Vanessa Beeley slam dunks Noam

Short, sharp, safe and effective

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That rushing noise you hear? It’s the sound of many scales falling from previously rose-tinted corneas: Another not-previously table-top-gamed consequence of the covid scam: all these sudden cold realisations!

The conspirators must be kicking themselves for not foreseeing such unintended outcomes…

Yeah more blots on his jotter than I realized.
(No adhom please - leave his corny ass out of it :slightly_smiling_face:)

If you want another one, in the 2000s a number of police forces were preparing prosecutions against Jimmy Savile. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) quashed all these prosecutions. At the time Keir Starmer was the boss of the CPS.

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Thnks for posting @KarenEliot . So maybe it’s not just me who think he’s a gatekeeper? As @Evvy_dense said, “more blots on his jotter …” :sweat_smile:

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Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky and Herman with it’s Propaganda Model, which came out not so long after some definitive revelations of the Mockingbird program; had the effect of diverting attention from the Mockingbird Model. It also protected Chomsky from the third rail charge of ‘conspiracy theory’ and thus allowed him to remain, albeit precariously, on the margin of respected opinion. This after being attacked in LEFT journals for his work on Cambodia and for his seminal book on the Middle East, ‘The Fateful Triangle’. Try explaining the Propaganda Model, with its ‘filters’, to a novice. It’s an INTELLECTUAL’s theory, it’s subtle and complicated, but in the end it’s basically ‘they conform to the values of their workplace’. So, big deal. On the other hand Mockingbird is very easy to explain and understand: they are paid to lie, or in the case of editors, paid to make sure truths don’t surface.


Yes, mega example right there. I was reading some of the remnants of the Scallywag materials (prior to Savile being exposed) just a day or two ago. The last third of the film Kill List seems to tackle this stuff, but it’s very well occulted let’s say.

I have long admired Vanessa Beeley (in spite of her manic giggle) and I still do. Chomsky scorned the BDS call in the ‘New Internationalist’ way back when and its been downhill all the way since then. Shame, I remember being very impressed first with his transformational grammar stuff and then his Vietnam book.

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