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War with China?

I’m not sure what he means by “a distraction”?

Taiwan is a distraction

22379 Views July 28, 2022 (Taiwan is a distraction | The Vineyard of the Saker)

By Amarynth for the Saker Blog

The current hot war of words regarding Nancy Pelosi’s announced visit to Taiwan is reaching a dangerous nexus and threatening to spill over into military action.

China considers this belligerent approach as a threat to their stated One Country, Two Systems policy as well as a threat to the 1992 consensus. The two sides of the Taiwan Strait reached the consensus in 1992 that “both sides belong to one China and will work together toward national reunification”. It defines the fundamental nature of the cross-Strait relationship and lays the political foundation for its development.

Taiwan is being used as a casus belli (an act or an event that either provokes or is used to justify war) in the very same way that Ukraine was used and is currently used. A war of media, tremendous even brutal propaganda to their own citizens to paint the enemy as evil to justify their own actions, continual accusations using a human rights platform, and doubling down! We see fantastical accusations that Huawei equipment sitting atop poles is spying on the US, China is infiltrating the US Fed, and in professional statements and documentation, China is the second biggest enemy of the US. The latest are threats to attempt to impose sanctions on Russian oil supplies to China.

The trajectory is exactly the same toward China, using Taiwan as the hot button, as what we observed during the run-up to the Russia SMO with the Ukraine as the hot button. It is:

blatant and intentional provocation and total denial of International Law.

Another point of convergence is that while professing ‘support for Taiwan’ (the very same as for the Ukraine), they are actually harming Taiwan (the very same as for the Ukraine).

A short history of the current dangerous brouhaha is:

  • Nanci Pelosi announced a visit to Taiwan in April, and China said NO! Pelosi developed Covid.
  • During May, June and July, timeframe, the US announced a 5th sale of weapons to Taiwan and China delivered strong demarch on the US to cancel this. There was also a continual stream of US dignitaries and ex-dignataries e.g., Pompeo, visiting Taiwan in some or other professional capacity
  • Pelosi announced a new visit to Taiwan in August,

The Chinese are not simply saying no, they have handed this matter to their Military. Whereas their foreign office spokesperson comments, we now get the commentary from the Chinese military spokesperson.

Our army will not sit idly by if U.S. House Speaker Pelosi visits Taiwan, will take decisive measures to curb foreign interference – Chinese Defense Ministry

The Taiwan question is the most important of China’s core interests. Safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity is the bounden responsibility of every Chinese, and no one, force or country should dream of separating Taiwan from China – Chinese SC & FM Wang Yi:

  • The latest is that US President Biden & China’s Xi Jinping will hold bilateral talks today amid this crisis because the Chinese see this as a direct assault on One Country, Two Systems, as well as the 1992 consensus between China and Taiwan.

If Pelosi tries to visit Taiwan, the Chinese will respond militarily.

Asked to comment on a recent Financial Times report which suggested Beijing would respond military should the speaker of the House visit Taiwan, China’s government confirmed the contents as true.

“We are seriously prepared,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in regards to the article.

“If the US side is bent on going its own way, China will take strong measures to resolutely respond and counteract. The United States should be held responsible for any serious consequences,” the official added.

We do not know what kind of military response, but at the moment, the American aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and its strike group, including a guided missile destroyer and a guided missile cruiser, set out from Singapore on Monday heading northeast towards the South China Sea, according to ship-tracking information provided by Beijing-based think tank the South China Sea Strategic Probing Initiative. The US military has not disclosed its final destination, but the route would bring the carrier group to the Taiwan Strait if it continues in the same direction.

The US administration fears that China could introduce a no-fly zone over Taiwan ahead of a possible visit by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to the island to disrupt the plans of the American side – CNN

These provocations are a threat to the whole world, as are the provocations to Russia. Yet, the US and its cronies have failed to overthrow Hong Kong, they have failed to create an economic disaster in Xinjiang to destabilize this crossroad on the Belt and Road, and they failed in the Tibet Autonomous Region which is now a thriving region with no abject poverty or slave ownership of serfs and with protected religious and social mores, they failed the Trump trade war, and they will fail in Taiwan. They are failing in Latin America, they are even failing in Panama to safeguard their neoliberal democratic ‘free world’.

While failing everywhere, they live in virtual reality and most seriously believe that the world belongs to them.

