You say tomayto, I say tomato

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…if only they would call the whole thing off…

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hi @Jamie , interesting that parts of Austria are spoiling it for the jabbed as well as the un-jabbed:

all based on measuring fairy dust - Austria has the third highest rate of “testing” per million population in the world ( 105m “tests” for 9m population just to find 520 serious cases which of course you’d find just by asking how many in hospital!) -

No split by country of the almost 30,000 dead and over 2.8m injured following the jab in EU countries but Austria’s population is 1.76% of the total 512m in the EU which would give total Austrian vaccine deaths of 526 and injured of almost 50,000 ( half of which are reported to be serious). I wonder what the numbers would have been with everyone on ivermectin?



Maggot Macron is facing huge numbers (and I do mean huge numbers) of people protesting against all this covid BS.

There’s a number of people on this board who also live in France. We can argue about whether protests make any difference. The fact that maggot Macron has backed-down does show something.

Same with Dictator Dan in Victoria, down-under.

I dunno, do protests make any difference?


Pretty serious protests in Rotterdam


Willem, apparently at least two people were shot dead by the police in Rotterdam. This is also being reported by the Guardian (although the Guardian doesn’t actually say that protestors were killed)…

From the footage I’ve seen thus far, this wasn’t a particularly big or violent demonstration. If police did use live rounds we are now in a completely different ballgame.

If interested, here’s some footage from Rotterdam, apparently taken before the police started shooting people dead…

Typical Guardian propaganda: “The country has seen a string of record numbers of infections in recent days and a new partial lockdown came into force a week ago. Cases are also rising across Europe, thanks to a combination of low vaccine uptake, waning immunity among people inoculated early, and growing complacency about masks and distancing after governments relaxed curbs in the summer.”

“Cases rising” — yeah, it’s really important to keep that headline message. And because of “low vaccine uptake” (hint: take the jab), “growing complacency about masks” (really? not because people realise these measures are pointless and stupid), “waning immunity among those inoculated early” (time for your booster). And all because the government has perhaps been too relaxed (lockdown is safer).

Incredible how awful it is, and that people actually rate this rag still.

Anyway, good to see some pushback.


Willem, I used to know Holland quite well; and I don’t mean from the usual tourist point of view. The Netherlands was often a point of arrival and departure (there’s a Koestler book there) when people travelled by train.

And of course I went half way around the world with a mad Dutch girl (who came from Utrecht).

Holland has always been one of my favourite countries, for all the usual reasons, and if these reports of police shooting dead protestors are correct, I can only say that I’m very, very sad; not least because if it can happen in Holland the rest of us will probably be next.

The Guardian is no longer running a live covid blog (which is complete bollocks that they’ve been doing for the best of 2 years).

How are the Guardian going to handle police in Holland shooting dead protestors.

Cue the sound of crickets

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Rob, I’ve said for a while, that until the police or the military side with the people, yes Maggot Macron may have backed down for now, but for now. Just imagine the Paris protests where police stood in the background! If the police and or military don’t shift their allegiences, I can forsee a time when the protesters turn on them.

Mass protests, leading to serious civil unrest, is the best line that dissident people can take right now. There’s a desperate need for seriously-organised resistance to the criminals behind the global coup attempt, and that will grow out of civil disorder. It’s important to realise that the coup hasn’t succeeded yet, and it still needs urgently to be outright fought to a standstill.

In the way of these things, the gangsters behind it will probably finish up with some gains made towards their long-term goals, but it’s important that they’re resisted every inch.

The most important thing of all is that the gangsters should be made seriously frightened for their lives, their liberties, and their dragon-hoards. Nothing less than that ever makes them give ground and offer truce.

Regrettably, people getting killed by the gangsters’ enforcers is precisely what makes enough of those within the forces begin to question, and begin to side with the resistance. That’s always the key consideration that makes the gangsters back off, because they’re acutely aware that when enough of their enforcers desert them - or, worse still, actually start threatening them - then their power is gone.

It’s hard-faced considerations of such practicalities, which they keep constantly under close watch, which makes the gangsters pause in their ongoing push for dictatorial powers. The more unmanageable - and therefore lethally dangerous to them - that we become, the more they back down.

