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Covid and the WHO : whistle-blowing videos of Astrid Stuckelberger

Hi folks - more stuff still slipping by the censors!

The first video is a short one that popped up after watching the Naomi Wolf anti-covid jab talk posted by Pat below

( I also think she’s off base on the ownership structures and China connections as Rich intimates and although some useful repeats of damage done and Mengele references, overall seems like a bit of a limited hangout by Pfizer which data dumps generally have become.)

  • this seems like tin foil hat stuff at first but then AS makes the very interesting connection to Jacques Benveniste’s work on Digital Biology which flowed from his work on the memory of water and the passing of the emf patterns of material from one vial to another along a copper wire to infuse the second vial with the same material as contained in the connected vial! ( I’ve mentioned JB a lot over the years – his work for me gets more and more relevant. ) She points out that once JB’s work became known to the spooks via DARPA it was only a matter of time before it would turn into so-called MRNA jabs which she clearly states are not biological but are nano-tech in nature.
  • The second point that got to me was the clip of the Charles Morgan talk to the military about the likelihood of being able to control people through injecting them with nano tech disguised as a vaccine.

I found this rather disjointed link that talks of JB’s work and DARPA looking at it ( and dispensing with it, Yeah of course they did!!) some years later in 2000. It also shows work creating coagulants via emf messages. A bit messy but it confirms Morgan’s oblique reference to this type of stuff.

To me this is the eugenicist’s ideal weapon – global or mass injections with stuff that can send and receive data and instructions which may or may not include a kill switch. The uneven result in different lots could flow from poor manufacturing processes or just turning or not turning the switch!

The other two videos are less riveting High Wire interviews by Del Bigtree with DrAstrid Stuckelberger in 2021 and January2023


PS Del had to face yet another “no-virus” interviewee in AS - but whatever he thinks he comes across as a truth seeker for stressing her position and giving her the platform.