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Youtube censors Dr John Campbell for understating vaccine deaths

On Joel Smalley’s substack

The likeable Dr Campbell (who does a daily vid) has been very slow to question the safety of vaccines.

A FoI request returned the following total for vaccine deaths: 15 (even John couldn’t keep a straight face for that one).
The UK Yellow card reports total was about 2,100. As the UK MHRA system lists them separately, Campbell, who is nothing if not diligent, went to the bother of looking up the totals for the Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca and Moderna (which is more than I’ve ever done :slightly_smiling_face:)

Campbell also dug out the official statements on MHRA figures and concluded:

  1. As these are reported suspicions, there could be over-reporting.
    Therefore the 2,100 could be fewer.

  2. OTOH there is under-reporting, a factor of times 10 is acknowledged for serious adverse events, this would include death.
    Therefore the 2,100 could be higher.

So according to these figures we have between 15 and 21,000 vaccine deaths, John says.

John Campbell wasn’t diligent enough. To arrive at this (barndoor) estimate, his logic is not adequate. While any individual death or adverse report could be vaccine caused or not, under-reporting is known to be far more common that over-reporting. There is no chance that the 2,100 is the actual total.

In the US VAERS the under-reporting has (pre-covid) been found to be between times 10 and times 100.
Even with the CDC weeding them out, there are about 7800 death reports in the US - very roughly commensurate with the UK’s 2100 reports, with about 1/5 of the population.

In addition, there has been pressure not to report Covid-19 vaccine deaths on the VAERS.

To maintain that 21,000 figure requires an under-reporting factor of times 10 - the minimum that has been found historically in the US.

Campbell with his careful couching was doing the vaccines a favour. Despite this, and the indisputability of what he was saying was, BASED ON OFFICIAL FIGURES, a mere possibility, Youtube banned the video.