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What does UK government do when Israel is found to be plausibly committing genocide?

Cancel aid to Palestinian refugees of course based on “allegations” from Israel


Hi @admin , the utter disgrace shown by these countries against UNRWA is outrageous.

  1. the allegations are apparently based only on “interrogations” of Palestinians by Israeli government torturers: "Information leading to the investigation is thought to have been gathered by Israeli intelligence services, "

  2. It is openly acknowledged that Israel regards torture by its intelligence services as legal - supported by Israeli courts:

  1. even if the allegations are found by UNWRA to be true, the actions of 12 individuals out of, I believe, 30,000 UNRWA employees in Gaza does not warrant the reaction of our mafia governments in US, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada.

  2. the hypocrisy of the FCDO shown by these words is just staggering:
    " We remain committed to getting humanitarian aid to the people in [Gaza] who desperately need it."

These are as vague and useless as a Miss World’s personal aims - “I am committed to World Peace”

Compare the ICJ ruling without any caveats:
“86. For these reasons,
Indicates the following provisional measures:
…(4) By sixteen votes to one,
The State of Israel shall take immediate and effective measures to enable the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance to address the adverse conditions of life faced by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip;
IN FAVOUR: President Donoghue; Vice-President Gevorgian; Judges Tomka, Abraham,
Bennouna, Yusuf, Xue, Bhandari, Robinson, Salam, Iwasawa, Nolte, Charlesworth, Brant;
Judges ad hoc Barak, Moseneke;
AGAINST: Judge Sebutinde;”

  1. It will be interesting to see if the BiBiC or SkyNews broadcast nationwide appeals for the public to step in where as usual governments are failing - I’m not holding my breath!



Utterly amazing how the govts can latch on to that UNRWA accusation of Israel (whose factual claims since Oct 7 have been so unreliable as to be almost worthless), and act in the reverse direction of the court judgement on preventing genocide, when the case is ongoing and the ink on the interim ruling is still drying.

The ICJ judgement applied to Israel - but imagine someone who is in court just having received an order against injuring someone (pending futher proceedings against them, for actually injuring them), calling out from the court for their cronies to harm the target anyway. And getting away with it. Would the accused not then be not only held in contempt but also, given the intent of the claims, guilty of committing the crime afresh?


Six BBC web stories on Israel’s UNWRA accusation.
Much more significant than Israel’s genocide, obviously.


Hi @Evvy_dense , contrast the in depth analysis of everything coming out of Palestine. The following coverage of UNWRA defunding is particularly good, imo :


  • live information saying 350 Palestinians killed in the last 48 hours!

In my opinion RSA or any other State should bring another action against USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada to seek the ICJ’s opinion on whether these countries are complicit in Israel’s continuing genocide or at the least acting illegally to defeat the ICJ’s order to Israel to enable aid and humanitarian assistance into Gaza to alleviate their life conditions.


PS Moon of Alabama posted this today:
Francis Boyle ( US human rights and international lawyer ) states that with States (including US and UK govs) cutting off funding to UNRWA, it is “no longer the case of these States aiding and abetting Israeli Genocide against the Palestinians in violation of Genocide Convention article 3(e) criminalizing ‘complicity’ in genocide. These States are now also directly violating Genocide Convention article 2(c) by themselves: ‘Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part…’”


Agree, we have definitely crossed a line to active participation now. Cutting off aid in the middle of a ongoing genocide (with weapons and intelligence supplied by us) to the only aid group serving the victims is a whole new level of unbelievable…

Also saw this on MoA today. It doesn’t mean that it’s real, but it does mean that at least the Israelis have had this allegation up their sleeve as a diversion for a while now


“Israel Hayom says the Israeli allegations about 12 (former) UNRWA employees is weeks old & the US knew about them a while ago; but it’s NOT clear why the US decided to act at this particular moment & who in Israel’s gov made the decision to make the allegation public right now!”


Hi folks - picked this up from TLN:

youtube from Owen Jones - sound thinking - at least on Gaza -

he gives donation page to UNWRA here:


I had trouble with £’s so I switched it to $'s.


The timing is astonishing. The admission that the ‘evidence’ was obtained under duress is quite surprising even so as I was expecting them to merely pull some cadaver out of a freezer and say “Look! There he is. We kept him just in case. And two more UN employees. We win.”

I am guessing that it is perfectly plausible for people who live in Gaza to have jobs, despite the best efforts of Israel to deny them this. And that it is perfectly possible to be both a baker and a HAMAS fighter. Or a doctor, dentist, janitor, UN employee, etc.

Now of course we understand Israeli logic is to implode the bakery, surgery, dental practice, cleaning subcontractor etc as guilty by association. So this must be why they’ve been killing dozens of UN employees all along.


“But I dindunuthin”

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