What the hell is going on? Why is *TheTimes* crucifying Israel?

R, see the suggestions I left on the other thread you started about this weird volte-face. And see too the nearby thread on Larry Romanoff’s latest on the propaganda machine. It all hangs together. Murdoch could be very easily one of the gics who has sussed which way the - changed - wind is blowing. Hence his creatures at the Times have got the vibe, and are delivering what they think their keeper wants. Remember when he also got an early scent of a changed wind, and invited B’Liar to go to Oz, to attend at his court? And then B’Liar’s rocket took off, with crucial help from the Sun-hacks.

Rupert can see whose stars are rising, and whose are setting, and trims accordingly, a shilling each way. I’m guessing, of course, and I could be right up the creek. But it all makes sense to me, as the power-dominance in the world continues its inexorable shift. This is the way the gics will bend. And their prop-machine will re-set accordingly.

Hi @rippon , maybe someone there has read this piece from Jonathan Cook:


Norman Finkelstein has a few thoughts on this shift -

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In order to make up for my oversight here’s a link to an audio version of the interview…


urghh, I hope a transcript emerges

Finkelstein’s content is excellent, but I find him pretty tedious to listen to.
Plus, you can easily skim and skip reading material; can’t easily do that with audio/video.

Worth the time, R. Absolutely scarifying from Norman, as usual. His usual comprehensive knowledge, his unbending moral rightness, and the merciless clarity of what he shows, treat them as treats: a privilege to be in the presence - even mediated - of such a great soul. What else have you to do that’s more important?

I think the disconnect between the pro-Israeli narratives & the reality everybody can now increasingly actually see thanks to smart phones & social media is just too great, so even MSM is beginning to be a bit less impartial, but only through fear of looking totally absurd & losing what little credibility they have left; problem is that the parliamentary systems in the West ensures that Western leaders & politicians don’t face any real alternative competition, so they don’t care about looking absurd & can therefore carry-on with the pro-Israeli bias.

Good article from Slavoj Zizek, and I like the observation about shame being the true indicator of a identifying with a country or people, as like your own self you feel shame when you act badly: Slavoj Zizek: Israelis’ SHAME over what their state is doing in West Bank would be sign of truly belonging to Israel — RT Op-ed

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