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Gonzo Lira: The Netherlands Is On Fire

Farms are being shut down,there are riots, farmers and truckers are blocking highways including the border with Germany and have shut down 80% of the country.

You see, the farmers are somehow producing too much nitrogen using a secret formula that no one else in the world knows about. Obviously this vast amount of lethal non-existent excess nitrogen sort of hangs about in the Netherlands. It can’t get out of there because obviously there’s no wind or anything like that there and in any case the Netherlands are wrapped in a giant piece of invisible cling-film…


It doesn’t help that everyone’s accepted this instant verbal error of ‘nitrogen pollution’. Nearly four-fifths of the air you’re breathing right now is elemental nitrogen gas. There will be no doing anything about that. Just as well, then, that it’s entirely harmless - except for divers return too rapidly from the heavy-pressure depths to the surface. N2 is an essential part of the natural cycles, in fact.

Otoh, there IS a real problem with nitrogen compounds, which are around in abundance because of the heavy spreading of inorganic artificial fertilisers through the farming methods of industagri. They create a lot of air, water and ground pollution damage, and need to be curbed. And indeed they will be, as regenerative ag and permaculture take over perforce from current orthodox practices, under the compulsions of the Long Descent.

But does anyone else get the sense that the whole ‘nitrogen’ pollution schtick in Holland has nothing to do with any spurious green-agenda claims, and is simply a smokescreen for something else going on; a land-grab by gangstercap, by the sounds of it?

This feels like one of those occasions, like the storming of the Bastille, which is motivated by a particular grouse - farmers being shut down in this case - but which provides the spark that falls into a barrel already full of gun-powder. Such proximate-cause discontents are widespread across the Anglozionist empire right now; and elsewhere, Sri Lanka, for example. I quite expect them to trigger off another ‘Year of Revolutions’ like 1848, as the (wilfully self-inflicted) collapsing condition of NAmerica and Europe really begins to fall on peoples’ heads this year and next. Winter go brrrrr!. Octobers are the times of uprising…

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I was talking to a Dutch friend the other night who’s saying it’s a land grab for building on. There’s also talk of Schwab’s mob wanting to build some sort of central insanity agency on land in the Netherlands.

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build some sort of central insanity agency on land in the Netherlands

Safely away from those rising sea levels. Good thinking.

Lol. Yeah, drowning rats spring to mind.

UK Column did an interesting piece about this and it had little to do with farming.

Apparently there is a well established plan to make the Netherlands and a part of Belgium into some sort of unified city state. It will all be under one “city” authority. The farmers know that most of the area is farmland and hence @Rich’s comment about land grab.

@Willem posted a link to this a few days ago.

For P, and anyone else inclined to give too much weight to scientific consensus just now - #28 by Willem?

My take is that this is one of those reframing exercises whereby, for example, the Medway valley and hinterland along the high speed rail link to St Pancreas International became the Thames Gateway. There is no power nexus to go with this, but I guess I should add “yet”. Hence my terse question in the other thread: five years later what has happened. (. . not a lot.)

Rezoning land yields higher values so driving out agriculture to build a vast Smart City would make economic sense. So I don’t discount the underlying agenda that UKC pointed to.

I nurture the hope that the current iteration of the Long Descent - the economic catastrophe that the West is self-inflicting right now - could well be one of those straws on the camel’s back that leads to all these megalomanic ideas like ‘smart’ cities (smart, to me, means well-dressed and turned out) becoming ideas which never materialised. Sorry: ran out of capital - and resources.

But if that doesn’t work out, and the damned things do get chucked up, pointlessly, well, they can always become ruins to be scavenged for re-useable materials, as the Chernobyl Re-wilding phase of the Long Descent gets going, some time in the medium-term future…

An idea - The Ruinmen - garnered from one of JMGreer’s futurist novels.