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Whitney Webb predicts the next Big Fake

and it will be big and far-reaching too.
Long interview/chat here with Marty Bent, of Bitcoin biggies River.

Webb sees the current round of the Israel/Palestine conflict, which it is possible to ignore, as part of the bigger picture.

But the next big event will affect everyone.

Summarized by Dr Cremola, worth reading that if nothing more. The WW video, if you watch at the Youtube link (https://youtu.be/BlfZ91Pot-w), can be selectively browsed using the timed links.

Cremola: Will the Internet as We Know It Disappear in the Next Year?
Permanent pdf link: https://media.mercola.com/ImageServer/Public/2023/November/PDF/artificial-intelligence-powered-tyranny-pdf.pdf

Story at-a-glance
Choosing between Hamas and the Israeli Defense Forces is a false choice. The side we should be on is the side of innocent civilians, regardless of where they live. Only by being against war will we stand against the correct enemy because, ultimately, most if not all wars are fought for the benefit of central bankers and their globalist allies
Those who side with warmongers choose enslavement and the destruction of mankind, as the sabre rattling in the Middle East is a tool to further centralize power and control over the global population
The next action item in the globalist takeover includes a cyberattack on the banks before the end of next year. The cyberattack will destroy the current banking system and usher in programmable central bank digital currencies and eliminate privacy online, requiring everyone to have a digital identification tied to their ISP
All online activity will be surveilled and analyzed by artificial intelligence, and the data used to prevent crime before it happens. Thought-crimes will also have ramifications, potentially resulting in the seizure of private property and/or removal of “privileges” previously understood as human rights
Everyone must now choose between enslavement or freedom. Not making a conscious choice is itself a choice. If you choose freedom, you need to make plans for how to exist outside the slave system being put into place and support Big Tech alternatives that offer complete privacy


See under Predictive Programming: Mr Robot. It’s a good series btw even if the final ‘season’ resorts to the It Was All A Bad Dream deus ex machina.

I can see a powerful argument being used against AI - driven systems in the seeming intelligence failure of 231007. Israel did not see Hamas coming. A difficult argument to get behind because few of us believe it. Given that Nuttyahoo will be thrown under the bus fairly soon, and the counter narrative is already seeded, ie the AI systems worked but Nutty wouldn’t listen, there’s a pair of Aces to beat the 8A right there. No doubt some convincing footage of bad Palestinians pre Al-Aqsa Flood could surface and the headlines would shriek What Bibi Wouldn’t Let The World See. His Bond villain persona has almost been crafted for this…


Really interesting video, Evvy - Whitney is just great. Always worth listening to her when she’s talking about a subject she has researched.

The history of christian zionism was a real eye-opener. The influence of the evangelical christians and their radical end-times beliefs (armageddon, the rapture etc) cannot be overstated in our current mess. The unholy alliance between christian zionists, jewish zionists, and masonic cultists is weirder than any science fiction stories I’ve read recently. For those who want to read more about it, I recommend Webb’s piece on the subject.

Looking into this, I am reminded of the psycho-spiritual maze that Robert Anton Wilson used to call “Chapel Perilous”. It’s a dangerous place to hang out… One thing that has become apparent to me is what the term “antisemitic” means now. It was a puzzle to me how Israelis could cosy up to all sorts of fascists and nazis, but level the term antisemitism towards their erstwhile allies on the left. Basically I’ve realised that if you suport “Project Apocalypse” then you’re on their side, and if you’re against it, you’re antisemitic… Regardless of what you actually think of Jews and their culture. To “stand with Israel” is to support bibilical eschatological end-times armageddon. To be against a world conflagration is antisemitic.

(For a fun-filled take on a very similar subject (although I didn’t realise it when I first read it) I recommend a book by Charles Stross called The Apocalypse Codex. If you like SF and Lovecraftian horror it’s a hoot)

Moving on, I have thought for a while now that Altman and Co who are beating the drums of how dangerous AI could be (all the while making bigger and better and more profitable AIs) is very weird. It fills me with cognitive dissonance. If they really believed that, surely they would get a different job? It seems likely to me that their wide-eyed and terror-filled pronouncements to Congress etc. are a way to grab control of the AI space in a way that stops any usurpers from getting in. A nice way to consolidate power amongst themselves.

I think the chances of someone faking AGI is very high, and I don’t know what happens next. I have also been caught out a couple of times now by deepfakes (of Kamala Harris in this case) making very convincing videos that are just totally fake.

Finally, I am very suspicious of Bitcoin, and I am far from a supporter. Is is a coincidence that the (unknown and never revealed) creator of bitcoin, who wrote the seminal paper that created the framework for digital currencies is called Satoshi Nakamoto? The translation of the name into english means something like “Wise/Intelligent one from the central place”. Central intelligence? It seems likely to me that this was a way that the CIA could have a truly untouchable, enormous black budget that was literally off the books. I don’t think that’s the way to our freedom…

Anyway. Super interesting video - cheers

PS - Whitney has a lot to say about preparing for the oncoming takeover of the internet. That would have an effect on all sites, even little ones like this and TLN. I will be doing some thinking over the next few months about what steps might be prudent to take in advance of that. If anyone has any thoughts on this subject, please chime in.


Completely OT: thanks for the book recommendation (Stross). Interestingly, Chapel Perilous (also the title of another cracking album by Gnod) crops up as a resistance movement in the Netflix series Bodies. (Originally a graphic novel so that’s the source of the name.)

It’s easily the best series they’ve made and I thoroughly recommend it. Don’t let the “yeah I’m a kike, so what” anti-hero in WWII time-line put you off.

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