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WHO Chair for International Health Regulations Amendments group: There will be another pandemic

And not only that - he says it means we must get cracking now on these vital vaccine mandates; for the new virus presumably. And tighten up on those liberties.
And get moving on giving US the money now!
The world requires it, he said.
Another WHO droid said the people deserve it.
Well maybe we do.

WHO panelist calls for ‘different level of legal mandates’ for future pandemic
COVID mandates weren’t strong enough for this World Health Organization panelist.

“The world however requires a different level of legal mandates such as the Pandemic Treaty, to navigate through a particular pandemic, should one occur, and it will,” said Assiri.

Prioritizing actions that may restrict individual liberties; mandating and sharing of information; knowledge and resources; and most importantly, providing funds for pandemic control efforts, are all necessary during a pandemic.”

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UK stopping covid primary vaccinations

Getting rid of the old stock in perparation for the new season!?