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DIGITAL ID - THE FINAL LOCKDOWN. We must get rid of these devices at any cost!

I never heard of Aman Jabbi before and this is a real gem of an interview with someone who’s been on the inside of the technical aspects of the digital prison we’re all going to be locked into if we don’t do something about it PDQ before the trap is fully set!

Please share widely and help to stop this evil shit before it’s too late.


Only skimmed through a few sections but his overriding message is that the tools all exist, it’s simply a case of connecting them all up. Not that this is wholly necessary. A gradual roll-out and normalization will escape the attention of many people; after all, the ‘offensive’ capabilities of this tech poses no threat to people with nothing to hide…

For example, the capacity to limit people to a defined area (geofencing) could be rolled out as an alternative to electronic tagging for people convicted of some or other offence. Heckling Prince Andrew for example.

I did not like the sound of the ‘puke ray’ - an array of LEDs that can be programmed to flash very quickly in a variety of colours causing befuddlement, pain, and nausea. Jabbi suggests these could be marketed as a legitimate way of providing security. Just the thing for securing the perimeter of a gated community (for example) to deter the starving masses from trying to get their hands on your avocado toast.

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It’s an excellent presentation from Aman IMO which makes it very clear where this Chinese style social credit score, surveillance, control, brainwashing and enforcement system is going. I imagine anyone who’s judged old, useless or a threat by the AI controller will be destroyed. The Final Lockdown heading is not an exaggeration. FWIW five out of six of the supermarkets in the town where I live have had the camera/screens installed above every single till for at least a year now; their main purpose being to create your global facial recognition ID inc data collection and aspects of personality profile etc. We also have the new bright lamps in the streets he mentions. (David Steele has also talked at length about these). The 5G towers are all over the place here as well. It’s totally 1984 upgraded and reborn and not that far off by the sound of it. “Vaccine” passports beginning next May?

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About this Chinese social credit score.

I don’t feel it’s a bad thing. Should you be doing a Jordan and going abroad somewhere without settling debts first?

It’s how it’s applied, and what it affects. The west allows you to behave like this because it creates wealth. Letter from the bank is added as wealth creation…I can see many folks rather upset that their revenues have dropped because people feel obligated to pay their way.

I’ve seen a few horror stories, but most Chinese folks seem happy with it. Personally, I’m mostly concerned with who runs it and exactly why.

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I never know what to make of Western descriptions of China. How reliable, how much PBB?

Me neither.

Any idea if the Falun Gong horror stories are true? Years ago a mate joined a Falun Gong group in the UK - just dancing about in the local park on Sunday mornings etc. There was a membership list. Not long after joining he started getting threatening phone calls in chinese from phone numbers that apppeared to be from China. Plod got involved. Anyone got any worthwhile links?

And the Kate Aidie/ BBC output on the Tiananmen square “massacre”? That always sounded bent to me.

You’ve lost me there Local! WTF is “Doing a Jordan”?

Apologies, I meant Katie Price. After searching a few moments ago,I see her in the news again. Dropping tens of thousands on holidays whilst owing millions

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Search Tiananmen on 5 Filters…

The depleted uranium fist in the velvet glove…Want to hire a scooter? Mobile phone apps. only. Want a credit agreement? “Klarna” only use phone apps. and text messages. Want to secure your online purchase with Cashplus (& others)? You will need a text-enabled mobile. Text enabled landlines are no good either. The Co-Op bank told me that it is beholden upon final institutions to offer an email verification alternative (to secure online purchases), and this is what I use.The other examples are only a few of the ways we are being coerced into the surveilled society… f-fffff-ing WiFi guys.




Another simple trick is to employ the bare minimum of call-takers hidden behind layers of irritating “press 1 to… press 2 to…” menus, long queues, blandishments to use the web app instead, etc. A steady trickle of people decide to never telephone again but to use the website.

Some time later: “all our customer service metrics show that people prefer to use the website so we’ll be closing down our call centre as from Monday”.

And so the modern corporation preens about how customer-centred it is.

Gradually phase out checkouts and introduce self-service, eventually the face recog tech becomes ‘obligatory’ to prevent thefts etc.

Don’t for a minute believe any of that guff about calls being recorded for training purposes. Get your Voiceprint, your facial characteristics, link them all to your loyalty card for thruppence off Rich Tea biscuits, link that to your email and/or phone number…


What drives me up the wall is the message, "We are experiencing a larger number of calls than usual, … (translation = please fu*ck off and use the website, so we don’t have to provide a real person for you to talk to). It seems the wording is exactly the same for a whole range of different organisations. And whatever time one calls, they are “experiencing …”


Thanks for that G! I’ll have a good read of it over the w/e.

Cheers! R.

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Our local group medical practice has a 90-second message before you ever get to the menus… mainly stuff about vaccination, the possibility that you ought to visit the NHS website, dial 999, etc, to dissuade the easily cowed. Or those who pay per minute. When you get past that and press the right number key you get to the “we’re terribly busy… you are number x in the queue”.

Thinking I was very clever I rang one week before a six-week medication review was due to (eventually) book an appointment for week 8 (ie three weeks hence). That was a telephone call. An in-person appointment would have been two further weeks.

The only positive outcome was realising I’m now eligible for free prescriptions.

Official Oldie, I guess :wink:

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I know I’ve said this before, when I say that the take-up of smart phones over the last decade has been quite remarkable, from an anthropological point of view. I don’t think there’s been any comparison to it in history. Nowadays everywhere you go all you see are people engaging with the ‘black mirror’ in the palm of their hand. The black mirror, of course, does not impart any real information (beyond, buy, buy, buy). It’s only purpose is to use endorphins for control and propaganda. Then we have the godawful QR codes - the ‘mark of the Beast’ - which are now a plague (don’t you just love the Biblical language).

My qualification for this mini rant is that I don’t have a smart phone. I just observe what’s going on around me.


That’s what it does for the user. However, for the GIC’s, they are an essential tool to identify, record voice and images, track movements and more. We are rapidly moving to a digital prison. Sadly, too many just don’t see it, choose to bury their heads, or believe some of us wear those hats made from aluminum (sold by a company that is owned by some of the owners of the world).

I’ll take me tin hat off now!


We are experiencing a larger number of calls than usual” Worse it’s clearly a lie if you’re hearing this message every-time you phone the company, institution or organisation concerned…

Pat? Did you read… https://forum.5filters.info/t/always-trying-to-influence-our-thoughts-reactions-and-responses-ever-intrusive-wifi-and-how-to-cope-remembrance-los-wifi-5g/3558?

R? Have you read: https://www.arafel.co.uk/2018/10/loss-of-signal-wifi.html & https://www.arafel.co.uk/2018/11/loss-of-signal-cont-wifi-ethernet-awfb.html?

Pigs ear

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“God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay…!”

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Thanks @GKH I did read it but knowing nothing about crystals I’m still without any understanding of which crystals to use and what they do