Ask The Aboriginals If "She'll Be Right"


Must be aboriginal population growth and the erosion of wildlife…

Hi @RobG , I was just going to post this in a new topic , your link refers to it:

" In an appalling breach of human rights, 38 indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory have been hauled into quarantine camps by the army.

The Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin after nine new Covid-19 cases were identified in the community of Binjari. The move comes after hard lockdowns were instituted in the communities of both Binjari and nearby Rockhole on Saturday night."

this is the future for all of us if we don’t all get a grip!


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…and if you don’t pay the fines for non compliance do you get chucked in the chookie?

Seriously though: this is beyond belief. If an actual plague were to break out what possible escalation could there be? Sniper fire, basically.


I saw somewhere, an analysis for Austria. It went something like this (numbers from memory which ain’t great).

30% of the population not jabbed
That is about 1.2 million people
Current prison population is 12,000
Prison capacity is a little more than the 12,000

So if just 20% of the unjabbed refused the jab and then refused to pay the fine, they would have build some nightingale style prisons with much much more capacity than is even imaginable.


Or quarantine centres…

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Max Igan’s latest covers what we’ve posted here, but it goes into much more detail about what’s actually going on…

A sort of an update on all this: people are now starting to take up arms against the covid restrictions. This started a week or so ago in the French overseas territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique, in the Caribbean…

Those nice people in the French government have now sent in Special Forces to quell the rioting.

Also, this week, a similar situation of armed riots against covid restrictions has broken out in the Soloman Islands, way out in the Pacific yet still a dependency of Australia. As per, those nice people in the Australian government have also sent in Special Forces to quell the riots…

And I know there’s quite a lot of ex-pat Brits here, so I’ll add that the French Health Minister Olivier Véran announced today that the 72 hour window on a PCR test has now been reduced to 24 hours, making travel for the unjabbed even more difficult, if not impossible. Both Véran and the EU Presidency also made somewhat ambiguous statements today pointing towards mandatory vaccination.


The screws are really coming onto the French now - as Veran warns that those not getting a third jab when it’s due will be barred from all the things they had access to. For the rest it remains penury, with Vax passes even to be shown for Christmas markets. And very soon we’ll all be threatened with the new “mu” variant, bigger and more threatening than ever, and able to evade everyone except those quadruple jabbed with the latest concoction and on a diet of the new Pfizer “HCQ” brand tablets…

I’m interested in this report about the Solomon Islands, as I’m not sure it actually IS about lockdowns and mandvax, even though they are not heavily jabbed. It appears that the area targeted for burning was Chinatown, and the anger against the government is stirred up by the pro-Taiwan opposition, following the change of allegiance toward China THREE YEARS AGO. The PM of Solomons insists that the whole thing has been stirred up by foreign powers unnamed, but undoubtedly the US. However, it could be that Australia has HAD to go in, on request of the PM and Government, due to a long-standing mutual support agreement, and undoubtedly absolutely against the Australian government’s wishes. Only last week Peter Dutton said that Australia would certainly go to war against China over Taiwan, as the US chief partner.

Of course it’s possible that the whole story is a pack of lies, but I’m inclined to believe this version, even though I’m sure there is plenty of healthy Vax resistance.
Our government is now copping flak for coming to the assistance of the Solomons’ government, because we should be supporting the pro-Taiwan opposition party!

We’ve just seen strong denials, including from the national Indigenous TV channel on SBS, of the allegations that soldiers “forced” residents to leave and go to Howard Springs, or that anyone was forcibly injected. All the army was doing was delivering food to the locked-UP residents, and manning check points to make sure no little dark boys were sneaking out the back. (as they did the other day)
Meanwhile the residents are shut in their houses, reportedly without air-con and 20 to a house, for another seven days, at least. But it’s for their safety, as if this thing escapes into the community it will decimate it (die out). Some of the Aborigines undoubtedly believe this, as they’ve been told they are “vulnerable”, and that they can have it without even knowing, and that the only protection is a spiking that they don’t trust and which might kill them instead. Given that Aboriginal kids have been given the mRNA jab a while back because they were classed as “vulnerable” (to social media (dis)information, there must surely be some who’ve suffered damage from myocarditis - but wouldn’t know.
I have it on various authority that well-informed ‘hesitancy’ is a ‘problem’… they don’t watch the ABC so what would they know!

But none of the HR wokes, or concerned Indigenous supporters, BLM etc, are standing up against the bullshit stream and its toxic entourage.

