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Was Israel Going to Nuke Iran as Pepe Escobar's Source Claims? | Ray McGovern

50/50 IMO…

Pepe Escobar


VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE I now have TWO separate, definitive confirmations from TWO ultra high level intel sources from TWO separate Asian nations. Working to get a third - at least a partial acknowledgment. I moved to Asia 30 years ago. Built a unparalleled network. Trust my top sources a billion per cent. The original source that led to my first post reconfirmed he stands by it. His words: “I’m honestly surprised that people are surprised. Do they really think if something like this happened it’s gonna be presented to them in front of their TVs? It’s like history has taught them nothing.” Working on a first column - probably out tomorrow. Many thanks to all who offered informed, sharp comment and criticism. This should be a collective effort to get to what might have happened: the shape of it, not necessarily the details as they were leaked.

12:56 pm · 21 Apr 2024



My question is what shot down the Israeli plane. Was it ground based or another plane?

£5 says whatever evidence was there is already long gone.


Pepe Escobar

I’m on a crazy schedule in Rio. Will have a serious update soon on the F-35/nuclear bomb/EMP over Iran mystery.


Hi Loke and thanks for posting this excellent three way video discussion with Ania K, Larry Johnson and Pepe Escobar.

If your’e only interested in the part with Pepe talking about his sources re the F35 + nuclear bomb Israel/Iran attack mystery then FF to 43.20 - this segment is 22 minutes long.

The last part of the discussion, which starts at 1 hour 5 minutes, centres on people trafficking being the second most profitable business on earth with profits reported as being $150 billion per year in 2020!

The whole video is well worth the time IMO.

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The possibility the story is true is a bit hot to handle. Was Pepe Escobar sold a turkey?
If the story is true I can see how it might be considered worth putting out as a leak, for warning purposes. But if the story is false, I can’t see what benefit would acrue for a cautious, “Asian” source (China?) to be fanning the flames in this way.
OTOH I think overall the story is improbable so my money would go on the turkey, though not with any great confidence.

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Hi folks, we have watched Israel become the perfect example of a Rogue State over the last 200 days of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Isn’t the nuke story the logical next step for such an insane country.

I personally find it perfectly plausible that they would seek to re-establish their deterrent capabilities after the embarrasment of being subjected to the Iranian missile response to Israel’s outrageous breach of international law in bombing Iran’s embassy in Damascus. Netanyahu has personally nothing to lose and everything to gain from a massive regional war - this is what psycopaths do!

My guess is that the US asked the Russians to help out to stop this madness.



On this, I’d put India before China

Edit (mother called)

Escobar’s telegram this AM.
Iran has called on the BRICS group of emerging economies to play a role in putting an immediate stop to Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.

48 hrs ago…


  1. It’s now fully established that The Information was confirmed independently by the intel of a Big Power.

  2. The Information was NOT relayed by Russia.

  3. It then reached a third nation - and from that to me.

  4. The players involved are not backing down an inch from The Information.

  5. I was privately provided with two examples of the accuracy of recent intel by the Big Power on two separate big developments in West Asia .

  6. The source that contacted me notes that “sometimes, after news has entered the media space, there is no choice but not to provide clarification."

Additionally, a senior Russian diplomat who does not know The Information, said to me the following:

  1. “That is entirely possible.”

  2. It shouldn’t have been revealed to the public.

  3. “If this is true, then all sides will be determined to cover it up.”

One unanswered question for me is: Why did the Big Power source relay The Information to an intel agency from another nation? I tend to believe this was to erase its tracks in the chain. Particularly because my initial source has now revealed that the Big Power gained their intelligence firsthand - and that it was not transmitted to them by the Russians, Iranians or other direct parties to the hot war in West Asia.

To sum it all up, via the source who originally received The Information: “If anyone should be accused of fabrication it is the ’source’; but in this case the ’source’ remains confident of the accuracy.

I rest my case. I published raw intel the way I received it.

It’s up to a wider audience to judge whether - and how - The Information connects with new developments occurring at breakneck speed, and part of a New Paradigm.


I agree, watched it a couple of nights ago. I didn’t grasp how the discussion particularly moved things along though, seemed to me PE basically reiterated his earlier story, saying that he had corroboration from elsewhere. The technical aspects, which Scott Ritter and Larry J, among others, have discussed, are what need to be examined.

Is Israel insane enough to try this? Very much so.

Shame about Ben Gvir’s car crash, in terms of lethality I mean.