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Who controls South Africa Pt1

An interesting and depressing look at who’s money is doing what.

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Futurelect looks like an especially shady set-up, a carbon copy of the WEF young leaders propaganda mill. WEF are listed as a partner, as are some major financial institutions eg Old Mutual, NGOs like UNICEF, and Harvard.

The dense network of think-tanks and NGOs looks very similar to the earlier networks that gradually took over America. That story is told in detail in this book. Once the ‘philanthropic’ money pipes are in place the lobbying and influence follow.


Based on a recent personal conversation, there seems to be talk of ANC/EFF maybe ruling in coalition to keep the others out. But I expect that’s what “the others” are seeding into the pre-election build-up. Handy way to tarnish both parties by association and to assert that neither can win in their own right. The campaign will certainly be worth watching (using various sources and certainly not the Daily Maverick in isolation - they are really the ZA Guardian).

The links between ZA and Israel, and ZA with Taiwan, have been strong for a long time. At one time I think RSA, as was, was the only country in the world to recognise Taiwan’s government. They took a lot of trouble to invite dignitaries to the country to prove how very unracist they were, and to demonstrate that people saying that SA had no friends were completely wrong. Ditto those arsehole cricketers, rugby players, and Sun City performers like Elton John.

South Africans are fighting in the IDF right now (they’ve been promised a hostile reception if and when they return to ZA). A guy I was at school with is in the Israeli diplomatic service. I see he has pitched up in Canada:

I look forward to the rest of the story as I think Mike Hampton was mainly setting out the board in part one.