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Always Trying to Influence our Thoughts, Reactions and Responses. Ever Intrusive WiFi (and how to cope) #Remembrance #LoS #WiFi #5G

Having attended the memorial service at West End Village for the two previous years I realised, whilst preparing for yesterday’s service, that I would (again), be exposing myself to constant (the important problem here), WiFi from a mast (see picture), whilst remaining static for the service. I always protect myself with a least one crystal when out and about (two if I’m going to a WiFi saturated area -such as one experiences when using most public transport nowadays-). I became enraged when I realised that whilst trying to remember those of my family (and their friends), who perished (and the others who suffered), during the 20C conflicts, that our parasitic regime would be intruding on my “mentemplations” (as Muz Murray would have it), and affecting my health throughout the service. I, therefore, decided that I would cross the Rubicon into true “out there” behaviour and fashion (quite), for myself some head-gear that would help protect me against the machinations of our intrusive regime (I’ve read some truly alarming things about even more direct methods of “crowd control” which may be enabled by WiFi technology but I cannot at present fully avow such theories, suffice to say that the technology is dangerous enough in itself for me to take precautions against its effects):

I’ve known a good number of schizophrenics (one of my best friends developed schizophrenia in his forties), and have discovered that it may indeed be the closed minds of those practicing “conventional medicine” that ensures that sufferers remain in Sheol once they have been diagnosed, conventional physicians considering the condition to be incurable (makes you wonder if they are).
I noticed some subtle (others not so much), positive effects from having done this, however, the hat is, of course, uncomfortable to wear. Maybe we could design something better heh?

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Thanks for this, G.

Asking for me: which crystals do you use for protection? Can you briefly describe how they work, and how you discern the positive effects?

I am sure that I am sensitive to wifi - - I’d experienced ill-effects when working on a wifi enabled laptop - - it became particularly evident when I worked for a brief period in a small office with 3 routers - we were literally triangulated in that space - after the first day, I left that office with an unsettling tingling - most evident in the scalp, but generally an all-over body feeling. That was just before lockdown - since working from home, and using broadband exclusively, I now no longer have that experience,



I share Si’s interest, G. What can you tell?


Hi guys! Yes I can. Well here’s one “oblique” as they say…I went for a CAT scan on my brain (MISTAKE), 'coz I used to beat my temples (a lot more than I do now…having “threat” episodes rather than full blown self-harm ones now-a-days)…but, not being a complete numpty, I wore a black tourmaline (also the only type of crystal I’ve ever succeeded in potentising -al.la Dr Edward Back, although he never “branched out” into crystals and the technique is somewhat different-), in a spiral cage around my neck during the procedure…not a full CAT machine but a “ring” for specific areas…during the x-ray “flashes” I reflexively performed a visualisation technique taught to me by Muz Murray, this entails visualising an hour glass and imagining the contents of one’s head descending like sand into the heart centre…I literally felt that I “resided” in my heart for the remains of the procedure and that my head was empty…the tourmaline was resting on my chest…when I got home I was very tired (unsurprisingly), and crashed-out on my bed…when I came to I gradually became aware of an intense burning sensation on my chest…alarmed and startled I looked down to see the tourmaline resting there…I jumped up and more or less tore the crystal from my body…holding it in my hands it felt as if the strange white heat emanating from it was actually somewhat levitating the crystal…slightly panicked I realised that the only thing I could do with it was bury it outside the co-op flat I then lived in…so I did…I have never retrieved the crystal but the event took place some 2 decades ago so if anyone finds it the energy should be well grounded by now… I wear tourmaline that way now-a-days…this is the crystal I mentioned also wearing (I virtually always carry a quartz that I work on almost daily -doing blessings/cleansings under running water in the wild etc.-), when I’m in WiFi “saturated” areas…

Nb. If you buy a crystal to “work on/with” buy an uncut stone (or basic cut -as you might to wear around your neck-, I don’t like “polishing”), and cleanse it to yourself by passing it through incense smoke…you can also cleanse it under running water…but…unless you use one of these at home (as I do):


…do so only under water that flows naturally or use bottled (glass bottles being preferable), spring water…

Nb. Thanks for prompting I went to a certain site to find they had a sale on today, I bought a pendant… #nonamesnopackdrill #implosion


I was forced to use a WiFi enabled pc when in the Job Centre once…damn place gave me an even worse headache than usual! I feel sick (I can feel my blood-brain barrier), even when being forced to use a mobile…You know you can turn off the signal to your home router (almost always an online procedure depending on your service provider)?