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USUK (NSA/CIA/GCHQ) Surveillance States

James Bamford Youtube’d two-parter interview re latest NSA carte blanche intrusions, “enormous expansions of powers”, FISA, book “Puzzle Palace” etc(April 23)

Yeah, OK - it is Democracy Now and Amy G - but even she seems to be escaping / recovering from her Trump Derangement and “Jan 6” fixations(Oct 7 may have helped liberate her and countless other TDS victims) :
“James Bamford and FISA. Enormous Expansion” of the Law." and "US-Israel Data-Sharing:

  1. https://youtu.be/zZm_W7XpzGo?si=dMyk5Bh9FZGsY6YJ
  2. …and here’s Hollywood for once daring to scream out the same kinda ugly truths re the NSA - a spy + interference + manipulation organisation which despite being seven times bigger than the CIA is far too rarely mentioned even by most “alternative” media voices of note(including Ray McGovern):
    NSA slam-dunked in Good Will Hunting:
  3. Oh - and the very much fact-based Brit movie “Official Secrets” re heroic Iraq War GCHQ whistle-blower Katharine Gun also unusually exposes the NSA - specifically its would-be covert attempts to blackmail select UN Security Council members into voting for an illegal war based on transparent lies:

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Thanks for posting this - it’s getting hard to keep up with all the power grabs.

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Re. 1 - but surely this kind of law keeps us safe? Apart from in Georgia, natch.
Re. 2 - a good reason not to live too near Harrogate, illustrated below. It’s an RAF base of course :wink:
Re. 3 - Katharine’s Telegram channel is worth a look Telegram: Contact @alwaysfollowyourconscience

Aerial view of RAF Menwith Hill

Nice feline.
But yikes - are our ever more popular go-anywhere, cuddly and notoriously/fatally curious cats being wickedly wired to spy on us?! They tried it with dolphins, right? Pretty dumb given most humans tend to live on dry land and generally don’t keep dolphins as pets - even in Harrogate.
Can’t wait for the movie.