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Weights and Measures

This is disappointingly unspecific:

The ‘original’ balloon shot down over, oh, wherever it was, was said to be the size of three double-decker buses. Or did I imagine that. The next one was the size of a car. I didn’t see any reference to the size of the one that the very manly Justin Trudeau ordered to be shot down. Cylindrical and silvery? Come on!

In my day we knew how to estimate size properly, to wit, on an ascending scale:

  • Angel (one-thousandth the size of the head of a pin)
  • Tiny (anything from Angel to Rat-sized)
  • Rat
  • Cat (large rats are this size)
  • Dog (not a chihuahua silly billy, um, a labrador, let’s say)
  • Horse
  • Cow
  • Car (one that’s bigger than a cow not one of those crappy little Peugoets. Oh. Wait. I have a crappy little Peugoet)
  • Bus
  • Double-decker bus
  • Football pitch
  • Cornwall
  • Wales (and so on, via Texas, the Moon, Earth, Jupiter etc)

What do they teach them in journalism school nowadays?


I think the original balloon reported was finally shot down by an F35, using three sidewinder missiles at $200,000 a pop.

Do you have anything to estimate the size of how much is being stolen by the MIC?

That would be the “Shitload” Rob, a variable rather than a constant :wink:

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Define stolen.

US MIC is paid a percentage of price as payment. This encouragement causes serious price gouging including the $1000+ coffee cups that are easily broken and can’t be fixed. (This is a genuine scam, I mean product).


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was Einstein who said that there are two types of infinity:

  1. the infinity of the universe
  2. the infinity of human stupidity

But the balloons are a laff in the great scheme of things. Zelensky has just stated that the plucky (definitely not a fascist police state) Ukrainians have just shot down 6 of these balloons over Ukraine.

now give me another 2 billion dollars