“China will not allow “sanctimonious preaching” or bullying from foreign forces, and anyone who tries “will find themselves on a collision course with a steel wall forged by 1.4 billion people”. Xi Jinping:

Taiwan is a distraction and a belated and hopeless but dangerous attempt at ongoing relevance from the US.

Caitlin Johnstone epitomized their dilemma: Russia: Don’t cross our red lines in Ukraine or we’ll take action. US politicians: They’re bluffing. Cross those red lines. Russia invades. China: Don’t cross our red lines in Taiwan or we’ll take action. US politicians: They’re bluffing. Cross those red lines.

We wait to see the outcome and it will be China’s national reunification with its recalcitrant province on China’s terms, not imposed terms. Bear in mind that Taiwan is not a candidate currently for independence. The current government does not dare to call for a referendum as 75% roughly of Taiwanese will vote for remaining with the Chinese mainland.

China Daily reports: For National Reunification we are willing to go to war.

Here are some actual historical facts from Nathan Rich:

Finally, Russia and China will coordinate actions. Today in Uzbekistan:

I’m going to speculate that it’s all they have left. They’ve lost Ukraine and Russia is also winning the economic war. Collapse is coming for America (2023?) with civil war speculated by the money men.

If they don’t get something going with China they’re going under.

I think it’s all fake. How can I prove my hypothesis? I cannot.

However, if the ‘Pelosi Visit’ blows over, doesn’t happen, or is somehow beneficial to both groups of elites, we could say I was right.

The New York Times had an editorial advising against the visit. The Washington Post is, I think, pro visit.

So, if ‘Biden steps in’ and publicly stops the visit ‘in the name of world peace’, while perhaps getting some peanuts in terms of policy change from China, the media can spin that as ‘Biden is a responsible peace loving leader who is above the partisan fray’. This could help the Democrats in November with their base.

While China, to their public, can say ‘See, China is back, a world power, we forced the USA to back down’.

A win win for both groups of elites, and evidence that it was all staged from the beginning.

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I guess we won’t have to wait too long to find out… I certainly don’t think China are sabre rattling here, so postponement til the twelfth of Never looks the odds-on favourite. A grittier scenario might be some spectacle based on a plane with no one on it, with the real Nancy hitting the miniatures of gin on the real flight. The decoy plane is forced to divert to some other runway, and how things unfold from there: who knows. Definitely not Biden that’s for sure. Nor Nancy who could very likely be taken on a tour of Singapore, meeting some cutouts, and not even realising she’s not in Taipei.

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The Xi/Biden two hour phonecall

Xi issues severe warning to Biden over Taiwan and warns against playing with fire.

Published July 29, 2022

The Xi warning to Biden section of the programme starts at 25.45 in:

(Yet more disaster for Ukraine with news of the massive Russian military offensive in Donetsk region. Starts at the beginning of the programme).

You can’t sadly. Not without all the data, and we will never be privileged. But it’s definitely plausible.

However, I don’t see unity. I see competing agendas. Ignoring the WEF angle/approach, we continue to have nations aligning due to interests. These alignments over resources, trade and investment are not for improving leaders popularity, although they do help when applied well.

Given events over the last 24 hours that the Chinese PLA social media says prepare for war and that the Chinese have all but accused the Americans of lying over the call contents, doesn’t it seem just a bit much for egging a pudding meant for home consumption? Yes, both sides will claim a distorted reality, but that’s the same every time, everywhere.

I feel this is really it. The Yanks are on the ropes, and the Chinese can’t really lose here. If the US is stupid enough to generate a second front, how long do you think they will last? Why won’t they as they’ve started war against Russia?

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I feel this is really it.” So do I FWIW.



Still feel it’s a bluff?


Taiwan not included on Pelosi’s travel list:


yes, it’s becoming clearer by the day it’s a media scripted psy op

I hope you’re right E’man but it seems like much more than that to me. Some interesting analysis here at MoA quoting a Chinese language expert:

How China Warns Of Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip


"Don’t say we didn’t warn you" The Global Times article linked to in the MoA piece above:

Alexander Mercouris take on the situation from yesterday 31st July. (China: the first 90 secs and then 35 mins to 62 mins. Ukraine: from 90 secs - 35 mins).

Russia Readies Knock Out Blow in Donbass, China Strongest Warnings as Pelosi Mulls Trip to Taiwan

Edit - Oops forgot link:

I strongly suspect that it is a psy op - the media has a script alright, but it’s given to them - just like all the actors are given a script - - and they will read that script with 100% conviction, even if it flatly contradicts something they said just an hour earlier.