Seen it many times before. The gics are always watching us, their cattle, for signs of serious restlessness. When those arise, they always try to placate us. That’s the only thing that stops them, and establishes some uneasy degree of popular control over their inherently criminal inclinations. Remember that we’re dealing with criminal psychopaths here, people without humane consciences, in the strict dictionary definition of those words. Only serious, active, immediate fear for their lives, liberty and undue wealth brings them up short.

It’s also important to keep trashing as publicly as possible, all the damned lies about a rising tide of lethal ‘pandemic’ infection. It’s the flu season coming on, that’s all. We have to assume that that’s all that’s really happening, since currently it’s simply impossible to get any cast-iron certainty about what’s really happening to the real numbers; the constant bullshit blizzard of lies drowns all reliability of statistics. And of course, it needs to be hammered constantly that there are no genuine tests being done, since those foisted on us are simply not credible, even though they’re showered on us all the time by the constant propaganda storm. The only actually trustworthy indicators of what’s happening are how many people are actually ill, with the traditional symptoms of flu-like illness, how many are in hospital - strictly with those symptoms - and how many are actually dying of them. The ‘tests’ should simply be discarded wholesale as lies from end to end. The proper stance for the resistance to take is that the so-called ‘tests’ are a hundred percent lying trash. Prosecution of Drosten for serious crimes would be a breakthrough event on that front. The ‘tests’ are being uses as a major propaganda club to beat us with at the moment, and from the moment that Drosten started pushing them it was apparent that it was a huge swindle. Debunk the ‘tests’ and the whole swindle grinds to a halt. Fuellmich is spot on with that insight.

It seems likely that the major error committed by the pocket-pols running Austria on behalf of the coup-plotters, in attempting to impose total enforced poison-stabbing on all Austrians, is going to up the level of resistance substantially, since that move is an act of utter disregard for basic rights, and for truth-based policies. The coup-compliant pols of plenty of other countries are watching and ruminating similar moves. They need to be seriously discouraged - with real fear…

La lotta continua!

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Peter Koenig, reporting a rally in Bern at which Robert Kennedy spoke, is clearly of similar mind. Time for the common citizens to rise up against the criminal gics’ swindle and sweep it away:

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And another little flame of revolt to nurture. Do you know a doctor who might be interested?

As an aside RFK Jr’s book was #1 in the Large Online eBook Sales chart (US version). I looked a few minutes ago and it’s currently #2 to Stephen King’s The Stand. If you know the plot of this novel you’ll see the appropriateness.

I’ve only read the intro so far, two or three dozen pages, but it sets the scene well. As @Jamie commented, the state capture theme is to the fore.

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So far, there’s not much that we didn’t already know, but it’s great to see two years of salient stuff distilled in to a few chapters. Had also forgotten some stuff (virtually impossible to keep up with everything which they know of course), like the sudden disappearance of hydroxychloroquine across much of the western world; good to be reminded.

Apparently, two ‘seriously injured’ in hospital (ie, dead, and probably put down as covid deaths), and seven also seriously injured and in hospital, including a journalist who was shot in the stomach. I can’t at the moment verify any of this.

Interestingly, the MSM have reported what happened in Rotterdam on Friday evening, although they have played-down the severity of it. It’s like they are trying to normalise the police opening fire on protestors.

For anyone interested, a bit more footage of what took place in Rotterdam on Friday evening.

Firstly, there wasn’t a huge number of protestors on the streets (I’ve seen many different clips of this now).

Secondly, if you can tell the difference between fireworks going off and guns being discharged, there was an awful lot of gunfire…

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I’m trying to get a copy of RFK Jr’s book from other than Amazon. Can’t seem to find it in stock (surprise, surprise). The Mikki WIllis book “Plandemic. Fear Is the Virus, Truth Is the Cure” has been on order at Amazon for 2 months now and still “unavailable”.

Suggestions of where to buy either of these online and in stock, will be gratefully received.

Well, I checked my usual outlets and as you say, all out of stock. Its either selling really well or…

Plenty available abroad, but that ends up being exepsnive. I did find this eBook version on eBay for under a fiver: