Zach Bush with his exceptionally-well-informed clinician's hat on. Never mind the length, feel the quality! :)

I don’t recall seeing anyone else in all my surfing who has a more panoramic understanding of what’s happening than Zach offers. Transformative! Another honest and obliteratingly well-informed professional in the field who says bluntly that there is no pandemic…

Zach is obviously in training to surpass Fidel Castro’s famous multi-hour NON-STOP speeches; but please! - don’t complain about the length. It’s packed with top-quality meat! Essential scene setting, plus nitty-gritty crucial detail material. Worth every minute of its length:

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Watched a bit of this. He seems to have a great knack of knitting together the important detail.
The Darwin awards go to …the Western block. (Sperm counts reduce by 50% in recent years, only a few decades before…it’s goodbye from us!).
Will try to catch the rest thanks for posting.