It all seems so slapstick!

Recall when G W Bush was notionally at the US helm, and he had that spat with his Chinese counterpart (Jintao / Jinping? - can’t remember the actor’s name) - it played quite loud in the MSM because the Chinese fellow was saying, ‘George Bush, shut up - we have a very big army and we’ll kick your puny arse big time’ - - of course, I’m paraphrasing there - I can’t find any ref to this spat online - - does anybody recall it?

Anyroad, there was fear amongst those ‘paying attention’ that something might kick-off - - and isn’t it always the case that we schlubs are ever worried that something might kick-off?! And of course, things do kick-off - - the wargame is always playing - it never stops, war is just another tool in the box of State mechanisms for keeping us stressed and in fear - - it’s that groaning ‘Table’ from which none of the ‘options’ are ever removed. Can you visualise that ‘Table’? Its top is a black and white checker pattern - yes, the Grand Chessboard of yore - - perhaps we didn’t notice it so readily in the past because the creatures manipulating the pieces were fairly skilled players - - nowadays of course the players are utterly shit - really very clumsy - they haven’t even learned the basic ‘rules’ of the game, and have only the slenderest grasp of the lingo - - true, the ‘rules’ were always fluxful - hell, they make them up as they go along - but being somewhat skilled with the attendant lingo, it was easier to pull the wool over folks’ eyes. But the low, low grade status of today’s players (Truss - nuff said) sees the Grand Chessboard more resembling an unruly game of checkers played amongst bratty children…the board is so covered in jelly, and blancmange, spilt fizzy pop, crisp and bun crumbs, and the snot and dribblings of the cack-handed infants at play, it’s difficult to determine which way the game might go - - it might explode at any time, as it has so often in the past, to the extent that westerners really feel the pain - - the actors don’t mind that - if they’re given a script which brings about a scenario where millions in the west are ripped to shreds by bomb and bullet, then they’d read that script without compunction.

In view of the decades of apparent western goading of Iran, Russia and China, I reckon if these states truly were independent players then something would have kicked-off by now.

I really do think that they are ALL in it together.

I don’t think that’s true. Russia and China are far more powerful now than they were, say, 30 years ago and are able to stand up to a weak and collapsing US. As well as this they are firmly united. There comes a time when everyone gets pissed off with being shoved around

Like this you mean?

The Kennedy assassination has demonstrated that most of the major events of world significance are masterfully planned and orchestrated by an elite coterie of enormously powerful people who are not of one nation, one ethnic grouping, or one overridingly important business group. They are a power unto themselves for whom those others work. Neither is this power elite of recent origin. Its roots go deep into the past.” Fletcher Prouty (1992)

Saker: Nancy braves the Chinese dragon and wins?

By Andrei:

Yes, very much like that - I reckon there is an intergenerational force (IF) for whom the Earth is a plaything - I don’t think they have a particular allegiance to any part of Earth or any particular group/s of people thereon (except of course themselves) - - often, when expressing this opinion, people begin to hector and demand that one identifies that IF - they witheringly say: ‘oh, you mean the illuminati…groan’…‘you’re referring to Jews, aren’t you…anti semite’…etc etc I stopped speculating about the identity of the IF years ago, finding it suffice to say that it seems clear enough that there is some dark hand at play ensuring that groups of people around the world find themselves at loggerheads, armed to the teeth, and prepared to slaughter, and slaughter, and slaughter. We know that sick individuals abound, and that they derive pleasure from inflicting the sickest and most barbaric acts upon defenceless individuals - I reckon the IF are exemplars in that regard - truly depraved beyond belief.

Rich, you don’t think I’m right about Russia and China - - of course, I may be wrong. But I just don’t find the geopolilitics as it plays-out very convincing. For the last 20 years in earnest the verbal spats between the US and China have been incessant - kept simmering, if you like - that in turn keeps us in a state of anxiety and fear - - I doubt it’d be any great shakes for them to bring it to the boil and confect a full-blown conflagration if they thought that was necessary for them to the retain full-spectrum control that I reckon they have. It seems increasingly the case that the west is attempting to assert a total-control matrix on its populations - the model of which would appear to be the Chinese system. The quarrels between the US and China appear to me to be quite comical - isn’t it the case that China owns over 1trillion in US treasury bonds, and isn’t it said that should China choose to it could simply dump those bonds and sink the US economy overnight?? If US and China truly are the sworn enemies we are lead to believe they are, then why has China not dumped the US bonds it holds?

