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Yemenis respond to recent attacks

Looks like they’re on the verge of surrender to me.


Britain saw the problem. Britain solved the problem. Job done. Hooray for our side


These fellas are gonna be great to watch. The Yanks and friends are used to being able to throw some poor sap to the wall. They’ve run out of weaklings.

Throw money against this…


Well… This seems like a strange coincidence


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They’re apparently Navy SEALS. I saw speculation that they were on a mission to commandeer an Iranian ship that was ferrying arms to Yemen. How convenient that would have been. Unlikely there were only two so the rest of a group must have not “gone missing”. OTOH they might have been Kinzhaled in Kherson.

John Kirby has been handwaving about it in interviews and described the incident as “part of our normal interdiction process”, confirming the first theory. Still calling them sailors too, just some jolly jack tars that got swept away by a big wave.