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Who would vote for George Galloway, what do we know of his views on the main current topics?

Hi folks here’s GG ( H/T Chris Rogers of TLN) with his reaction to Labour dropping its candidate for Rochdale:
He thinks it is now a foregone conclusion that he will win and this seems more than possible.

I don’t follow his MOATS programme on the net, and I think he’s a bit like marmite - some hate him others love him - but I recognise he has been a solid supporter of the Palestinian cause for years and for that reason alone I would vote for him at this time. It would be interesting to know where he stood on :

  • AGW
  • Covid and the jab
  • Ukraine / Russia
  • UK censorship laws recently introduced
  • WHO rule changes to rule global health and wider censorship control
  • domestic economics and spending targets


PS I could agree to the 10 point plan of the Workers Party of Britain :

this is their manifesto so far:

He was very on-board with most aspects of Covid and the jab but then recanted, seemingly with sincerity (but, hey, it’s George). This was within the last year or so. Unfortunately I can’t make this into a nitter link, Chrome keeps throwing a wobbler.


I’d definitely vote for him.

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