Who said the Dutch are devoid of humour?

A long and rather boring video, but very upliffting. The demo in Amsterdam with 250,000 seems almost led by policemen and army personnel.


Pat, also massive protests in Germany, France (of course!) and Italy, where protestors are publicly burning their ‘vaccine passports’.

A quick anecdote from here in middle-of-nowhere France. My nearest big town has a MacDonalds. To sit down at a table in there and eat you need to show a passe sanitaire (vaccine passport), yet take-away customers can still walk through the restaurant and up to the counter without “Your papers, please!”

It’s all so whack job it’s beyond belief.

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Rob, what for me is really effing unbelievable, is that those still asleep, can’t see the contradictions. Your MacDOnalds story is is just one of so many.

Our local bar now has a “espace libre”. I’ve sat outside, served by a waitress walking between the outside space and the inside space, without a mask. I’m not sure if the this applies to inside but will test this shortly!

Passing thought - if the toilets are inside will they be waterproofing their murals? :wink:


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