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Woke Rye College debate removed from Youtube can be found here

The Conservative Woman published this amazing piece of wokery at Rye College East Sussex today -

as the writer expected the youtube linked to has been removed - I found it here:

Isn’t it time to have our right to free speech and right to be allowed to express it without censorship established before these people take over!



The two girls acquitted themselves very well. Perhaps we should thank that teacher’s poor people skills which brought the inherent problem with this ideology to the surface. The one step that could have been taken to calm the situation - to explain that there is biological sex, which is not changeable, and then there is gender, a less formal construct that is increasingly being considered or promoted as optional, with certain limits that are being fiercely argued about - is probably declared taboo by the ideologists, who want biological sex to disappear from discourse.
Teachers have been left in the path of the bus. As have the pupils; these two girls had a problem with ‘gender’ because to them it is the same as sex.
Also of course, I bet they had some idea of where it was going next - to the changing rooms, the womens’ athletics arena and safe spaces.

When did we move from ‘sex’ to ‘gender’ anyway? It seems to me this was at the behest of scientists and biologists decades ago when thery started using gender as if it was the correct scientific designation.
Or maybe it was prudish Brits and US Christians who didn’t want their kids to hear words like sex? Answers on a (seaside :slightly_smiling_face:) postcard

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Hi @Evvy_dense , I must confess I haven’t a clue where these ideologies came from or why, I thought woke was just political correctness on mission creep - this piece in TCW yesterday is on point:

  • here’s a taste:
    "On the one hand, I pity these people who are so frightened of saying the wrong thing or expressing the wrong opinion that they will spout lies to avoid the scorn of the rainbow mafia. The teacher at Rye College sounded terrified, not because the students felt the way they did but because her own rebuttals clearly did not cut the mustard with her charges, and she instead sounded nothing short of ludicrous. It was as if an internal battle was going on in the teacher’s own mind, in which she knew she must hold the line of ‘acceptable’ opinion, while trying to reason the unreasonable against students who were running rings around her, since her argument was so vacuous.

But on the other hand, I am furious. Teachers have a responsibility to teach children in a rational and reasoned manner, and to teach them biological facts and truths. It is frankly an appalling over-reach that our educational institutions should see it as their place to bypass parents and ‘teach’ children the most ridiculous untruths, which could leave more vulnerable young minds open to enormous confusion. Apparently ignorant that her manner and language fit the modus operandi of many a past fascist regime, the teacher at Rye further informs her students that theirs is ‘not an opinion that is OK’, a stunning admission. In yet another astonishing denouncement, the students were told that ‘cisgender is not necessarily the way to be’."

I wonder what they are teaching in modern history, physics, politics and civil studies as well as biology and sociology these days - the whole society seems to be living in a plastic dome where only “approved” memes and words are allowed, so it’s not really surprising that schools are pushing the same propaganda on the young, imo.



Yes it’s defintiely part of a wider process where memes based on pivotal words are spooned down (rather big spoons). We are being well trained in the essential practices of reminiscing and discussing celebs and sport, with politics represented by personalities and theatre. Anything important or enabling in terms of power is kept out of our reach. Outside the dome, as you say.


GCHQ has been involved with education since 2014 due to their expertise in language. I believe it started in uni’s.

There was a press announcement sometime before COVID (now missing) that they were working with 5 local secondary schools to combat misinformation. My step daughters was one of them.


Sociology was an early battleground, and social anthropology. It was a legitimate attempt to differentiate between natural roles (e.g. giving birth) and socially constructed roles (e.g. midwifery). Gender was used to emphasise how some roles/behaviours/norms are only loosely, if at all, connected to sex. When the State needed women in the workplace because all the men were off getting murdered in continental Europe, Rosie the Riveter and the Land Army were powerful norms. When the men who’d survived came back, women needed to be squeezed out of the labour force because unemployed men, unemployed men what’s more who could shoot straight, were an obvious danger to vested interests. So gender stereotypes moved back towards the home and hearth.

The problem has been the appropriation of such ideas by transhumanism/technocracy who foist the idea on us that actually sexual constraints are oppression and millions of years of zero male births can be revealed as a plot by Bad People.

I summarise wildly, of course, but that’s the precise rhetorical strategy taken by the wokerati so why the hell not…?

Sociology and other subjects are not to blame, as such, but have been steered terribly off-course by idiots. Psychology doesn’t even teach Freud and those old fogies, until you follow elective modules, because it’s all cognitive science, behaviourism, and using statistical software… to groom the next generation of HR arseholes.