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Alastair Crooke on the latest sitch in Urk/Isr

Not sure how others here feel about Crooke. He seems like a credible observer to me, but I’d be interested to know what the rest of you think.

Anyway, his prediction is that a wider war in the middle east is coming, perhaps by the end of this month. Hope he’s wrong about that…


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‘Credible’ is how we see him too. And astute.


Agreed. Haven’t read the article yet but the direction of travel is very clear and Crooke eschews hyperbole. Nasrallah speaks again in an hour or so (16:00 UTC) which was already scheduled. As he was also scheduled to speak again on Friday I would expect another measured response, and more provocations from US/UK/Israel to try and get that casus belli. As I type, the death toll from explosions at a march to commemorate Soleimani’s death, four years ago exactly, is northward of 100. Life is cheap to the NeoCons and they seem determined to get what they want.

I would not want to be anywhere near Tehran as I think it will be nuked.

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Before IS claimed responsibility for the Kerman attack (earlier today) the BBC had a report on its website that it may indeed have been done by ISIS because they wanted revenge for what Soleimani did to it. The same report included the fact that he had been killed in a drone strike approved by Donald Trump. (No indication of any awareness of there being an obvious question to ask of course!).

The report has now been altered to exclude the facts of the Suleimani killing and his work to beat ISIS but instead to include lots of information on his terrible depredations on the US military and, in connection, his and Iran’s support for Hezbollah and Hamas.

Must try harder next time to get it right first time boy.


His wikispooks entry is worth a gander