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Who has actually read the Robert Kennedy Book? Anybody?

This topic is similar to some others on 5 F, but they were, from what I’ve seen, interviews with Kennedy ABOUT the book.

I’m starting this thread to ask for feedback from anybody who has actually read the book.

I bought it a couple of months ago, in the French translation which appeared in March. I’ve read the first part and it’s an absolutely stunning piece of work, very clear and focused, like a lawyers opening address at a Grand Jury, detailing which certain people should be brought to trial.

Frankly the book makes me furious, I have to put it down and chill out. Kennedy shows clearly that, even BEFORE the vaxx rollout, Fauci and Gates and their team of frauds KILLED people, by denying them repurposed drugs and by forcing Remsdesivir (from Gilead, a true deep state BigPharma player) onto sick patients (reimbursed to the tune of millions by Medicare and Medicaid)…all this to BRING ON THE VAXX, because, as Kennedy makes clear, the VAXX required the Emergency Use Authorization and successful early treatment protocols would have LEGALLY PREVENTED the rollout of the Vaxx.

It’s criminal. At this point, 100 pages in, with everything laid out clearly and clearly sourced, including the media’s responsibility in the mass murder, I have to ask how in the world these people can get away with a crime, a documented crime, of such magnitude???

So, I will continue posting here as I read further into the book. I’m very interested in hearing from others who have read the book, what their critical opinion is…

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Like you, the anger at the simple laying out of historical facts has made me take a break. I’m only at page 40! I was aware of most of what was covered, but having it all strung together and laid out in simple yet exquisite detail is what makes the impact.

For anyone who even questions the accuracy of portrayal of massive crimes, just needs to ask themselves why has there been no libel suit. Johnny Depp and his ex spent weeks in court. I doubt Fauci or any of his cronies would want the truth exposed any more publicly than in a book that only narrowly passed the censors.

One thing you didn’t touch on is the complete sociopathic behaviour of so many of the players. Tobacco companies knew they were doing wrong and all the evidence showed that they knew it but profit overrode honesty. For those in in the great scamdemics of pharma over many years, it seems to me they don’t and didn’t ever even consider that they might be doing something wrong or even unethical. They appear to have total belief in their objectives and their morality without even a little introspection which doesn’t figure anywhere.

Another thing that strikes me is how this bears out all the things that the much maligned Judy Mikovits has said in her book Plague of Corruption and everything that was covered in the Plandemic documentary, only with much more background and supporting data.

Truly a book that every thinking human being should read. Perhaps there aren’t too many of us left?


I’ve been reading the eBook in fits and starts (I tend to read multiple books at a time, but it’s a lot to take in). Just finished chapter 6 which focuses on AIDS. Very hard to “unbelieve” a great deal of what I thought I knew about that syndrome. As a case study of how Scientism/corruption can, did, become unassailable it’s chilling.


Hearing this morning’s dose of beeb R3 bulletinettes, as the reader read out an item about ‘HIV-positive’ people being allowed more leeway in the military, I found myself muttering: “WHAT virus? Show me one: a purified, fully identified HIV ‘virus’!”

The answer to that demand, it becomes clearer, is probably: ‘Sorry, can’t be done. Never could with any alleged ‘virus’, in fact.’

Oh isn’t it going to cause some ructions amongst the gocos (guardians of current orthodoxy) as that wretched idea makes more headway; and as an unintended side-result of the ‘covid-virus’ scam too! :rofl:

I used to believe in germ theory but only BC (before covid). I now drop into various conversations that “you can’t catch a virus” as denying the existence of them might be a stretch too far for most. When told I’m talking out of my derrière, I always refer them to the rather gruesome experiments done in 1918 on the transmission of flu. But much as Mathias Desmet says, shaking a belief that has been so inculcated into popular “science “, is tough.

I suspect that eventually we’re going to transition quietly, as a culture, away from virus theory towards the idea that the only things you ‘catch’ from the air-plankton are the friendly, helpful, evolutionarily-essential exosomes, sent out helpfully by others who’ve already got the message; exosomes which bring our immune systems essential updates on current novel evolutions; messages which anyone with an internal terrain that they’ve looked after prudently can receive with nothing more noticeable than small indicators of processing in process (sniffles, bit of a temperature, etc.), before promptly feeling - and being - perfectly well again; enhanced, in fact!