board.

The lifeboat from Dungeness, where there has been an RNLI station for 160 years, acted on the orders of the UK Coastguard.

We tracked the lifeboat’s journeys this week after receiving complaints from an RNLI whistle-blower.

Our informant said that the same lifeboat has picked up migrants within two miles of the French coast and 19 miles from Britain.

The whistle-blower added: ‘It’s a regular thing. The RNLI volunteers who man these boats and those who raise money for the charity are getting angry. They want ordinary people in peril in English seas to be rescued.

‘I don’t want to get into trouble by telling you or I will be chucked out of the RNLI’.

Another seamen who contacted us from the Dungeness area, said: ‘The Kent lifeboats have been going miles inside French waters to collect migrants.

‘They co-ordinate with Border Force vessels, which shouldn’t be in French waters finding migrants either. Where are the French lifeboats? They should take migrants on their side back to France?’

The RNLI has confirmed the Dungeness lifeboat entered French waters on Monday, before eventually finding the vessel on the English side of the Channel.

A spokesman said yesterday: ‘The lifeboat crew recovered the vessel before returning to Dungeness and handing the “casualties” to the relevant authorities.’

The Mail has photos of the ‘casualties’ — who proved to be migrants — at Dungeness after being brought into shore at just before 6pm.

All young men of multiple nationalities, they were wrapped in red blankets over their clothes and were being processed by teams of immigration officers.

The RNLI explained that it was not uncommon or ‘considered out of the ordinary’ for lifeboats to go into a foreign jurisdiction’s waters.

It said the charity’s purpose was to rescue anyone in peril at sea and the number of times Kent lifeboats had gone to French waters to bring back migrants, or any other sea-goer, was ‘not recorded’.

When asked to comment on the Border Force vessel Speedwell’s pick up of the traffickers’ megaboat, Minister for Immigration and Compliance Chris Philp said: ‘Illegal immigration is driven by serious organised criminals and people smugglers who profit from human misery, and they are putting even more lives at risk by using increasingly overloaded, larger boats.

‘The British people have simply had enough. Next week we will introduce new legislation to tackle this issue, by going after these gangs exploiting people, deterring illegal entry into the UK and introducing new and tougher criminal offences for those attempting to enter the UK illegally.’

Meanwhile people from all over the world, many of them economic migrants, sail in day after day.

There is only one winner in this historic immigration crisis: the traffickers who know thousands upon thousands more eager customers wait in France for a boat ride to the UK, and are hoping the Border Force — the authority charged with protecting our borders — and the RNLI will help them.


KarenEliot, this is sort of related: We’ve all heard recently about how Oxford is going to be divided into zones, and you won’t be able to drive from one zone to the other without a special permit (it’s all about climate change and ‘saving the planet’, of course). I’ve heard that they are also going to do this in Canterbury (?).

This restriction of travel is now happening in many European towns and cities as well. Notably Amsterdam, Brussels and parts of Paris. They’re also trying it in Berlin, without much success, because of course Berlin has a history of being a divided city.

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By the way, I might have seemed a little bit off-track with road laws in France. Thing is, and I forgot to mention it, it’s almost exactly the same as what’s happening in Kosovo at the moment, where the psychos want to start another war.

There’s a long history behind all this. Suffice to say that Kosovo is a NATO protectorate and they don’t want Serbs driving on Serbian number plates.

Kosovo is not recognised as a nation by the vast majority of UN member states.

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FWIW I unexpectedly saw what I believe to be five of these types in a large supermarket near where I live about two months back. I was walking past the end of an isle and did a double-take the minute I saw them about 20 feet away. I walked past them for a proper look. All were dark skinned with beards and very fit looking wearing smart but sort of military style clothing, all good gear, maybe new. One had what looked like actual army boots on. They were having a semi animated conversation in a language I couldn’t recognise. Five or ten minutes later all five of them were at one of the self-service tills trying to figure out how it worked. They only had one or two bags between them with not much in them. A shop assistant had to come and help them out - it took a while, none of them spoke any English and they clearly couldn’t understand what the shop assistant was saying to them. It was all hand gestures etc. The assistant seemed to be quite amused by it all. They left in a Merc with twin exhausts. Not new and quite unusual looking - not a model I’ve seen before.

There’s been reports of all this foreign fighter stuff for months on Telegram apparently. On LBC companies have been advertising to hoteliers offering to block book their hotels.

About three months back I was talking to a new resident in the lift in my building. He told me he’d been sent to the UK on a temporary work project for his company in Germany. When his firm discovered that all the hotels were full they rented a whole apartment for him here.


The content of the Daily Mail article is very suss Rob. What if, for example, British spooks/squaddies were using this route to sidle in and out of the mainland, bound for, or coming from Ukraine, or Serbia which is/will be the next flash point? All sorts of skullduggery going on.

For the RNLI to claim they don’t keep records of where their boats have been going, who is crewing them, etc, is utter hogwash. In at least some cases they are carrying out paid-for missions.

As for the traffic zones in Canterbury: I haven’t been following the story closely, and no longer travel to and from the city very often, but did post this a few weeks back.

Update, 11th May 2024. John O’Looney interview:


I’m a bit wary of such sources, and wonder if John is being led on this issue.
Thanks for posting. Funny business in military uniforms needs to be scrutinized - it’s probably worth following John to see what else he puts out.

I’ll watch later but the whole “Kalergi Plan” rabbit hole is being used to corral “right wing” opposition into Deplorables shunting yard, safely away from the real dots that need connecting. A lot of COVID skeptics have been netted this way.

Meantime Toby Young, controlled oppo supremo at the Daily Skeptic, was tweeting out rejoinders to vote for Golan Heights during the pervy satanic disco song contest last weekend. Despite a determined campaign and loudly amplified cheering soundtrack to muffle the booing, apparently, Ms Golan ran in fifth. Which is about as much as I’ve ever known about Eurovision in my life.


So am I.

Yes, that did occur to me as well.