Why is establishment media being critical of Israel? Is this suspicious?

Why is establishment media being critical of Israel? Is this suspicious?

Yes, very sus I would say. However, Norm Finklestein made a telling comment in an interview (posted elsewhere on here). He said Human RIghts Watch (you know, that gatekeeper, CIA captured NGO), would not have done a major report which is critical of Israel if they believed they would loose their large Jewish donors. That really is a major shift from policies of the past.

So, no idea what the possible game could be here apart from a major distractions from Coroni, but very sus IMHO.

A suggestion: It’s not just crazy cospithirrist no-bodies like us who are capable of observing the straws in the wind, and understanding which way the wind’s blowing. The gics and their bought-bourgeois technocrat servitors are able to suss that too.

So, when people like me keep hammering that we can see the oncoming decline and fall of the Anglozionist empire, and the absolutely-consequent existential crisis facing the apartheid-thing zionistan-in-Palestine, you can be sure that some at least of the bigtime crooks and their tabaquis are soberly aware of this reality too.

As remarked in a previous post, many - most? - of these crooks were never really friends of zionistan: “It was just business!” And now it’s getting clearer that zionistan is fading from its previous status as the Western empire’s strong beach-head in the global oil-patch. In which case, why go on funding it and covering for it during its repeated appalling crimes against humanity? Is there still any profit in that tack? Or not? Tolerating the racist lunacy of zionism was always just a looktheotherway indulgence, whilst zionistan continued to function credibly as the empire’s unsinkable aircraft-carrier in the Levant.

In any case, the blatant fact of zionistan’s criminality towards its Arab neighbours, especially the poor buggers in Gaza, has become unhideable. And - a further consideration for the hard-nosed - the balance has changed: the wide-scale Arab resistance to empire crimes in their lands has become much more effective lately. Backed up by Iran and it’s growing multi-missile prowess, it’s beginning to smell like a winner, whilst zionistan smells more and more like a moribund, psychologically-diseased loser. Which hard-nose is going to go on backing that? Even MobinS-the-Fool running saudistan is beginning to have second thoughts about rapprochement with the Arab-Iranian resistance.

As a further underlining of this, Hamas - the elected government of Gaza, let’s never forget - has demonstrated an astonishing increase in it’s ability to bombard zionistan massively, shredding the - already leaky - credibility of Iron Sieve comprehensively: If Hamas, in its throttlingly-constrained situation, can still hit so many zionistani towns, airports and illegal settlements, what could Iran - and (S-300)Syria and Iraq and even Yemen - do, in concert? The recent unintercepted missile striking zionistan near to Dimona is a stark rubbing-in of that lesson. Behind the constant ziobullshit ‘news’ blizzard, these are the hard-faced realities.

Add in the further growing perception amongst the hard-nosed that USAmerica’s military is an increasingly-paperish non-tiger, that simply couldn’t any longer mount a major expedition to the Levant to protect the empire’s province there, as empire troops are currently being driven, defeated by sandal-and-Kalashnikov insurgents, from Afghanistan, and there’s another quietly-unstated reason to stop protecting zionistan in the propaganda sphere.

And so the invisible word goes out to the West’s mediawhores: loosening of the invisible ban on criticism of zionistan may now be exercised. Gain some Brownie Points with the naive groundlings by a smidgeon of actual truth-telling, whilst you can…

Just a suggestion. See Larry Romanoff’s latest piece, to which I’ve just linked in another thread here, to get more exegesis of how this invisible messaging to the whores works.

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