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What's behind RT's fearmongering?

The recent headlines in RT seem to be just as bad as the rest of the mainstream with these articles

“Grimmest covid records”, “skyrocketing cases” “Storm of Omicron” – what a hyperbole.
All this while we hear there are 10, maybe 11, Omicron hospitalizations (none on ventilators) in this (shambolic) interview:

Just wondering what’s happening to RT. I haven’t seen Neil Clarke there for some time either – one of the very few voices of reason on covid restrictions. The btl comments make it clear what readers think of this fear porn.

Gillian Keegan there is taking the piss…surely! I think at this point it’s safe to assume that a goal for these ghouls is to engender an accute ‘learned helplessness’ in the population. I don’t buy the incomptence line trotted out by some pundits - the mixed messaging and seeming inability of the inhumans’ to get their ducks in a row must be deliberate.

Yes, either taking the piss, or feeling embarrassed that the number of hospitalised and dead from Omicron is so absurdly low given the hysteria surrounding it! I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face either to suggest Plan B or even C on the basis of 10 (sorry, maybe 11) people in hospital.