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"Wakey Wokey?" #envirotoxins #endocrinedisruptors #wokeculture

I publish this here prior to a a much longer blog post on the subject of the Harefield community and the effects of environmental pollutants (“enviro-toxins” Dr. Vyvyan Howard), esp. on the developing organism.

“Wake” seems to be their meme when “woke-ness” is the trope, this is surely purely reflexive (I know this reaction esp. as I have suffered from chromosome -& brain-, damage as a result of being exposed to a dangerous toxin prior to puberty), and, of-course, they are self-medicating…

When the light’s good I’ll photograph the entrance to the estate from the southern ridge that will show you how Harefield Estate, despite being on the other side of the Solent from Fawley, “looks down both barrels” of the refinery (& also on that side of the Solent the municipal waste incinerator in Marchwood -go to: https://www.hampshire.veolia.co.uk/energy-recovery/marchwood-). Nb. The prevailing winds being south westerly.

This…this “laissez-faire” neoliberal cr*p is what’s f**king the kids up! You refine this stuff twice & you’ve produced a chemical weapon whose inimical activity is akin to that of plutonium! “Dioxin” is what made Agent Orange so deadly (& so controversial). I know I moaned about Dr. Lucas before, however (much in the spirit of the recently sacked home secretary -the Green Party have banned me from their “X” feed-), it is still the case that the ********ing Green Party don’t have either a proper anti-incineration or an anti-endocrine disrupting pollutants profile! She has the gall to call herself a doctor!

Re: the “wake” culture (pls. send other examples), listen to the patient physician! The naive picture of the animals and the rainbow has been “respected” by the graffiti artist as the rainbow has been “underlined” by the four red letters of “wake” rather than being obscured by them, the colour balance is good but the red and black are somewhat harsh and their dominance cannot be ignored.

Re: #truehorrorshow #HarefieldCommunityCentre pls. “viddy” these (see thread all): https://twitter.com/Williamtheb/status/1720824175466615273

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Can’t read the plaque beneath the pump. Out of curiosity: wouldn’t the site be better off unfenced and opened up e.g. to dog walkers? They’d soon tidy up any footpaths simply by using them (or make desire paths of their own) and more footfall would help deter the glue-sniffing element. Fencing an area merely creates a challenge and automatically gives the youth seclusion for getting increasingly bold and destructive.

I’m intermittently house hunting in NE England and the house I originally liked most, so far, has a real tough fence out the front, the gate is bolted shut, there’s two prominent ‘private’ notices, and conspicuous CCTV out front. The owner lives miles away and monitors from afar as he is caring for an infirm parent. While I get where he’s coming from, antisocial environments really do engender antisocial responses. (Rudy Giuliani’s ‘broken windows’ theory. It worked.)

Well no K because we want to use the building and (esp. in this case), the environs for environmental education/mindfulness/recreation (even some local bioremediation), et.al. It’s in these people’s hands at the moment: https://www.wict.co.uk/. Usage is supposedly limited so both the owners and the council would be amenable to a community bid. If we’re using the premises security will ipso facto be much better resourced.

Nb. In think you might need to “viddy” the rest of the #HarefieldCommunityCentre tagged replies on that Twitter/“X” thread (there are 3 more vids. re:).

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I did whizz through all of them. I understand that a usable building is the first priority but if the surrounding area is vile no one will want to use it. As I expect the owner and/or rival developer/s know.

Common tactic to acquire change of use ruling…happened here recently at another site, however, the land is not vile, it is there to be used, the site is ideal and the Harefield community desperately needs the resource, as I say on the vids. (paraphr.); “they think areas like this won’t benefit from such investment and consequently that society as a whole won’t benefit” It’s nonsense, there are examples of successful schemes (one, or more, of which I have been involved with), in this very city (just not so much, so far, on this side of the Itchen).

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