Welcome to the new message board

Hi everyone!

So, this is a possible new experimental message board for folks looking to explore the practical impact of the 5-filters and the propaganda model (PM) on our daily lives. My initial thought is to expand the philosophy of the PM into discussions of how it affects

  • the regular media and its messaging
  • science publications and medicine
  • environmentalism and environmentalists
  • cultural identity
  • power relationships around race and gender

Those are just my thoughts though. The discussions will grow organically of course.
In the spirit of exploring the usability of this board, I am going to make a few other posts to mention other important things for discussion, but I encourage all of you to post, comment, private message each other, and generally play around with this space to see how you like it.


Thanks for taking the plunge and getting this new board set up A. It has been a long time in discussions and good to see it up and running. It will take a while to get used to the different layout and features from previous boards that we are used to but it looks like it has some valuable new options (like editing posts etc). I may not be able to post much at the moment (a lot going on in life) but great to start seeing some familiar names and hopefully we will be seeing lots of new people joining us in time. Be assured I will be visiting regularly and reading, and posting when I can.
Best wishes to all in this new venture
PS Love the name! :grinning:


Thanks for the support J! Great to have you here. Working through the niggles in the format is part of the point of this early phase on the board. Please drop any feedback you may have in the feedback thread.

Hope things even out for you soon, and looking forward to reading your input here when life allows!

Stay well