A challenge for the literary, intelligent, articulate and enlightened

I received an email form one of my two brothers-in-law this morning. I had a conversation early in 2020 with my sister (his wife), me asserting its not a pandemic and ended with her saying someone she knew had died “from it” and I asked if she even knew what a PCR “test” was. End of conversation!

So, the email I received this morning whom I have not seen or communicated with for probably 10 years, had no message and just a link to a Guardian article. To avoid the sick bucket, I’ll tell you the headline and you don’t need to read it. The headline is " ICU is full of the unvaccinated – my patience with them is wearing thin: Anonymous"

For those into S&M, here is the full article

My challenge is to repond in a way that opens the debate rather than my usual both barrels.

Any offers of help, will be gratefully appreciated. And no, I don’t want to say, FFS, just go and get your next booster.


Ask him to define ‘unvaccinated’.There’s a clever trick at play there.

Refer him to Kennedy’s book. I recommended it to three friends today, all of whom are, to various degrees, signed up to the conventional narrative. To my surprise, the one who has been most vocal in his annoyance with me, has ordered it.

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Hi @PatB , there’s a reference by Jaxen in the 242 episode of the Highwire to a Belgian hospital doctor saying exactly the reverse, that his ICU is filled with covid patients who have been vaccinated. See The Jaxen Report from 23 mins in.


Hi Pat. Just some thoughts. It’s difficult to start off to a link without knowing why he sent you this link, or any link - was it because you denied there was a pandemic, and your sister is worried about you? Maybe he comes in peace - he might not realize it’s not very good.

The article - who is the audience here, the Dr is telling the vaccinated that they have a right not to be patient about other people’s right to decide their own medical treatment! Last time I looked, whether people accept a medication or not was none of his business (let’s assume it’s a ‘he’ for brevity), or anyone else’s.

And he’s saying that whatever the reasons for unvaccinated people holding out, they are based on ‘misinformation’ - that’s not aimed at changing minds, he’s preaching to the choir.

It ignores the small matter of the reasons and the evidence on which their opposition is based.

If he wanted to convince the unvaxed, then with all that thinking he says he’s been doing, he’d have been better writing an article addressing some of their reasons.

I’d say it’s a propaganda piece cranking up social pressure on the unvaxxed from the vaxxed, trying to up the number of vaccinations further and getting the population ready for the Great Mandate.

What about that guilt Doctor Who is dumping on unvaxxed patients?

Well based on Worldometer data, there shouldn’t BE pressure on the ICUs due to Covid.

Covid deaths per million per day, UK:

12 Jan 2021: 14.5

21 Nov 2021: 2.15

(daily average over the previous week)

Tearing the thing apart might cut off the channel but you could put it gently, pointing to the fact that the anonymous Dr has not addressed any concerns, he just appears to be trying to arm the vaxxed in their hostility.

You could briefly give some reasons why you are declining the kind offers to vaccinate you, with a link or two.

There’s a table here that shows that it’s not mainly the unvaxxed who are doing the transmitting
Link: Latest UKHSA report shows the Covid-19 jab has an average real world effectiveness of MINUS 73% - #2 by Evvy_dense

If the unvaxxed are not transmitting the disease then there should be no discrimination.

All the experts whose job it is to decide on risks v benefits (JCV1 committee, FDA) despite being heavily biased by conflicts of interest and who virtually always say ‘vaccinate and be damned’ - they cautioned and expressed discomfort regarding vaccinating kids. Robert Malone too - said the risk benefit ratio was terrible for kids. Though I would have thought this was obvious to everyone!

Bit of a jumble, but hope something might be helpful there.
Good luck



Pat, the Richie Allen Show had a listener call-in this evening. The first caller was in a terrible situation with regard to all the covid apartheid and family stuff. If interested you can find the show here…

Allen starts his programmes with a 30 minute monologue. He’s actually quite good at these and this evening was spitting nails. If you let the MP3 load for a bit you should be able to skip 30 minutes into the programme, to that first caller.

Very interesting statements from Dr Anthony Fauci, in a NYT podcast. Might be suitable for PatB to point out to faithful relatives.

He admits the vaccines are waning, so that more and more breakthrough infections are happening, and more hospitalizations and also deaths.
People need boosters, that’s what the problem is!
He outlines what is wrong with our thinking. A booster shouldn’t be thought of as a bonus - No, No. It’s an essential part of the primary regimen! An absolutely essential component of our response, not a bonus.
His own personal prediction is that boosters will provide “a greater durability of protection that doesn’t wane as easily”.

He’s very consistent - everyone will be all right as long as we all just take the NEXT vaccine. Rinse and repeat.
While anonymous Drs are telling us to get vaxed to relieve the pressure on the hospitals, Fauci is admitting it will be ongoing and that the boosters are integral. And also that the vaxed are now adding to the pressure on the hospitals.

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Thanks @Evvy_dense @RobG @CJ1 @Jamie

All I can say is “I tried”


Pat, a couple of recent publications by Off-G may be useful:


Note that the second item needs to be presented to your in-law not as a message to him directly, but to the tyrants who are running the scam on him and on all the others who’ve suffered the terror-porn-driven mass hypnosis. Both pieces contain numerous links to other pertinent material. You might also want to give him a link (see below) to some of Matthias Desmet’s explanation of how mass psychosis, created by propaganda-driven mass hypnosis, works on populations. Matthias offers a crucial estimated split of 30% fatally susceptible, 30% resistant and 40% unsure and persuadable by realworld facts - such as the disastrous effects of the poison-stabs - into a state of sober awakening; into which state you hope to persuade him and your sisters.

In the end, if you’re speaking to a fully-deluded cultist, you’re not likely to have much effect till the trance wears off. But if he’s one of the centre-ground people, then this is precisely the sort of rational, courteous persuasion work that we of the resistance need to be doing right now. The war is not decided yet, and the conspirators (never be afraid to reclaim that word for its right meaning) are showing distinct signs of wavering:


Pat, I guess I’m lucky with regard to all this, in that the majority of my family and friends are covid sceptics; not that I have anything against the Branch Covidians: it’s their body and it’s up to them if they want to allow stuff to be injected into it. Caveat Emptor.

Talking of which, we have a friend here (in rural France, for those unfamiliar with me) who collapsed yesterday and had to be taken into hospital. He’s recently turned 80 years old and was in quite good health; walking his dogs every morning along the river.

Instead of going into one of the two local hospitals we have relatively near us, he was taken to a big hospital in Angouleme. They are still doing tests to ascertain what’s wrong with him.

Needless to say, two days before our friend collapsed he had the booster jab.

Hi Pat
Nothing you say will sway the cultists - but you could send him this for fun anyway:

Invite him to look at the pictures!

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@RobG . I don’t know if you watch U K Column news but if you don’t here is something similar except done in a way that made me laugh out loud.

Watch from 36 minutes (only two minutes long)

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Thanks to all of you for advice and links. I decided to send him a very non confrontational email with some links I suggested he look at. And now every day I choose the best of the days news (from a redpilled perspective), with the subject line of “… On and on and on” and just a link, no commentary by me!

Pat, the Aussie guy put it quite brilliantly. Humour is nearly always the best way to reach people, because more often than not it’s so to the point.

Should I resist a tune…? Naw…

When Elsie died the neighbours came to snicker
But that’s what comes from too much pills and liquor

I could go on and on with the lyrical stuff. Instead just listen to this…

Keep your chin up. You are not alone.


A get well card perhaps? Might well be the best response!


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Good luck Pat, I have a family member who never actually discusses, just sends the article, then when I respond rationally, silence.

Funny that. It’s exactly the response I have had.