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I’ve read a few of the new reports and they’re worded in such a way as to imply it’s all bollocks (e.g…, they conflate the removal with the forced jabbing), but actually, so far, I haven’t read anything which counters the report that some were taken from their homes and put in quarantine. In point of fact, this one states:

While Mr Ellis defended the government’s evacuations of positive cases and close contacts in remote communities, he said there were legitimate criticisms to be made about some aspects of the government’s response.

and Gunner conveniently refuses to address the individual accusations, preferring, mainly, to resort to hackneyed ad hom. I suspect that some were removed from their communities and here the issue is one of personal autonomy. Gunner twatting on about thousands having stayed in the camp upon returning to Australia (entering NT?) is vastly different to people being forcibly removed from their homes, homes in the middle of nowhere (if indeed this is what happened) and quarantined.

As for Aboriginal elders being onside, well, never in the history of the world has a controlling power managed to get sympathetic local leaders on side…

There is a lesson here though; make sure the facts are right and don’t give those that would laugh at you easy ammo.

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@Dimac . Don’t know if you have seen Max Egan’s clips talking about politicians fired up on methamphetamine The one below has a very short clip about 2 minutes in where Gunner is shown what looks to me like sniffing some coke. As Max Egan goes on to say, watch his eyes while talking. One blink in his whole psycho tirade.

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Thanks both, and no I hadn’t seen this - but Gunner looks to me all too much like our very own psycho down here in Victoria, with the same conceit and determination. These people scratch around for any reason and scapegoat to explain why it is that the Aborigines just won’t cower down like the Whites, but rather just dig in and spit back at you.
I was in communication recently with one Tony Ryan, who was coordinating a legal campaign to stop this infringement of the Indigenes’ most fundamental rights. He had plenty of stories about people being abused, forced to accept vaxing and so on by police and “authorities” - including those they see as collaborators.


The info about this is actually all coming out of Australia, not someone in a basement in Florida (look at the vids posted in this thread - all from Australians).

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In honour of this great piece of statesmanship I was honoured to rebadge by crappy shadowbanned Twitter profile yesterday as “Tinfoil hat wearing tosser”.

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And add in: “conspiracy-FACT-purveyor par excellence”.

The story is that in the English civil war, the king’s party scornfully nicknamed the parliamentary forces “the roundheads” because of the - highly-effective - helmets that Cromwell supplied to his troops of the New Model Army. The parliamentarians promptly adopted the name as a badge of honour, thus forcing the cavaliers to deal with their own-foot shot.

Laugh at the mass-hypnotised covisuckers’ insults and wear them laughingly as a compliment. And keep using the usurped words in their real meaning, to bring them back into our ownership!

Remember the recent joke: ‘What’s the difference between a conspiracy-theory and an established fact? About six months.’

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Apparently there was a huge protest in Melbourne today, 27th November (500,000 to a million on the streets). There seems to be a media black-out surrounding it.

Until I can get info and video to verify this, here’s the latest from Thomas Sheridan. I don’t always agree with this guy, but I always enjoy listening to him…

There was no media blackout. These protests are all over the news in Australia.

I expect you’ll disagree with the framing in most of the below and the police estimates of crowd size (500 000-1 million is a huge overestimate in my opinion but 20 00 is undoubtedly too low as there always is inflation by the protestors and underestimation by the police - but 500 000-1 million in a city of 5 million is not likely and it doesn’t look anywhere near that big - interested to compare photos if there are any with the 2003 peace rallies of 100 000+) but my point is there is no media blackout. These protests are getting loads of coverage here.

This Sydney Morning Herald/Age had live rolling coverage…

Some discussion of crowd sizes on the ABC (interesting that they don’t mention the Feb 2003 Iraq War demos which they reported at the time topped 100 000 in Melbourne)

Channel 9

Channel 7

Shall I keep going?
Here are some from last couple of weeks
Channel 7 again

The Guardian

I could go on and on and on… This search took me about 10 minutes and it only took that long because there were SO MANY reports in all the different mainstream media outlets covering all the protests for weeks.

I may have read all these articles at the time but I haven’t again today and no doubt there will be a lot for you to criticise but my point is there is NO MEDIA BLACKOUT on the protests in Australia. They are getting a large amount of coverage. We all know they are happening and where and when and who is speaking at them etc. If it is not being picked up internationally that is a problem with the international media but they are being widely and repeatedly reported here (and accessible online with a very quick internet search).


June Mills has posted a video retracting these comments

She has now spoken to what she describes as reliable people (presumably other Elders) on the ground in the communities concerned and is now convinced that there are no forced vaccinations, no forced evacuations and the police and ADF are doing exactly what the people on the ground have been saying they have been doing ever since this story broke ie checking on people, delivering them fresh food, phone chargers etc (so they can stay in contact with family - and the world through Facebook etc if they need to). Aboriginal people use social media at a rate higher than non-Indigenous people, and this is the case right across Australia, including in remote areas so being able to charge their phones to stay in contact is really important

If people are going to amplify and promote Indigenous voices when they express one particular viewpoint then I think it is equally important that when they issue a correction and indicate that they had it wrong now that they have contacted people on the ground and been brought up to date with what is actually happening that that is also posted. This retraction would have taken a lot of courage.