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For GKH (and others who may find it interesting): Fascinating proposal

"The largest planets in our solar system could have drifted away from the sun much sooner than scientists previously thought, a new study suggests. Understanding this phenomenon could help researchers to explore the origins of life on Earth.

Over 4.5 billion years ago, the planets in our solar system formed. In these early days, violent collisions between rocky objects and planets like our own created chaos in the still-developing whirlwind that became our cosmic neighborhood."…"it is “a concept wherein Jupiter gravitationally affects the orbits of the outer planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. And, by this mutual, gravitational effect, the four giant planets each migrate and this migration leads to a small inward movement of Jupiter towards the sun and a systematic outward orbital position for Saturn, Uranus and Neptune,” Mojzsis said to Space.com. This event affected the orbits of objects in both the inner and outer solar system. " https://www.space.com/giant-planet-migration-solar-system-timeline.html

As we know gravity is the most arcane impetus and its relationship with time intrinsic whereby one cannot exist without the other, “the gravitas of Chronos” one might observe (if one could only manifest the time). The notion that as result of this “planetary pool” Venus would eventually “tippy-top-tippy-toe” past Earth to nestle close to the Sun (“Men are from Mars women are from Venus”…“Yeah, you can tell, on Venus it’s too hot, it smells and the pressure is far too great. I’m off…”), and in so doing…


save us by becoming a balanced counterweight within, what may well otherwise be, a Khaotic system is extremely beguiling (imho):

“White Hole” the nearest I could get to a clip of Lister’s alcohol fuelled Pool-Godness (from the same episode).


I think it’s still pretty chaotic, G. Slo-mo, fortunately for we little atomies eking out our precarious - brief - existence on the surface of planet Earth. The more you look at the whole Solar System and the Oort Cloud, the more you realise that it just can’t all be set in stone as it is now, forever. It’s bound to go one doing its hugely complex gravitational round-dance, with all its for all practical purposes unpredictable evolutions. As Chinese philosophy avers, the only unchanging thing is the eternal fact of constant change itself.

Good job that we - our essential-animus selves - can escape from particular imprisoning circumstances that enchain physical beings; by checking out of this particular lifetime, and re-locating elsewhere; pretty well at will, it seems. Shamanic journeying/OOBEs/NDEs to confirm that reality by direct witnessing; then when good and convinced and ready, bodily death and soul-departure to re-live it - repeatedly; until you finally want to get off the Wheel of Rebirth altogether. That’s generous, innit?


I’m not as convinced…seems to me actions must have consequences or the whole show is a charade…