William shakes spear

The hypocrisy and effrontery of this father of three! Is Africa any more overpopulated than Europe? I don’t suppose it is. And how are the British wolf and boar stocks coming along? I’m sure the trophy-clad walls of the various royal palaces must be a terrible embarrassment to him.

Arica, resource rich, isn’t it? And no Chinese influence of course…

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I won’t include a link because it’s just not worth reading, honestly, but the Behavioural Insights Team has published, with Sky TV, a guide on how broadcasters might nudge viewers into Greener behaviours. Some of the ideas included:

  • Scenes of electric vehicles driving by, but not too many because that’s patronising

  • Cooking shows where relatable celebs make yummy vegetarian meals

  • Sports commentators chatting about their new solar panels to fill the gaps in play where midfielders are collapsing with chest pains

The last one is slightly tweaked for “ironic” effect.

This bilge is accompanied by many Sims style flat images, including several where folks luxuriate in front of their (low wattage?) tellies that are bigger than the settee.