This Pelosi in Taiwan business is something to behold - I’ve heard operatives in the MSM talking about it - talking about ‘Madam Speaker’ as though she’s a serious person who has every right to visit the ‘independent’ Taiwan - - nowhere is it asserted that the woman is evidently incapable of uttering a single coherent sentence, so there’s no reason to believe that her business in that country has anything to do with responsible diplomacy - rather, it’s clear that the woman is there on some kind of shit-stirring mission - - designed I believe to give the impression that ‘China is sabre-rattling’ with threats to blow her plane out of the sky…etc etc - and that another world war is merely a twitchy figer away.

I don’t believe that any of it is organic - it’s all manufactured with the aim of terrorising the world population.

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Egregores? Please say more @NewSi this is fascinating stuff which I’m increasingly persuaded is credible. It’s not as if Old Testament sources didn’t warn us. (I’m about 90 pages into The Moses Legacy @GKH btw, and it’s a real education.)

The Nancy’s Sleepover thing has been the jape of the summer. Stay tuned because I gather a group of MPs will be jetting over there soon, to defend democracy or something equally puerile. Tom Tugendhat at the helm, and this will give Liz Truss something else to posture about.

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I’d be more inclined to believe there are multiple groups. One may be more powerful or spread out, but competition is certain. There will not be one controlling group.

As for the noise from various countries, I’d be inclined to believe that it’s how Russia deals with deals and propaganda. They don’t care what you say if they walked away the winner in the deal. After all, the domestic crowd is different.

On the subject of domestic crowds, it may backfire in China if what you described is true. Seems the Chinese population is absolutely pissed. Comments have been closed on Chinese MSM. The people are too angry was the reason given for closure. As CCP depends on pleasing the population (there are factions everywhere), we may see a reaction unlike what was planned by the club’s/cartels (how do you describe these shady groups?).

One other thing to consider, the kit moved by China has been absolutely incredible. Trains, beaches, roads etc. They have equipment everywhere. That costs money. And it’s a lot of money to spend on willy waggling as the wife would say

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There is indeed N. It’s called Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The whole, war-addicted species. And no, that name isn’t a piss-take. The people who bestowed it really meant it! :rofl:

My guesstimate is that there is indeed a loose coterie of footlose over-rich clowns who feel no particular allegiance to any nation/ethnic-group; not more, anyway, than their addictive allegiance to their own WealthPowerStatus fixes.

But alongside those schmucks, there are the nationalist power-wielder factions based in particular territories, and tending to be serious patriots - as well as being dedicated also to their own WPS, within the state.

I don’t estimate that the nationalists are in on the footloose lot’s globalist scam. The nearest they’re likely to come to that is if Russia and China, rising solidly as the Anglozionist empire falls, will in their turn enter imperialist periods in their near-future histories, and - as the Swampies have attempted, and failed, to do - they will try for world domination; both of them, falling out in the process. The temptations of imperialism - international armed-robbery, mass-murder and enslavement, to give it its proper description - are always with us

I think everyone in the world, behind all the idiotic knee-jerk ‘cospithirry!’ conditioned-reflex, knows perfectly well that conspiracies are a real part of human life, and they happen all the time. People get convicted for them, and get swatted accordingly by the courts, regularly. Of course conspiracies are real; everyone knows that perfectly well.

The only real question about them is which are authentic realworld scams, and which are just cloud-cuckoo-land fantasies. Disentangling the real ones from the moonshine is the critical discrimination that’s needed.

I tend to feel - and that’s all it is; open to persuasion - that the Illuminati Syndrome is a fanatasy; but there exist genuinely non-patriotic free-floating internationals who would love to create a global dictatorship; but they’re up against the patriotic factions, which have the power of their own rank-and-file people behind them. Popular patriotism seems to me to be a perennial and powerful emotion, universally, and the footloose gics will have an impossible job trying to overthrow it.

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Yay, war with China, with Russia, with Serbia, and on and on.

I’m just baffled that people still take these psychopaths seriously, when the psychopaths can’t even be bothered to take care of their own people.

But there you go.

I know Carlson, like many others, has an agenda. But this is quite a shocking video. Am American is telling the truth (well, most of it anyway).