Here we go, the bullshit false flags

… because the psychos know that they are losing control of the narrative…

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As a result of this latest ‘terror attack’ the media and officials kept referring to the Manchester Arena attack in 2017, when we were told that a 22 year old man, killed 22 people on the 22nd day of the month (go look it up if you don’t believe me). I was perhaps not so gobsmacked to hear, while the Presstitutes were reporting the Liverpool attack, that in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack 22 suspects were rounded-up by the police (again, go look it up).

I appreciate that a lot of people have a hard job getting their head around this stuff. I could mention the recent thing at a music event in Texas. When I did that with a dinner guest this evening they said: “they were probably all on drugs” (reports vary, anything between 8 to 12 people dropped dead from heart attacks, and scores more had to be resuscitated due to heart problems. If you look at the phone footage there didn’t seem to be any kind of a crowd crush). There was a vaccination bus outside the venue, for days before, offering young kids a free ticket to the concert if they got the jab.

Anyhows, you can go look up all the footage from this terrible event, if you want to.

Again, it’s difficult for many people to get their head around this stuff. A good example is the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony in 2016. The guy who posted this video does a bit too much editorialising. However, watch the actual clips of the ceremony, and bear in mind that this ceremony was attended by a large number of world leaders…

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Oh, and another thing:

I know Rhis likes to use 11/9.

But it was done as 9/11 (American dating).

911 is the emergency phone number in the USA, the same as 999 in the UK.

How would a bunch of towel heads have that level of psychological sophistication? even though we are told that they had a James Bond-like cave in the Tora Bora mountains.

The level of utter stupidity around it all just goes through the roof.

Beam me up, Scotty…

Mega weird. Was that the Log Lady towards the end?

Another take here:

It’s hard to see how else this stuff could be construed.

Yes, very weird, but I remember wondering if there was, perhaps, a more innocent explanation. Turns out that there is an old, local legend that involves the Devil and the building of a bridge; The Devil’s Bridge which you can still visit today (not the original one). Of course the legend could also be a fine ‘get out of jail free’ card.

From Wikipedia:
“The legend is related by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1716). According to Scheuchzer, he was told a local legend according to which the people of Uri recruited the Devil for the difficult task of building the bridge. The Devil requested to receive the first thing to pass the bridge in exchange for his help. To trick the Devil, who expected to receive the soul of the first man to pass the bridge, the people of Uri sent across a dog by throwing a piece of bread, and the dog was promptly torn to pieces by the Devil. Enraged at having been tricked the Devil went to fetch a large rock to smash the bridge, but, carrying the rock back to the bridge, he came across a holy man who “scolded him” (der ihn bescholten ) and forced him to drop the rock, which could still be seen on the path below Göschenen. A modern retelling was published by Meinrad Lienert, Schweizer Sagen und Heldengeschichten (1915). According to Lienert’s version, a goat was sent across the bridge instead of a dog, and instead of the holy man, the Devil, when he was taking a break exhausted from carrying the rock, came across an old woman who marked the rock with a cross, forcing the Devil to abandon it and flee.”


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Damn’ weird arty-farty ceremony! Unlike the astonished presenter of the above vid, I’m not particularly fazed by references to the pre-Christian animistic religions of old Europe. But that whole ceremony at the Gotthard Tunnel was clearly well over the border into pretentious bollocks.

Note that exactly the same legend - exactly! - lies on the original bridge - which in this case you CAN still see, under the arch of the current one - at Pontarfynach ('Bridge on the River Mynach), or ‘Devil’s Bridge’ in English, Ceredigion; inland from Aberystwyth. The legend is widespread across NEurope, I believe. Poor dogs!


Yes, that was my takeaway too; bloated, protracted and dull.

pre-Christian animistic religions of old Europe

There was a scene in the video (and the 7 minute ‘best bits’ was definitely quite enough) that reminded me of some of the rituals in Midsommar. Not a bad film at all


I guess you may be too young, K, to remember seeing ‘Stargazy On Zummerdown’ in the original tv presentation. Much more upbeat idea. It was innocent and funny, and had great ideas like ‘Creative Swearing Competitions’ in it… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I don’t know much about the ritualistic aspect of it all. Maybe someone can explain.

The bomb outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital comes across as a bit of a strange one, particularly since it got high coverage in the MSM (for what was a relatively minor event). High coverage in the MSM is always a red flag. Probably more people got shot and stabbed in London on that day, yet it doesn’t get massive MSM coverage.

Yes, quite enjoyed that one, although not the quality of the similarly themed;


The bomb? What bomb? All we know about this “incident” is what the lamestream tell us. I’ve seen only one image. How the effing hell did the photographer get into just the right spot as the “bomb” went off and click the shutter at exactly the time of the flash of the “bomb”.

Just like Manchester, London Bridge, 7/7, Lee Rigby, need I go on? In fact thinking about false flags, we all know about the big ones, but the list could actually be flippin endless! And yes, tunnel opening ceremony was pretentious crap (my two penneth)

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Good questions. I only found out about this event more than a day later, some or other Twitter thread. I guess it might shore up the ‘domestic terrorist’ meme?

Well, a UK Column viewer asks the same question as me, but with some more detail. So you don’t have to wade through the video, here are the screen shots.

And then from Tweeter …

As @RobG said "… becuase the psychos know that they are losing control of the narrative.


Pat, the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in 2018 (and shortly after, Dawn Sturgess) is just beyond belief. How people can believe such obvious rubbish/propaganda is quite breathtaking.

And likewise with this latest one in Liverpool (although I still haven’t figured out what’s going on with it).

Some sort of false-flag buggered by an unscheduled cock-up, Rob? Was it REALLY meant to explode in the taxi? Did the driver and the fare even KNOW there was bomb on board. That dis-assembling by the UKC guys really makes you see just how perfectly unlikely that ‘chance’ vid really is. The people behind the camera clearly knew something.

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Yes I saw that, a very good edition. Hoping Mike Robinson is feeling better soon (couldn’t see any update on the Forum).

The same video skills were much in evidence a few months back when the antisemite convoy drove thru Golders Green at the height of the last IDF bombing campaign, and were captured waving flags and generally being antisemitic.

Rhis, the dead give away with a false flag is that the media immediately know who the suspect was, and roll out a complete narrative, on script, within hours of the event taking place.

They did this with the ‘bomb’ at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. But for me there’s something about it all that doesn’t quite add-up (in the false flag sense).

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Crimes often take months, if not years to solve.

When the Presstitutes solve it all in a matter of hours, you iknow it’s all bullshit fed to them by the State.

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Actually Karen, the same video skills are much in evidence for so many of these BS false flags. I remember the “Charlie Hedo” attack, where some guys with their mobile phone on the roof of a building, just happened to be making a vdeo which caught the “terrorists” stop their car in the middle of the road, jump out and run around and then shoot a “police officer” before running off. Ready? Camera? Action!!