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WW3? Tucker Carlson/Col. Mcgregor 11/11/23 FULL | BREAKING NEWS TODAY November 11, 2023

FF to 2mins 50secs to cut to the chase:

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Oh dear. McGregor is pretty convincing isn’t he? He’s impressive here. Trouble is, we need to hope he’s wrong!
Loonies like Graham don’t know what they are doing - advocating war on Iran without realizing what it means - escalation and disaster in the Middle East (and at home) for the US and Israel, and raising the nuclear stakes.
McGregor says Republican opposition is quiet and the scewballs hold sway, thinking - for no rational reason at all - that they must win, as that’s just the way it is.
Riveting half hour though. What grasp and knowledge McGregor has!
Thanks for posting.

All I get when clicking on the image is 5 minutes of origami in Japanese! Can’t find it on Youtube.

Looks like it’s been deleted, but is posted elsewhere.
Here now:

Indeed. However his understanding of the Israhel/Palestine issue is woeful. The notion of ‘destroy Hamas’ shows a complete lack of acknowledgment of the history and the Palestinians current situation.

Thanks for finding it but I enjoyed the origami :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh I agree. Them Christian values I guess. I remember when I was in primary school, the Bible was all about the Israelites, and everybody else was evil. But at least he has calculated that destroying Hamas would necessitate killing everyone in Gaza. Maybe he doesn’t care that much about that, but at least he’s pointing out the consequences.
Somebody needs to point them out to Lindsay Graham, who definitely isn’t capable of understanding any history.

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Well found Evvy - thanks.

Neocons pushing for war with Iran here…

US military fighting with militias in the Middle East intensifies

I haven’t watched the video but have read partial transcripts in trusted sources. These (and their commentariat) overwhelmingly dismiss McGregor’s suitability for commenting on the Middle East. I certainly think he has become something of a RentAGob these last few months. The other one who is everywhere is Scott Ritter who definitely does have more of a solid grip on M/E affairs.

But it’s all grist to the mill.

Lindsay Graham has apparently gone very quiet of late. Receipt of a bulky manila envelope containing something other than Benjamins might well explain this.