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Gonzo Lira: The Netherlands Is On Fire

Dutch farmers lifetime ban

Alex Christoforou at the Duran 29 mins 30secs in.

(O/T other items include the expected Ukie “offensive” is obviously going to be a disaster surprise surprise, more general insanity with EU sanctions shooting itelf in both feet yet again surprise surprise, and over 2,000 US banks insolvent surprise surprise).

Les Francais, they not do le pussyfooting…


…if only Prigozhin were still alive and sitting on one of these tractors, then the newspapers would take some notice. I simply don’t see how Macron continues to get away with it!


Well the word on the street is that the farmers, like the yellow vests before them are well organised and across the country. However, almost nothing in the French lamestream.

Around where I am, every village sign when entering or leaving, is upside down and the gendarmes know and do nothing. It’s a small act of defiance but I sense the support for the farmers and ‘frexit’ are growing.