Wonderfully clear-headed, brave undertaker - John O'Looney (sic!) - with some horrifying lowdown

Video published two days ago by EarthNewspaper.com. Rivetting!



Terrific interview, thanks Rhis. I wish more people of responsibility with experience of everyday life would speak up, like this man.


UK Funeral Director Seeing Alarming Rise in Deaths

Interesting that an undertaker thinks even the first wave was caused by over-reporting combined with deliberate overdose of the anaesthetic Medazilan. He says he’s had calls from two dozen other undertakers who agree with him.
He also says the number of deaths coming in to his company increased to 250% of the normal following the vaccine.

A matter-of-fact comment about the reporting of deaths:

“Normally in England and Wales if a death is caused by a Notifiable Disease like Covid-19, an inquest must be held. However, with the introduction of the Coronavirus Act 2020 last March, this requirement was suspended in cases where Covid-19 was suspected as a cause of death. This remains the case for the duration of the “Emergency Period” defined in the act.”
Dr Clare Craig, Covid Deaths Audit – Covid19 Assembly

This means that for the purpose of scaring the public, covid has high recordability status but for the usual, legitimate purpose of obtaining accurate info on notifiable diseases, the same standards went out of, or rather were put out of, the window.

Inquests for deaths within 28 days of a vaccine, or for unexpected deaths linked to the vaccines, stand out as another measure that’s missing. Given that there are screeds of tosh written daily about creating vaccine confidence, this omission is in the ’ glaring ’ category.

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